Change Outlook Account Setting after Upgraded to Exchange 2013

Please follow the instruction below to set up your Outlook Account Setting, otherwise you may not get up to date calendar information.

  1. Click "File" tab ("Info" should be highlighted on the left), click "Account Setting" icon  
       2. Select  "Account Settings..."

    Account Settings

3. Account Settings window pops up,  under "Email" tab, click "Change..."
4. Change Account window pops up, click "More Settings..." button at the lower right corner


5. Microsoft Exchange box pops up, click "Security" tab, check the box "Always prompt for logon credentials", click OK
6. Click "Next, "Finish", then "Close".
7. Exit Outlook, then restart it.
8. Outlook will ask you to log in

Logon credentials

  • User name: UOFI\your_netid
  • Password is your Active directory (AD) password (the one you use to log onto your staff computer)
9. Click OK. Outlook should be open after a few seconds.

From now on, you'll be asked to log in every time you start Outlook.