Using the MondoPad as a display

Before you begin

Training is required before you can log on to the desktop of the dedicated MondoPad PC.  Training announcements phrased as ‘Library IT’s phase 1 – basic conference room training’ are made on LibNews regularly; you can also check the library staff calendar to sign up for training.

Plan ahead:  Library IT wants you to have successful meetings.  If you are hosting a conference, meeting, or event that may require extra assistance, such as using a new device, or hosting a webinar or video conference, please send an OTRS ticket to Library IT at least one week in advance to schedule a practice run so that we can accommodate you appropriately.

The Mondopad's touchscreen features are not accessible when using as a display.

Set up a laptop with the display monitor

Connecting the laptop

  • First connect your laptop using the VGA, HDMI, or HDMI to Thunderboldt (for Macs) cable on the north end of the table.

VGA and HDMI Cables

  • For sound -- if using the VGA cable, then plug in the audio cord to the laptop.  The HDMI cable is an audio and video cord; using the audio cord is unnecessary.
    image of audio output connection on laptop


Press the "Power" button on the lower right corner of the MondoPad once.  It may take up to 30 seconds to start.  

Power Button


Press the Input button to highlight either VGA or HDMI-1 (depending which cable is connected to your laptop).





Sound controls and checks

  • On the MondoPad
    volume settings for MondoPad
  • On the desktop when you log on – bottom right corner of the screen for PCs.
    screenshot of sound icon on desktop
  • If you opened a video or webinar, check the volume in the application.  (see YouTube example below).
    screenshot of YouTube video and its sound icon

When you are finished

  • Please turn off the MondoPad.

Learn more about using the MondoPad on our MondoPad user guide.