Forums (phpBB) email problem

Dec 14, 2007

There are several forums in our phpBB system that are configured to use a feature called "Mail2Forum".  It's purpose is twofold: 1) to send out email copies of postings to users who have "subscribed", and 2) to read messages from an incoming emailbox and create forum postings automatically from them.

The forums using this feature are:
Feature 1 (outgoing mail) seems to still be working properly.  But we were alerted this afternoon that feature 2 (automatic posts from incoming mail) didn't seem to be working.  Indeed it is not, and it isn't currently working for ANY of the forums where it should.

It appears that the email messages that have been sent are remaining in the queues and they should get posted once we fix the problem.

We've determined that we need to upgrade the Mail2Forum software and reconfigure it.  It is a somewhat messy process to upgrade. 

Since this is still finals period and we do not make significant changes to production systems during finals, this upgrade work will need to wait until early next week when we can more safely make system changes.

We will alert you next week when it's been restored to working order.

In the meantime, the workaround is that participants in those groups need to post their messages directly using the phpBB forums web interface.