Set up Redirect Rule in Exchange 2010 Outlook Web App

Following directions show you how to redirect email messages sent to your Exchange 2010 account to your email account on another email server. Please be aware that forwarding or redirecting emails outside the university has the potential to put the user or the university at risk, as FERPA and other laws and university policies can apply to emails, especially from students or regarding student records.

-- with this process you are setting up a rule on the Exchange server that will be in place whether you work with Outlook 2010 or Outlook Web App

  1. Open Outlook Web App and log in with your NetID and Active Directory (AD) password.
    (Please make sure that your Outlook is not open at the same time.)



  2. Click "Options" in the upper right corner of the screen and select "Create an Inbox Rule" from the drop down list.



  3. Click "New..." button from the "Inbox Rules" section on the right side of the window.

    new index rules


  4. The "New Inbox Rule" window pops up

    owa rules create


  5. Under "Apply this rule..."

    • First, select "[Apply to all messages]" from the drop down list for "When the message arrives, and:" box.

      owa rules msg

    • Next, select "Redirect the message to..." from the drop down list for "Do the following:" box.

      owa rule box

  6. The "Address Book" window pops up, in the "TO ->" field at the bottom, type in the email address that you want your email messages to be redirected to (or select the email address from the Contacts or Address Book if that's applicable), then click "OK".



  7. You're back to the "New Inbox Rule" window. You can either click the "Save" button at the bottom right corner to save this redirect rule or further define it by clicking "More Options..." button at the bottom.

    owa rules redirect


  8. To further define the rule, choose one of the three options: Add Action, Add Exception, and create a Name of rule.

    owa rules people


  9. Option One: Name your new rule

    By default, this redirect rule is named "[Apply to all messages]", we recommend you create a customized name for this rule. For example, it can be called "Redirect all messages". To rename it, erase the default text in the "Name of rule:" box (see above image) and type what you want to name it.


  10. Option Two: Add more actions

    By default, Exchange server keeps a copy of all redirected email messages in your Exchange account, if you do not want to keep a copy in your Exchange account, click "Add Action", select "Move, copy, or delete" from the drop down list, then select "delete the message" from the drop down list.

    Attention: We do NOT recommend you do this. We recommend you move or copy the message to specific folders or mark them with a category.

    owa rules added


    Other actions that you can ask Exchange Server to do:

    • Mark the message

      owa rules added

    • Forward, redirect, or send the message

      owa rules added

  11. Option Three: Add exception

    You can define conditions under which the Exchange Server should not apply the rule. To add exception cases, click "Add Exception" button under "Except if:" and make sure "Stop processing more rules" box is checked.


  12. After setting up all actions and conditions, click "Save" button. A warning message pops up, click "Yes".

    owa rules added


  13. Now you are back to the "Inbox Rules" window. You'll see a new rule has been created with the name you gave (in this example, I named it "Redirect All Messages").

    owa rules added


The rule becomes effective immediately after you save it. There is no need to log off the Exchange/Outlook account.