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Illinois Newspaper Project Wishlist
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Rabotnicheska Prosveta 1942-1962 Granite City Madison
Radi 18uu-18uu Pittsfield Pike
Radical 18uu-18uu Pittsfield Pike
Raleigh Egyptian 1857-1857 Raleigh Saline
Randolph County Zeitung 1868-18uu Chester Randolph
Randolph plaindealer 1866-18uu Sparta Randolph
Rantoul journal 1875-1877 Rantoul Champaign
Rantoul news 1873-1877 Rantoul Champaign
Rantoulian 1878-1880 Rantoul Champaign
Rapalee's jokinello 1877-1877 Oregon Ogle
Raymond news uuuu Raymond Montgomery
Real estate advertiser 1871 Palestine Crawford
Real estate bulletin 1870-1871 Paxton Ford
Real estate exchange 1889-1uuu Bloomington McLean
Real estate index 1871-1uuu Farmer City De Witt
Real estate journal 1871-1876 Bloomington McLean
Real estate journal 1872-1uuu Bloomington McLean
Record 1874-1876 Assumption Christian
Record 1901-1910 Bloomington McLean
Record 1890-1uuu Bloomington McLean
Record 1883 Troy Madison
Record 1871-1872 New Rutland La Salle
Record 1912-1915 East Moline Rock Island
Record 1904-? Marion Williamson
Record 1878-1878 Shabbona De Kalb
Record 1870-1871 Sterling Whiteside
Record 1878-uuuu Bluffs Scott
Record 1uuu-uuuu Rushville Schuyler
Record 1879-uuuu Clayton Adams
Recorder 1878-1881 Belvidere Boone
Recorder 1865-1867 Du Quoin Perry
Red and Gray 1927 Alton Madison
Redbird Word 1969-1971 Alton Madison
Reddick courier 1906-1uuu Reddick Kankakee
Reddick Essex courier 19uu-9999 Reddick Kankakee
Reddick Essex courier 19uu-9999 Essex Kankakee
Reddick telephone 1uuu-19uu Reddick Kankakee
Reflector 1892- Cowden Shelby
Reform 1878 East Saint Louis Saint Clair
Reform 1878 Belleville Saint Clair
Reform leader 1881 Kinmundy Marion
Reform leader 1880-1881 Sandoval Marion
Reformed missionary 1870-18uu Henry Marshall
Reformed missionary 1871-18uu Henry Marshall
Reformer 1870-1874 Sycamore De Kalb
Reformer & free press 18uu-18uu Sycamore De Kalb
Reformer and free press 1874-1876 Sycamore De Kalb
Register 18uu-1uuu Mount Morris Ogle
Register 1863-1894 Aledo Mercer
Register 1870-1871 Minonk Woodford
Register 1877-1877 Abingdon Knox
Register 1876-1877 Toledo Cumberland
Register 1842-1845 Peoria Peoria
Register 1863-1883 Huey Clinton
Register 1876-? Ava Jackson
Register 1870-1871 Tonica La Salle
Register 188u-188u Saint Anne Kankakee
Register 1879 Kinmundy Marion
Register 1863-1883 Clement Clinton
Register 1856-1858 Salem Marion
Register 1872-1880 Moweaqua Shelby
Register 1878-1880 Moweaqua Shelby
Register of news 1841-18uu Galena Jo Daviess
Register-herald 18uu-1uuu Rochelle Ogle
Repertory 1874-1876 Princeton Bureau
Reporter 1875-1879 Clifton Iroquois
Reporter 18uu-1uuu Shannon Carroll
Reporter 1877-1877 Raymond Montgomery
Reporter 1870-1870 Minonk Woodford
Reporter Maywood Cook
Reporter 1875-1876 Woodhull Henry
Reporter 1881 Decatur Macon
Representative and gazette 1838-1839 Belleville Saint Clair
Republic 1875-1uuu Bloomington McLean
Republic (Galesburg, Ill. : 1873 : Semiweekly) 1873-1875 Galesburg Knox
Republican 1890-? Metropolis Massac
Republican 1870-1880 Urbana Champaign
