Track System Update

Apr 29, 2008

By J. Weible

We now have 30 software development & implementation projects in our Track system.  [Note: Track is only accessible on campus or via the CITES VPN.]

Track is ISD's implementation of the GForge software project and SVN source code management system.  It is mostly used internally by Library IT software developers, but a few projects currently have non-developer stakeholders participating. 

Track is also available as a service to any other Library employees who wish to use it for software development or similar projects where a number of interrelated files need rigorous change tracking.  The provision of a secure Subversion (or CVS) source code repository with web interface for every project is the most attractive feature.  Its project task and issue tracking and other features are decidedly underwhelming, but they can be useful too. 

If anyone in the library is interested in learning more to possibly use it for your project, you can submit a work request/query and we'll give you a tour and help you determine its suitability for your needs.