Who is Library IT?

Office of Research and Technology

Under the leadership of Beth Sandore (AUL for Research and Technology), we are a group of people who work with you every day. We collectively and enthusiastically support most of the technology-based systems in use at the Library. We provide many of the tools that enable the Library to play an active role in the research, scholarship, and learning activities of the University.

We serve two user groups: Library users and Library employees. Many of our systems/services are both public-facing and Library facing – e.g., the Library Gateway and public printing. Others are Library-facing only, such as staff workstation support.

We are organized into several groups.

Library IT Production Services

Library IT Production Services is an umbrella group comprising the Library IT Help Desk, the Workstation & Network Support group (WNS), and the Infrastructure Management & Support group (IMS). The Library IT Production Services leadership team includes: Jim Dohle (Director of IT Production Services), Jason Strutz (Manager, Infrastructure Management & Support), Lee Galaway (Manager, Workstation and Network Support), and Megean Osuchowski (Coordinator, Help Desk). All three groups work collaboratively to support Library IT’s production systems and services, and to answer questions and resolve problems as quickly as possible.

Library IT Help Desk

The Library IT Help Desk is the first line of communication between Library employees and Library IT. Help Desk personnel provide first tier support for all staff users of Library IT Production Services, assign incoming problems and questions to other Library IT personnel as needed, and help to maintain a supportive, user-centered environment for our customers (you!). Questions and problem reports concerning all Library IT services can be directed to the Help Desk.

Megean Osuchowski is the Coordinator of the Help Desk. Other members of the Help Desk include: Drew Kenton (60% time) and Helen Zhou (60% time).

Library IT Workstation & Network Support

IT/WNS provides support for staff, public access, circulation, and classroom computers and printers in all Library units. WNS also manages network administration for the Library.

Lee Galaway is the Manager of WNS. Other members of the WNS group include: Scott Clemens, Eric Mosher, Rhonda Jurinak, Drew Kenton (40% time), Robert Ferrer, and several excellent students.

Library IT Infrastructure Management & Support

IT/IMS manages the Library’s server infrastructure, the SQL database environment, and our data storage systems. IMS also supports the Library’s production applications, including commercial, in-house, and open source systems.

Jason Strutz is the Manager of IMS. Other members of the IMS group include: Chuck Kibler, Tim Vruwink, and Jon Gorman.

Software Development Group

The Software Development group (SDG) is a dedicated corps of permanent and visiting information technology architects, designers, and programmers who develop software applications and systems that support Library operations and who also participate in grant-funded research and development projects.

Tom Habing is Manager of Software Development. Other members of the SDG include: Bill Ingram, Howard Ding, Jason Heldreth (Visiting, grant-funded), Mike Tang, Jordan Vannoy (Visiting, grant-funded), Robert Manaster, Bill Mischo, Kirk Hess, and Tim Cole.

IDEALS and Electronic Theses & Dissertations

IDEALS is a digital repository that disseminates, preserves, and provides persistent and reliable access to the research and scholarship of faculty, staff, and students on the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus.

Electronic Theses & Dissertations (ETD) is a digital repository of University of Illinois theses and dissertations.

Sarah Shreeves manages IDEALS and ETD.

Grainger Engineering Library Digital Library Group

The Grainger Library Digital Library Group (GLDLG) focuses on the application of emerging information technologies within digital library services and tools development, often under grant and endowment support. The GLDLG functions as a research and incubator group but also moves projects from a development environment into the Library production services.

Bill Mischo manages GLDLG. Other members of GLDLG include: Tim Cole, Tom Habing, Robert Ferrer, Mary Schlembach, Megan Mahoney, and Michael Norman.

Technology Prototyping Service

The Technology Prototyping Service creates efficiencies in library operations across units and helps libraries roll out new services through design of middleware, APIs, and lightweight web-services.  Check out the portfolio.

Jim Hahn manages the Technology Prototyping Service. 

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