transition update

Oct 6, 2008

By John Weible

A couple of people have asked about when the Library's web sites will be transitioned to *  The whole domain transition project has a web site:

The timeline for transitioning web sites to the new domain is  There you can see the major milestones that affect when we can and will implement the transition on our systems.

We are not permitted to register any of our other hostnames until November (and much later for our HTTPS/SSL web sites).  We'll be in a mode where both addresses work for 1.5-2.5 years.

Note that because of a special mandated exception caused by the Campus Campaign (brilliant futures), our primary web site ( has been accessible at for many months now.

As we activate the new addresses for our many web servers, we'll post specific updates on IT Infrastructure News and LibNews.  We will be taking care of almost all the details for you, but if there are changes you need to make we'll let you know that as well.