News Articles module ready to use

Oct 26, 2007

By John Weible


Today I'm announcing the general availability of a new document type within the CMS called "News Article." This document type is actually suitable for just about any type of serialized announcements, regardless of topic or newsworthiness.  For example, a Library unit or committee can easily use these to create a blog, to announce events, publish meeting minutes, or log service changes.  You can even generate an RSS feed from your news directory automatically.

Editing Differences from standard Webpages

Features Specific to News Articles

When used on its own, a news article document works and appears very similar to the generic "Webpage" document type.  The power of using News Articles becomes apparent when a "news module" is defined to show a list or summary of articles on any number of pages.  News articles can be created in any CMS folder, but in practice, they should be organized into one or more folders designated for news of some type.  The reason for this is that you'll then be able to configure web pages to automatically produce a sorted list of news articles from each folder.