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Illinois Newspaper Project Wishlist
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Mackinaw enterprise 1886-1902 Mackinaw Tazewell
Mackinaw sentinel 1871-1873 Lexington McLean
Macomb enterprise 1884-1885 Macomb McDonough
Macon County Deutsche Zeitung 1892-1uuu Decatur Macon
Macon signal uuuu-uuuu Macon Macon
Macon tribune 1867-1868 Macon Macon
Macoupin Anzeiger 1879-1880 Carlinville Macoupin
Macoupin Anzeiger 1879 Carlinville Macoupin
Macoupin County anzeiger 1875-1882 Staunton Macoupin
Macoupin speculator 1856-1858 Carlinville Macoupin
Madison County advertiser see below Edwardsville Madison
Madison County anzeiger 1881-? Edwardsville Madison
Madison County anzeiger see below Edwardsville Madison
Madison County anzeiger (Edwardsville, Ill.) 1875-1879 Edwardsville Madison
Madison County bote 1869-1873 Edwardsville Madison
Madison County chronicle 1986-1987 Worden Madison
Madison County chronicle 1988 Worden Madison
Madison County chronicle 1986 unknown Madison
Madison County enquirer 1853-1856 Edwardsville Madison
Madison County record 1850-1851 Edwardsville Madison
Madison Enquirer 1853 Edwardsville Madison
Madison record see below Edwardsville Madison
Madison record see below Edwardsville Madison
Madison republic 1905+ Madison Madison
Madison Republic 1905 Granite City Madison
Madison tribune 1906 Granite City Madison
Magnet 1879-18uu Mahomet Champaign
Magnet 1902-1902 Mahomet Champaign
Magnet and tribune 1874-1875 Decatur Macon
Mail 1877-1886 Malta De Kalb
Mail 1880-1880 Bloomington McLean
Mail (New Canton, Ill.) New Canton Pike
Manchester star 1928 Manchester Scott
Manite community press 18uu-1uuu Pleasant Plains Sangamon
Manito review 1980-1983 Manito Fulton
Manito review 1967-1988 Manito Mason
Manito review 1985-1987 Manito Mason
Manteno independent 1885-1uuu Manteno Kankakee
Maquon journal 1947 Maquon Knox
Maquon times uuuu Maquon Knox
Maquon Tomahawk 1909-1928 Maquon Knox
Maquon weekly times 1877 Maquon Knox
Marine gazette 1898 Collinsville Madison
Marine telegram 1904 Collinsville Madison
Marion news 1896-? Marion Williamson
Marion record 186u-186u Marion Williamson
Market leader uuuu-9999 Effingham Effingham
Maroa budget uuuu Maroa Macon
Maroa news uuuu Maroa Macon
Maroa post 1uuu-1958 Maroa Macon
Maroa tribune uuuu Maroa Macon
Maroa weekly news (Maroa, Ill. : 1872) 1872-18uu Maroa Macon
Marseilles advertiser (Marseilles, Ill. : 1869 : Weekly) 1869-1874 Marseilles La Salle
Marseilles chronicle 1903-1905 Marseilles La Salle
Marseilles daily news 1887-1890 Marseilles La Salle
Marseilles daily press 1921-19uu Marseilles La Salle
Marseilles daily register 1uuu-9999 Marseilles La Salle
Marseilles herald 1874-9999 Marseilles La Salle
Marseilles register-chronicle 1905-1917 Marseilles La Salle
Marshall County Democrat 1863-1864 Henry Marshall
Marshall journal 1858-1859 Marshall Clark
Marshall monitor 1886 Marshall Clark
Marshall Putnam news 1943-1944 Henry Marshall
Martinsville express (Martinsville, Ill. : 1871 : Weekly) 1871-18uu Martinsville Clark
Mascoutah county journal current Mascoutah Saint Clair
Mascoutah Umgegend 18uu-18uu Mascoutah Saint Clair
Mason City independent (Mason City, Ill. : 1871 : Weekly) 1871-1898 Mason City Mason
