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Illinois Newspaper Project Wishlist
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Palestine news 1874 Palestine Crawford
Palestine Saturday call 1880 Palestine Crawford
Palladium 1873-18uu Chatsworth Livingston
Palm leaf 1923-1933 Springfield Sangamon
Pana gazette (Pana, Ill. : 1891: Daily) 1891-9999 Pana Christian
Pana plaindealer 1859-1860 Pana Christian
Pana public 1860-1862 Pana Christian
Pana weekly argus 1879-uuuu Pana Christian
Pana weekly enterprise 1860-1860 Pana Christian
Pana weekly herald 1857-1858 Pana Christian
Pana weekly herald 1857-1859 Pana Christian
Panorama see below Edwardsville Madison
Pantagraph 18uu-18uu New Richmond Clark
Pantagraph 18uu-18uu Richmond Clark
Pantagrapher 1926-1926 Bloomington McLean
Paper 1871-1876 Cairo Alexander
Paper 1877-1879 Monmouth Warren
Papyrus 1923-1987 Greenville Bond
Paragraph Perry Pike
Paris citizen and daily blade 1862 Paris Edgar
Pastoral visitor 1880 Kinmundy Marion
Patriot 186u-18uu El Paso Woodford
Patriot 18uu-18uu Quincy Adams
Patriot 186u-186u Pekin Tazewell
Paxton weekly record 1865-1897 Paxton Ford
Payson-Plainville news 1974-1975 Payson Adams
Payson-Plainville news 1974-1975 Plainville Adams
Pearl 1871-18uu Sycamore De Kalb
Pearl citizen 18uu-18uu Pearln Pike
Pekin Anzeiger 186u-186u Pekin Tazewell
Pekin bulletin 1876-18uu Pekin Tazewell
Pekin County register 187u-1uuu Pekin Tazewell
Pekin independent 1870-187u Pekin Tazewell
Pekin post post 1860 Pekin Tazewell
Pekin Republican post 1885-1899 Pekin Tazewell
Pekin times 1876-18uu Pekin Tazewell
Pekin weekly bulletin (Pekin, Ill. : 1873 : Weekly) 1873-1876 Pekin Tazewell
Pekin weekly visitor 1845-18uu Pekin Tazewell
People's advocate 1870-18uu Pontiac Livingston
People's free press 1880-1880 Bloomington McLean
People's paper 1872-1873 Bushnell McDonough
People's paper 1892-1894 Shelbyville Shelby
People's press 1857-1857 Sandwich De Kalb
People's press 1866-1867 Nashville Washington
People's press 1865-1866 Rockford Winnebago
Peoria advertizer 18uu-1878 Peoria Peoria
Peoria American 1845-1850 Peoria Peoria
Peoria daily Democrat 1868 Peoria Peoria
Peoria Deutsche Zeitung 1876 Peoria Peoria
Peoria inpormer 1936-1938 Peoria Peoria
Peoria morning star 1945 Peoria Peoria
Peoria star 1912 Peoria Peoria
Peoria sun (Peoria, Ill. : 1871) 1871-18uu Peoria Peoria
Peoria sun (Peoria, Ill. : 1878) 1878-uuuu Peoria Peoria
Peoria tri-weekly transcript 186u-186u Peoria Peoria
Peoria Volksfreund 1932 Peoria Peoria
Peoria weekly gazette 1900-1938 Peoria Peoria
Peoria woodman 1897-uuuu Peoria Peoria
Perfectly independent 1860-18uu Springfield Sangamon
Perry County press 1879-1881 Tamaroa Perry
Perry County press 1879-1882 Du Quoin Perry
Perry County signal 1878-1880 Pinckneyville Perry
Peru Freie Zeitung 18uu-1uuu Peru La Salle
Peru midweek newspaper 19uu-9999 Peru La Salle
Pharmaceutical news 1878-9999 Peoria Peoria
Philo booster 1uuu-1972 Philo Champaign
Philo budget 1889-190u Philo Champaign
Piatt County press 1883-1884 Monticello Piatt
Piatt County union 18uu-1865 Monticello Piatt
Pictoral quidnunc 1894-1899 Bloomington McLean
Pike's Democrat 1870-1871 Decatur Macon
Pilot 18uu-1uuu Mount Morris Ogle
Pilot 1884-1uuu Bloomington McLean
Pioneer 1902-19uu Bloomington McLean
Pioneer 1860-1861 Effingham Effingham
Pioneer 18uu-19uu Galesburg Knox
Pioneer 1875-1877 Streator La Salle
Pioneer and Western Baptist 1831-183u Rock Spring Saint Clair
Pioneer of the Valley of the Mississippi 1829-183u Rock Spring Saint Clair
Plain speaker 1929-1929 Bloomington McLean
Plain truth 19uu-19uu Champaign Champaign
Plain truth 1967-9999 Champaign Champaign
Plaindealer 1854-1856 Pekin Tazewell
Plaindealer 1858 Newton Jasper
Plaindealer 1872-1874 Sullivan Moultrie
Plaindealer-Herald Charleston Coles
Plano news 1872-1880 Plano Kendall
