Telephone (Lync/Skype for Business)

Lync/Skype for Business Implementation

Lync/Skype for Business is the voice component of the Unified Communications (UC) environment, replacing conventional landline phone service on campus in 2012. Lync/Skype for Business accounts are available for individual employees as well as units for Library service desks and offices. Technology Services manages Lync/Skype for Business services on campus, and the Library IT Help Desk coordinates Lync/Skype for Business accounts within the Library.

On April 14, 2015 Microsoft released an update for the Lync 2013 client for Windows to rebrand Lync as "Skype for Business".  Technology Services is maintaining a list of the changes to Lync/Skype for Business caused by this update.

Personal Lync/Skype for Business accounts for individual employees

  • each employee (except undergraduate student employees) has a personal Lync/Skype for Business-enabled account;
  • each staff workstation has Skype for Business (Windows) or Lync (Mac) software installed;
  • each employee has a Lync/Skype for Business-compatible phone device that connects to a USB port on a staff computer.

Lync/Skype for Business unit phone accounts in the Library

  • each Library unit has one or more Lync/Skype for Business accounts for the unit itself;
  • phone devices for unit accounts plug directly into data jacks and do not need to be connected to a computer;
  • unit phones can be used by anyone working in the unit, even undergrad student employees who do not have Lync/Skype for Business accounts.

E911 service is available for all Lync/Skype for Business users.