Connecting a laptop to use the MondoPad as a display

Before you begin

Training is required before you can log on to the desktop of the dedicated MondoPad PC.  Training announcements phrased as ‘Library IT’s phase 1 – basic conference room training’ are made on LibNews regularly; you can also check the library staff calendar to sign up for training.

Plan ahead:  Library IT wants you to have successful meetings.  If you are hosting a conference, meeting, or event that may require extra assistance, such as using a new device, or hosting a webinar or video conference, please send an OTRS ticket to Library IT at least one week in advance to schedule a practice run so that we can accommodate you appropriately.

The Mondopad's touchscreen features are not accessible when using as a display.

Set up a laptop with the display monitor

Connecting the laptop

  • First connect your laptop using the VGA, HDMI, or HDMI to Thunderboldt (for Macs) cable on the north end of the table.

    VGA and HDMI Cables

  • For sound -- if using the VGA cable, then plug in the audio cord to the laptop.  The HDMI cable is an audio and video cord; using the VGA's audio cord is unnecessary.

    image of audio output connection on laptop

Power on the Display and your Laptop

a. Display - press the "Power" button once located on the lower right corner of the Mondopad. It may take up to 30 seconds to power on.

b. Remote - select the power button, the red power button is located on the top left side of the remote.

Power Button

Input - VGA or HDMI 1, depending which cable is connected to your laptop

a. Display - Press the Input button, then use the CH up and down button until either VGA or HDMI 1 is highlighted. Now, select Input button to keep the settings.

b. Remote - Press the Input button, then use the arrow keys until either VGA or HDMI 1 is highlighted. Now, select the OK button to keep the settings.


room 225b VGA image


room 225b HDMI-1 image

If using the remote, make sure to point the remote to the remote sensor/power indicator light located on the right side of the display. Consult the remote key to view the button layout and remote functions.

remote 225b

* Want to log into the Mondopad PC instead? See the instructions for using the Mondopad PC.

Three sound controls and checks

1) Display

  • Display buttons - volume buttons are located on the lower right side of the display, denoted by Vol up and Vol down.
  • Remote - volume buttons are located at the bottom right side of the remote.

volume settings for MondoPad

2) Desktop

  • On the desktop when you log on – bottom right corner of the screen for PCs.

screenshot of sound icon on desktop

3) Application

  • If you opened a video or webinar, check the volume in the application.  (see YouTube example below).

screenshot of YouTube video and its sound icon

When you are finished

  • Please turn off the MondoPad.
  • Turn off the room lights and make sure the conference room door locks behind you.
  • Spills food/beverage:
    • Floor or furniture contact the Office of Library Facilities immediately at 217-333-0317
    • Computer equipment contact Library IT immediately at 217-244-4688