View Meeting Room Calendar in Outlook 2013

In the Calendar View of the Outlook 2013 (to go to "Calendar View", click the "Calendar" icon at the bottom left of the page), click the Open Calendar button in the "Manage Calendars" group under "Home" tab in the Ribbon. Select "From Room List..." from the drop-down list.



The "Select Name: Contacts" dialog box pops up, at the top, under "Search", type "Library" in the search field. In the drop down list for "Address Book", select "All Rooms". A list of library meeting rooms will be displayed in the middle of the dialog box.


  • Alternatively, you can select "From Address Book..." from the drop down list in the first step, and search for any address that starts with "Library", the same list will show.



Click a meeting room that you want to see its schedule to highlight it, then click the "Calendar" button in the lower left corner, and then click OK.



You're back to the Calendar View of the Outlook 2013, you'll see the meeting room name has been added to "Rooms" group in the left navigation pane. The meeting room calendar displays side by side with your default calendar (in this example, Room 428 calendar is displayed).



You can click the left pointing arrow to overlay the meeting room calendar and your default calendar. Navigate to whichever date that you want to know the availability of the calendar. This meeting room calendar will remain listed under "Rooms" group in your calendar view even after you close the calendar, so you can re-open it at any time later.

meeting room calendar