Library Home Page Now Dynamic

Mar 4, 2008

For several reasons, the Library home page is not served by the CMS, but by our "old fashioned" web server.  Between September 2007 when the redesigned website was released and today, the News & Events list on the home page was being hand-edited. 

We have now implemented a new type of integration between the CMS and the home page.  Recently I announced that we added the RSS generation capability to "News Article" documents in the CMS.  We are now pulling the XML data from the CMS news feed into the home page automatically.   Specifically it gets the 5 most recent or featured articles in the site news directory.  The "News & Events" header takes you to the complete list of central news articles.

If you have questions or submissions for the site-wide news directory, Cindy Ashwill is the primary contact.  Robert Slater and Camilla Fulton can also add/edit news articles in that location.