Plow city daily 1886 Moline Rock Island
Pointer (Riverdale, Ill. : South Holland ed.) 1965-197u Riverdale Cook
Political magazine 1885-1885 Urbana Champaign
Polo sentinel 1856-1856 Polo Ogle
Pontiac daily news 1901-19uu Pontiac Livingston
Pontiac gazette 1883-1888 Pontiac Livingston
Pontiac gazette 1880-18uu Pontiac Livingston
Pontiac herald 1871-18uu Pontiac Livingston
Pontiac observer 1881-18uu Pontiac Livingston
Pontiac Republican 1865-18uu Pontiac Livingston
Pontiac weekly news 1901-19uu Pontiac Livingston
Popcorn 19uu-19uu Urbana Champaign
Pope County Democrat 1878-1880 Golconda Pope
Popular tribune 1851-1857 Nauvoo Hancock
Popular tribune & Nauvoo herald n.d. Nauvoo Hancock
Port Byron globe 1884-1889 Moline Rock Island
Port Byron register 1857 Port Byron Rock Island
Port Byron timester 1859 Port Byron Rock Island
Post 1879-1uuu Quincy Adams
Post 1840-uuuu Naples Scott
Post 1900? Edwardsville Madison
Post 19uu-uuuu Farmersville Montgomery
Post 1878-18uu Rutland La Salle
Post Amerikan 1973-9999 Bloomington McLean
Post Amerikan 1976-1985 Bloomington McLean
Post Amerikan 1976-1985 Normal McLean
Post office register uuuu Pana Christian
Post-news Washington Tazewell
Post-pilot 19uu-198u Loves Park Winnebago
Post-Tribune 1895-1uuu Pekin Tazewell
Potomac Republican 1898-1905 Potomac Vermilion
Practical politics 1977-1uuu Springfield Sangamon
Prairie advocate 1985-9999 Lanark Carroll
Prairie beacon 184u-18uu Belvidere Boone
Prairie chicken 18uu-18uu Prairie City McDonough
Prairie chief 1858-1858 Prairie City McDonough
Prairie chief (Galva, Ill.) 1868 Galva Henry
Prairie citizen 19uu-9999 Prairie City McDonough
Prairie City advocate 1864-1865 Litchfield Montgomery
Prairie city advocate 1872-uuuu Litchfield Montgomery
Prairie City news 18uu-1uuu Prairie City McDonough
Prairie City times 1uuu-19uu Prairie City McDonough
Prairie Democrat 1848-1851 Sparta Randolph
Prairie dispatch 19uu-19uu Urbana Champaign
Prairie du Rocher sun 19uu-19uu Prairie du Rocher Randolph
Prairie enterprise 1868-1868 Minonk Woodford
Prairie farmer 1841-1848 Pontiac Livingston
Prairie farmer Peoria Peoria
Prairie farmer 1861? Sandoval Marion
Prairie flower 1840-1842 Shelbyville Shelby
Prairie flower 1851 Carlyle Clinton
Prairie home and advertiser 1859-1859 Sandwich De Kalb
Prairie post ? Albion Edwards
Prairie press 19uu-19uu Urbana Champaign
Prairie state 185u-18uu Danville Vermilion
Prairie sun 1977-1983 Rock Island Rock Island
Prairie sun uuuu Peoria Peoria
Presbytery reporter 1845-1860 Alton Madison
Press 1882-18uu Buda Bureau
Press 1859- Tuscola Douglas
Press 1868-186u Abingdon Knox
Press 1857-18uu Ottawa La Salle
Press 1889-18uu Barry Pike
Press 1874-1876 New Windsor Mercer
Press 18uu-18uu Quincy Adams
Press 1876-18uu Blue Island Cook
Press reporter 1897-1uuu Momence Kankakee
Press-Record/Journal 1903-1983 Granite City Madison
Prime time 19uu-19uu Morton Tazewell
Progress Neoga Cumberland
Progress 18uu-18uu Abingdon Knox
Progress 1870-1877 Rock Falls Whiteside
Progress 1868-1869 Shipman Macoupin
Progress 1876-1878 Chrisman Edgar
Progressive farmer 18uu-18uu McLeansboro Hamilton
Prohibition statesman 1884-1884 Le Roy McLean
Property seller 1871-1872 Atlanta Logan
Prophetstown spike (Prophetstown, Ill. : 1871 : Weekly) 1871-1894 Prophetstown Whiteside
Prospect Day 1uuu-1970 Mount Prospect Cook
Prospectus 1968 Charleston Coles
Psychedelic Boneyard 19uu-19uu Urbana Champaign
Public school journal 1889-1uuu Bloomington McLean
Public school messenger 1870-1872 Kewanee Henry
Pulaski Democrat circa1856 Caledonia Pulaski
Pullman press Chicago Cook
Pure news 1983-1984 Springfield Sangamon
Putnam County Democrat 19uu-19uu Granville Putnam
Putnam County epitome 18uu-1899 Hennepin Putnam
Putnam County Progress 19uu-19uu La Salle La Salle

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