Republican 1879-9999 Petersburg Menard
Republican 1867-1870 Galva Henry
Republican 1836-1836 Ottawa La Salle
Republican 1869-1uuu Delavan Tazewell
Republican 1896 Aledo Mercer
Republican 1871-1873 Bloomington McLean
Republican 1899-1916 Mount Sterling Brown
Republican 1873-1874 Davis Stephenson
Republican 1857-18uu Springfield Sangamon
Republican advertiser 1865-1874 Bloomington McLean
Republican advertiser 1870-1870 Bloomington McLean
Republican and intelligencer 185u-1859 Mount Carroll Carroll
Republican Atlas 1900 Monmouth Warren
Republican Atlas advance 1889 Monmouth Warren
Republican call uuuu Jerseyville Jersey
Republican monitor 1867-1868 Litchfield Montgomery
Republican monitor 1863-1868 Litchfield Montgomery
Republican union 1867-1868 Litchfield Montgomery
Reveille 1878-1881 Lebanon Saint Clair
Reveille 188u-1uuu La Rose Marshall
Review 1874-1878 Girard Macoupin
Review 1879 Red Bud Randolph
Review 1872-1874 Girard Macoupin
Review 1874-1878 Girard Macoupin
Review 1865-188u Kankakee Kankakee
Review 19uu-19uu Morrison Whiteside
Review 1878-18uu Davis Stephenson
Review 1872-1874 Girard Macoupin
Review 1877-18uu Galesburg Knox
Richland County Republican 1879-1883 Olney Richland
Richland County Republican 1876-19uu Olney Richland
Richview phoenix 1856-1858 Richview Washington
Ridge record 1900-1911 Morgan Park Cook
Ridgeway news 1uuu-19uu Norris City White
Riley's citizen 1914-1914 Waynesville De Witt
Rio reporter 1uuu-19uu Rio Knox
Rivolta 1913-1914 Madison Madison
Roanoke call 1891-1912 Roanoke Woodford
Roanoke call 1910-19uu Roanoke Woodford
Roanoke era 1883-18uu Roanoke Woodford
Roanoke post 1913-19uu Roanoke Woodford
Roanoke record 1917-19uu Roanoke Woodford
Roanoke review 19uu-9999 Roanoke Woodford
Rock 1872-1873 Arcola Douglas
Rock Island Beobachter 1857 Rock Island Rock Island
Rock Island register 1890 Moline Rock Island
Rock Island register 1890 Rock Island Rock Island
Rock Island Republican 1900 Rock Island Rock Island
Rock Island star Rock Island Rock Island
Rock Islander (Rock Island Ill. : Daily) 1894 Rock Island Rock Island
Rock River farmer 1871-1875 Dixon Lee
Rock River mirror 1859-18uu Rockford Winnebago
Rock River review 1871-1871 Sterling Whiteside
Rock River Valley echo 1892-1894 Prophetstown Whiteside
Rockford daily evening gazette 1879-1879 Rockford Winnebago
Rockford daily gazette 1879-1891 Rockford Winnebago
Rockford journal 19uu-9999 Rockford Winnebago
Rockford posten 1889-1911 Rockford Winnebago
Rockfords allehanda 1884-1886 Rockford Winnebago
Rockton weekly echo 1887-1887 Rockton Winnebago
Roodhouse daily union 1885-1885 Roodhouse Greene
Roodhouse eagle 1880-1881 Roodhouse Greene
Roodhouse independent 1875-1875 Roodhouse Greene
Roodhouse review 1877-1880 Roodhouse Greene
Roseville citizen 1893-1900 Roseville Warren
Roseville independent Roseville Warren
Rundschau 1896-1898 Lincoln Logan
Rural messenger 1876-1877 Plymouth Hancock
Rural press 1858-1859 Centralia Marion
Rural west and weekly journal 1869-18uu Quincy Adams
Rushville Republican 1891-1901 Rushville Schuyler

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