Mason news 1896 Mason Effingham
Massac Republican Metropolis Massac
May West 1968 Macomb McDonough
McCosh's evening gazette Monmouth Warren
McLean County Anti-Monopolist 1874-1uuu Bloomington McLean
McLean County courier 1949-1951 Bloomington McLean
McLean County Deutsche Presse 1886-1886 Bloomington McLean
McLean County Deutsche Presse 1870-1uuu Bloomington McLean
McLean County Deutsche Presse 1871-1894 Bloomington McLean
McLean County Deutsche Presse 187u-189u Bloomington McLean
McLean County Echo 1863-1864 Bloomington McLean
McLean County echo 1863-1863 Bloomington McLean
McLean County herald 1900-19uu Normal McLean
McLean County journal 1901-1906 Lexington McLean
McLean County journal 1865-1867 Bloomington McLean
McLean County journal 1865-1868 Bloomington McLean
McLean County press 1879-1uuu Bloomington McLean
McLean County school era 1911-1912 Bloomington McLean
McLean County Temperance Pulse 1899 Bloomington McLean
McLean gazette 1868-uuuu McLean McLean
Mecnophone 1879 Raritan Henderson
Medical register and advertiser 1875-1876 Anna Union
Memento 1854-1861 Peoria Peoria
Memento, and Odd-Fellows' northwestern magazine 1854-1869 Springfield Sangamon
Menard Republican 1868-1874 Petersburg Menard
Mendon Dispatch times uuuu-9999 Mendon Adams
Mendon enterprise 1877-1878 Mendon Adams
Mendota post 1879-1920 Mendota La Salle
Merchants' advertiser 1868-1uuu Bloomington McLean
Mercury uuuu Coffeen Montgomery
Messenger 1875-1875 Danville Vermilion
Messenger 1869-1871 Capron Boone
Messenger 1877-1878 Maroa Macon
Meteor 1861-1862 Centralia Marion
Methodist 1897-1uuu Bloomington McLean
Methodist free press 1872-1875 Rockford Winnebago
Metropolis daily Democrat 1906-? Metropolis Massac
Middletown echo 196u-19uu Middletown Logan
Middletown gazette 1902-1902 Middletown Logan
Middletown herald 1902-1904 Middletown Logan
Middletown journal 1901-1902 Middletown Logan
Midland monthly 1873 Monmouth Warren
MidWeek 1976 Moline Rock Island
Midwest daily record (Chicago, Ill. : Minnesota ed.) 1938-1938 Chicago Cook
Milan journal 1880 Milan Rock Island
Military Tract journal 1860-1861 Macomb McDonough
Miner and Workman's advocate 1863-1866 Belleville Saint Clair
Mines, metals and arts 1837-1uuu Jacksonville Morgan
Minonk blade 1874-18uu Minonk Woodford
Minonk index (Minonk, Ill. : 1870 : Weekly) 1870-1877 Minonk Woodford
Minonk journal 187u-187u Minonk Woodford
Minonk local times 1872-1873 Minonk Woodford
Minonk times 18uu-18uu Minonk Woodford
Missionary sentinel 1879-1880 Anna Union
Mississippi eagle 1993 Warsaw Hancock
Mistral 1974 Macomb McDonough
Mitarbeiter 1890-1917 German Valley Stephenson
Moawequa register 1876 Moweaqua Shelby
Modern Argo 1879-1uuu Quincy Adams
Modern Argo 1878-uuuu Quincy Adams
Modern woodman Rock Island Rock Island
Modern woodman 1891 Peoria Peoria
Moline daily dispatch 1894 Moline Rock Island
Moline daily journal 1901-1904 Moline Rock Island
Moline dispatch 1879 Moline Rock Island
Moline evening mail and journal 1907-1911 Moline Rock Island
Moline Republican Moline Rock Island
Moline review dispatch 1881-1910 Moline Rock Island
Moline Sunday mail and evening mail 1900-1915 Moline Rock Island
Moline weekly dispatch 1878? Moline Rock Island
