CMS upgrade status report

Apr 28, 2008

By J. Weible

The multipart upgrade to our OpenCms system is now previewable on a parallel installation. We have not yet upgraded the production CMS.  All this work was required to plan and verify the problematic upgrade could be completed successfully.

As has been reported previously (without all the horrid details you really don't want to know), we've had a lot of problems getting our OpenCms system upgraded.  I'm happy to report significant progress that is now demonstrable.

We want you all to have a chance to help us locate any new problems before we do this upgrade to the production system.  At this point, it looks like a good time to upgrade the production system is May 16-18.  If you already have a CMS account and want to preview these coming changes, you can log into the upgraded test system at  The ISD and WTCC units will be working on updating the CMS documentation to reflect the notable functional changes.   If you discover a problem while trying out the new system, please submit a report to ISD.

The improvements and changes that will be of widest interest include:

Here's a summary of how we got to this point:

The detailed release notes (feature changes and bug fixes) for the products can be found here, in case you want to see what the differences are: