Preparing for Migration to Windows 7

Before we arrive for the migration, there are a number of steps that you need to undertake.

First, back up the bookmarks for whichever browser you use:

Next, be sure that any files you wish to save (from the destop, C:folders, etc) are placed into the My Documents folder (your H:\ drive).  Any files that are not in your H: drive will be erased during the re-imaging process.  

After that, please run the settings backup script.  First, close all open applications.  Go to Start > Run  This will bring up the "Run..." box.  

Copy and paste \\libsys5\software\backup scripts\backup.bat


Please take this chance to note any programs you use outside of internet browsers, Microsoft Office, Voyager, Adobe reader and OCLC.  We will need this information to manually reinstall specialty software upon rebuild.

In addition, we need to collect information about network shares and membership in working groups.  As part of the University’s move to a new Active Directory, your new machine will be logging in to a new domain (UOFI instead of UIUC).  This means new permissions are needed for your netID login in order to ensure access to G: drive shares.  Please record information on which G: drive shares you need access to as well as which Working Groups or committees you are serving on – Library IT will need this information when we arrive to carry out your machine upgrade.