Molly Stark 1876- Toulon Stark
Money stretcher 1973-1988 Galatia Saline
Mongtomery County Democrat 1874-1uuu Litchfield Montgomery
Monitor 1877-1879 Meredosia Morgan
Monitor 1873-1876 Gridley McLean
Monitor 1875-uuuu Lexington McLean
Monitor 1862 Robinson Crawford
Monitor 1879-1879 Buckingham Kankakee
Monitor 1873-1874 Weston McLean
Monitor Dallas City Hancock
Monitor 1875-1877 Chenoa McLean
Monitor 1878-18uu Lee Lee
Monitor unknown Collinsville Madison
Monitor 18uu-18uu Rockford Winnebago
Monitor des Westens 1860-1863 Rock Island Rock Island
Monmouth Atlas (Monmouth, Ill. : Daily) 1884-1885 Monmouth Warren
Monmouth Atlas (Monmouth, Ill. : Kirkwood, Ill. ed.) 1867 Kirkwood Warren
Monmouth College clipper 1867 Monmouth Warren
Monmouth College oracle 1927 Monmouth Warren
Monmouth collegian Monmouth Warren
Monmouth daily Atlas -1924 Monmouth Warren
Monmouth leader 1873-1874 Monmouth Warren
Monmouth times 1877 Monmouth Warren
Monmouth weekly gazette 1876 Monmouth Warren
Monroe County clarion-journal current Columbia Monroe
Monroe Democrat 1856 Waterloo Monroe
Monroe Freie Presse 1881 Waterloo Monroe
Montgomery County Democrat 1874-1881 Litchfield Montgomery
Monthly letter box 1873-1874 Flora Clay
Monthly world reform union 1881-1883 Clinton De Witt
Montrose comet Montrose Effingham
Moore's home monthly 1877 Arcola Douglas
Morgan County journal 1876-1879 Waverly Morgan
Morgan County medical journal 1uuu-1uuu Jacksonville Morgan
Morgan monitor 1876-1uuu Jacksonville Morgan
Morning call 1895-1903 Normal McLean
Morning gazette 1886-1887 Centralia Marion
Morning monitor 189u-1uuu Litchfield Montgomery
Morning news 18uu-18uu Quincy Adams
Morning news 1876 Alton Madison
Morning post 1841-18uu Springfield Sangamon
Morning press 1901-1901 Litchfield Montgomery
Morning star 18uu-18uu Pittsfield Pike
Morris daily news 18uu-18uu Morris Grundy
Morris Democrat 1880-1880 Morris Grundy
Morris' Malta mail 1876-1886 Malta De Kalb
Morrison independent (Morrison, Ill. : 1872 : Weekly) 1872-1874 Morrison Whiteside
Morrison record 1893-1912 Morrison Whiteside
Morrison semi-weekly tribune 18uu-19uu Morrison Whiteside
Morrison weekly tribune 18uu-19uu Morrison Whiteside
Morton messenger 18uu-18uu Morton Tazewell
Moudy's Democrat 1871-1872 Richview Washington
Moultrie County chronicle 1874 Sullivan Moultrie
Moultrie County press 1883-1841 Lovington Moultrie
Moultrie County Union Banner 1863-1867 Sullivan Moultrie
Mound City journal (Mound City, Ill. : 1878) 1878-? Mound City Pulaski
Mount Morris leader 1uuu-1938 Mount Morris Ogle
Mount Pulaski star 18uu-18uu Mount Pulaski Logan
Mount Sterling mail uuuu Mount Sterling Brown
Mount Sterling weekly gazette 1871-1872 Mount Sterling Brown
Mount Vernon times 1900 Mount Vernon Jefferson
Moweaqua mail 1882-1889 Moweaqua Shelby
Moweaqua mail -1889 Moweaqua Shelby
Moweaqua Republican -1904 Moweaqua Shelby
Moweaqua Republican 1893-1893 Moweaqua Shelby
Mt. Carroll daily Democrat 18uu-19uu Mount Carroll Carroll
Mt. Pulaski press 1uuu-1906 Mount Pulaski Logan
Murrayville gazette 1uuu-9999 Murrayville Morgan
Muse 1975-1976 Macomb McDonough
Mutual aid herald 1uuu-1uuu Jacksonville Morgan
Mystic worker 18uu-1uuu Fulton Whiteside

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