Known Lync Issues with Macs

Issue #1: After placing a call the dial pad can not be used during the call to navigate a menu or enter a pin number.  

Solution: From the call window open the keypad and enter then enter a number.  If the keypad does not appear click and drag the call window to the right until the keypad appears.   


Issue #2:  When receiving a call Lync only rings on the headset.

Solution from CITES

1)      With Lync not running, set speaker and microphone to USB headset in System Preferences -> Sound

2)      Launch Lync

3)      Change speaker (and microphone) to built-in

 After this, all audio, even the ring from Lync, is played on the built-in external speakers, but when in a call the headset is in use. Obviously this is broken behavior and works best with a desktop, and you would have to repeat these steps anytime you reboot.