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Illinois Newspaper Project Wishlist
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La Harpe Republican 1895-1896 La Harpe Hancock
La Salle County herold 1880-1uuu Ottawa La Salle
La Salle County press (La Salle, Ill. : 1856 : Weekly) 1856-188u La Salle La Salle
La Salle County sentinel 1855-185u Peru La Salle
La Salle Democrat press 1856-1893 La Salle La Salle
La Salle reporter 1871-1876 La Salle La Salle
La Salle times 1882-1uuu La Salle La Salle
La Salle und Peru express 1882-1887 La Salle La Salle
La Salle watchman 1852-1855 La Salle La Salle
Labor advocate 1894-1894 Lincoln Logan
Labor bulletin 1885-1899 Decatur Macon
Labor leader Danville Vermilion
Labor of love 1872-1876 Springfield Sangamon
Labor temple news 1900 Peoria Peoria
Lafayette annex 1883 Lafayette Stark
Lafayette sentinel 1884 Lafayette Stark
Lagerstimme (Camp Ellis, Ill.) 194u-194u Camp Ellis Fulton
Lagerstimme (Camp Grant, Ill.) 1943-194u Camp Grant Winnebago
Lagerstimme (Camp Grant, Ill.) 1943-194u Rockford Winnebago
Lake Bluff lamplighter Lake Bluff Lake
Lakewood journal -1946 Lakewood Shelby
Lanark adviser 1960-1985 Lanark Carroll
Lanark daily gazette 1883-1uuu Lanark Carroll
Lanark news 18uu-1uuu Lanark Carroll
Lancet 1869-1871 Blandinsville McDonough
Lane tribune 1900-1902 Lane De Witt
LaSalle standard 1851-1852 La Salle La Salle
Latham graphic 1891-1uuu Latham Logan
Lawndale drum 1972-9999 Chicago Cook
Lawrence County globe +1868+ Lawrenceville Lawrence
Le Claire news 1896? Edwardsville Madison
Leader 1861-18uu Kyte River Ogle
Leader 1874-1875 Abingdon Knox
Leader 18uu-18uu Altona Knox
Leader uuuu-uuuu Oblong Crawford
Leader 1879-1880 Lincoln Logan
Lebanon advocate and Lebanon journal 1848-1852 Lebanon Saint Clair
Lebanon courier 1876 Lebanon Saint Clair
Lebanon review 1964 Lebanon Saint Clair
Ledger 1860 Macomb McDonough
Ledger 1869-1873 Havana Mason
Ledger 18uu-18uu Quincy Adams
Lee County enterprise 1879-1880 Franklin Grove Lee
Left speak out 1968-1969 Peoria Peoria
Legal directory 1869-1873 Springfield Sangamon
Legislative register--extra 1843-1843 Springfield Sangamon
Legislative state register 1842-1843 Springfield Sangamon
Leland comet 1880-1883 Leland La Salle
Leland express 1885-1uuu Leland La Salle
Leland express 1884-1895 Leland La Salle
Leroy Democrat 18uu-18uu Le Roy McLean
Leroy news 1894-1917 Le Roy McLean
Leroy observer 1856-1856 Le Roy McLean
Lever and national liberator 1878-1883 Chicago Cook
Lewistown news (Lewistown, Ill. : 1875) -1879 Lewistown Fulton
Lewistown Republican 1844-1854 Lewistown Fulton
Lewistown weekly record Lewistown Fulton
Lexington enterprise (Lexington, Ill. : 1873 : Weekly) 1873-uuuu Lexington McLean
Lexington globe 185u-185u Lexington McLean
Lexington spectator 18uu-18uu Lexington McLean
Liberal 1872-1872 Fulton Whiteside
Liberal 1872-1879 Chebanse Iroquois
Liberal 1872-1uuu Litchfield Montgomery
Liberal Democrat 1872-1872 Champaign Champaign
Liberal-Democrat 1872-1uuu Champaign Champaign
Liberator 1892-18uu Springfield Sangamon
Liberty banner 1846 Rock Island Rock Island
Liberty league 1873 Rock Island Rock Island
Life in Dixon 1868-18uu Dixon Lee
Light in the dark 1969-1969 Bloomington McLean
Lincoln Beobachter 1917-1918 Lincoln Logan
Lincoln log 1944-1946 Springfield Sangamon
Lincoln triweekly times (Lincoln, Ill. : 1872 : Weekly) 1872-18uu Lincoln Logan
Lincolnshire Lake County life 1974-1975 Highland Park Lake
Lincolnshire life 1973-1974 Highland Park Lake
Litchfield Anzeiger 1882-1883 Litchfield Montgomery
Litchfield courier 1882-1uuu Litchfield Montgomery
Litchfield daily Republican and clipper 1892-1896 Litchfield Montgomery
Litchfield Democrat 1872-uuuu Litchfield Montgomery
Litchfield independent 1871-uuuu Litchfield Montgomery
Litchfield review 1872-uuuu Litchfield Montgomery
Litchfield union 1913-1927 Litchfield Montgomery
Literary gem 1855-1856 Lebanon Saint Clair
Little Episcopalian 1880-1880 Collinsville Madison
Little watchman 1873-1uuu Bloomington McLean
Little watchman 1872-18uu Bloomington McLean
Liturgische Monatsschrift 18uu-1886 Beardstown Cass
Live stock journal 1901-19uu Quincy Adams
Livingston County Democrat 1908-1908 Fairbury Livingston
Livingston County Democrat 1868-1871 Pontiac Livingston
Local leader 1879-1883 Lexington McLean
Local reporter 1880 Cambridge Henry
Local times 1874-187u Dana La Salle
Locomotive firemen's magazine 1876-uuuu Peoria Peoria
Loda independent 1866-1866 Loda Iroquois
Logan County bee 1877-1877 Lincoln Logan
Logan County Democrat 1856-1863 Lincoln Logan
Logan County journal 1877-1877 Lincoln Logan
Logan County news 19uu-19uu Lincoln Logan
Logan County Republican 1877-1879 Lincoln Logan
London Mills globe 1928 London Mills Fulton
Loraine times 18uu-1932 Loraine Adams
Lovington record 1887-1888 Lovington Moultrie
Lovington weekly visitor 1885 Lovington Moultrie
Loyalist 1864-1865 Salem Marion
Loyalist 1863 Mason Effingham
Ludlow leader 1898-1uuu Ludlow Champaign

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