Kelvin Touchette departs

Jun 13, 2008

By John Weible

I'm both happy and sad to announce that Kelvin Touchette is leaving the Library to work for the UI Global Campus.  Almost every employee of the Library knows Kelvin from his many years in Library Systems doing workstation support.  Over the past four years though he gradually became our primary systems administrator.  Particularly after Adam Lewenberg left in 2007, Kelvin was doing the vast majority of our IT infrastructure work.  He is a tremendously productive, knowledgeable, and pleasant colleague so we're sorry to have him go.  On the other hand, after twelve years working in Library Systems and IT ISD, he deserves a new set of professional challenges.

With his departure, we're unfortunately forced to transfer many of his responsibilities to others in ISD, especially Jason Strutz.  Since Jason was recently hired to work primarily on applications and database development, many of those projects will still have to wait for our staff levels to recover.