Clicker Kits

The Library has three Turning Technologies clicker sets for use in library instruction classes. Each kit contains a set of clickers and the other components needed to support student response during a class.

Note: These are TurningPoint clickers and are available for library staff use onlyi>Clickers are available to library and non-library staff as a part of the Undergraduate Library’s Loanable Technology.

Undergrad & ACES Kits

The Undergrad Library has a clicker kit (40 clickers) available for use only in Room 291.  The Funk ACES Library has a kit (40 clickers) available for use in ACES 509.

Clickers in Library IT Loanable Equipment Pool

The loaner pool includes a kit with 30 clickers. The clicker response system, which integrates fully with PowerPoint, is installed on the instructor workstations in ACES 509, Undergrad 291 and Main 314.

The battery-operated "response card anywhere" device allows you to use clickers in other locations without an instructor workstation.

View the Loanable Equipment Schedule to check clicker kit availability and place a loan request.

In addition to the clickers, each kit also contains:

  • a USB response card receiver that plugs into an instructor workstation and receives radio frequency signals from the individual clickers;
  • a static shield bag for storing the response card receiver;
  • a battery-operated "response card anywhere" device that allows the instructor to receive clicker signals without having a computer in the mix;
  • a USB cable;
  • a guide packet
  • a laminated instruction sheet.

When you borrow a clicker kit, please be very careful to return all the component parts in the kit.

Assistance in using clickers

Contact Susan Avery in the Undergrad Library with questions about getting started with clickers.