CMS Upgrade Status Report 3-17-08

Mar 17, 2008

By J. Weible

I have some good news and some bad news regarding the CMS.

We've been working toward rolling out a set of software upgrades for about three months. 

Broadly speaking, these updates include:
Those software upgrades include too many bug fixes to list and some new features too. 

There are two notable functional replacements we've had to make that affect the editing process.
The bad news:

Last week, I ran the upgrade of OpenCms to 7.0.4 on the development server.  It failed insidiously.  The upgrade process ran, but broke so much core functionality that I couldn't even find out how extensive the problems were.  After a few hours of working on it, Kelvin and I had to revert the development system from backups.

This leaves us with a couple of options for proceeding:
  1. We will clone our production system to a new virtual server and attempt the upgrade on it.  (production and development servers are now ~4 months divergent.)  If that goes well, we should be ok.  If not, we can...
  2. Upgrade to 7.0.3 which we did have working on a test system a couple of months ago.  There's one important bug fix we wanted in 7.0.4 but it's not a show-stopper.
Finally, I want to leave you with these transition thoughts:

Since these upgrades are so pervasive and there will be some changes to your editing screens, we want to have a system running a few days with the new features so you can preview them if you wish, and certainly so that folks like Robert, Camilla, or Helen who are involved with support to you all can preview the changes before they go live.

Also, the rollout of Faculty and AP bios is dependent on several of these upgrades and customizations.  If we have to delay this much longer because of new complications, we could "publish" those files temporarily by copying them to Cooper.