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Illinois Newspaper Project Wishlist
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Jackson County Republican 189u?-? Carbondale Jackson
Jackson Democrat 1859-? Louisville Clay
Jacksonian 1862-1863 Nashville Washington
Jacksonville banner 1832-1833 Jacksonville Morgan
Jacksonville banner and Morgan County advertiser 1832-18uu Jacksonville Morgan
Jacksonville dispatch 1861-9999 Jacksonville Morgan
Jacksonville enterprise 1874-1876 Jacksonville Morgan
Jacksonville Hatchet 1855-18uu Jacksonville Morgan
Jacksonville journal courier 1860-1865 Jacksonville Morgan
Jacksonville labor news 1905-1uuu Jacksonville Morgan
Jacksonville review 1861-9999 Jacksonville Morgan
Jacksonville standard 1838-18uu Jacksonville Morgan
Jasper union 1866 Newton Jasper
Jefferson County greenback 1879-1888 Mount Vernon Jefferson
Jeffersonian 1902-1904 Effingham Effingham
Jersey County Prohibitionist 1884-1884 Grafton Jersey
Jerseyville evening news 1885-1885 Jerseyville Jersey
Jerseyville evening times 1885-1885 Jerseyville Jersey
Jerseyville newspaper 1842-1856 Jerseyville Jersey
Jerseyville prairie state 1850-1864 Jerseyville Jersey
Jerseyville register 1865-1868 Jerseyville Jersey
Jerseyville Republican weekly uuuu Jerseyville Jersey
Johnson County enquirer post-1857 Vienna Johnson
Johnson County herald pre-1869 Vienna Johnson
Johnson County journal 1874-1879 New Burnside Johnson
Johnson County Republican 1897-189u Tunnel Hill Johnson
Johnston City independent pre 1906 Johnston City Williamson
Johnston City review ? Johnston City Williamson
Jonesborough gazette and Southern Illinois enterprise circa1850 Jonesboro Union
Journal 1859-186u Homer Champaign
Journal 1876-1879 Champaign Champaign
Journal 1866-18uu Minonk Woodford
Journal 1876-1879 Champaign Champaign
Journal 1856-1858 Grayville White
Journal 1868-1873 Clayton Adams
Journal 1872-18uu Varna Marshall
Journal 1872-188u Benson Woodford
Journal 1859-1uuu Taylorville Christian
Journal 1873-1876 Thomson Carroll
Journal 1868-1870 Gilman Iroquois
Journal 1873-1875 Mansfield Piatt
Journal 1870-1871 Gardner Grundy
Journal 1859-1860 Bunker Hill Macoupin
Journal 1874-? Norris City White
Journal 1872-1877 New Rutland La Salle
Journal 1874-1875 Enfield White
Journal 1878 Belleville Saint Clair
Journal 1872-1873 Lostant La Salle
Journal 18uu-1868 Bloomington McLean
Journal 1873-1873 Lincoln Logan
Journal 1858-1859 Marshall Clark
Journal 1913-1914 Clinton De Witt
Journal 1872-1873 Long Point Livingston
Journal 18uu-19uu Galesburg Knox
Journal 1870-1870 Abingdon Knox
Journal 1873-18uu Cornellville Livingston
Journal 1857-1858 Havana Mason
Journal 1893-1904 Bellflower McLean
Journal 1868-1uuu Bloomington McLean
Journal 1850-1852 Sparta Randolph
Journal 1874-1877 Stonefort Saline
Journal 1838-1840 Galena Jo Daviess
Journal 1877-18uu Bellflower McLean
Journal 18uu-1892 Ogden Champaign
Journal 1875-1878 Rantoul Champaign
Journal (Alexis, Ill.) 1874-1877 Alexis Warren
Journal and advertiser 1856-18uu Knoxville Knox
Journal and little Sangamo gazette 1829-1830 Springfield Sangamon
Jubille and College Greetings 1897-1uuu Jacksonville Morgan
Juveniles' journal 1885- Macomb McDonough

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