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Illinois Newspaper Project Wishlist
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Cabery enquirer 1883-1952 Cabery Ford
Cabery enquirer 1883-1952 Cabery Kankakee
Cahokia Dupo journal current Cahokia Saint Clair
Cahokia Dupo journal current Dupo Saint Clair
Cairo Argus -1875 Cairo Alexander
Cairo bulletin (Cairo, Ill. : 1906) 19uu-19uu Cairo Alexander
Cairo commercial 1872-1873 Cairo Alexander
Cairo daily Argus 1878- Cairo Alexander
Cairo daily telegram 1887-1906 Cairo Alexander
Cairo Democrat (Cairo, Ill. : Triweekly) 186u-186u Cairo Alexander
Cairo Democrat (Cairo, Ill. : Weekly) 186u-186u Cairo Alexander
Cairo evening sun (Cairo, Ill. : Weekly) 187u-187u Cairo Alexander
Cairo semi-weekly news 1881-1uuu Cairo Alexander
Cairo sun 1870-1uuu Cairo Alexander
Cairo Volksblatt 186u-186u Cairo Alexander
Cairo-Pulaski enterprise 1975-1978 Cairo Alexander
Calhoun County Democrat 1871-1876 Hardin Alexander
Calhoun herald 1966 Calhoun Richland
Calhoun pilot 1880- Batchtown Richland
Call 1879-1879 Lincoln Logan
Call 1883 Toulon Stark
Call 1877-1879 Buda Bureau
Cambridge Democrat (Cambridge, Ill.) -1871 Cambridge Henry
Cameron gazette 1uuu-19uu Cameron Warren
Cameron gazette and Warren County Democrat 1927 Galesburg Warren
Campaign argument 1860-1uuu Jacksonville Morgan
Campaigner 1860-186u Litchfield Montgomery
Canton community sentinel 1969-1973 Canton Fulton
Canton leader 1903-1905 Canton Fulton
Capitol enterprise 1854-1855 Springfield Sangamon
Capitol record and family journal 1869-1871 Springfield Sangamon
Carbondale and Cairo car 18uu-18uu Carbondale Jackson
Carbondale criterion 1878-1878 Carbondale Jackson
Carlock chronicle 19uu-9999 Carlock McLean
Carmi courier 18uu-18uu Carmi White
Carrier Mills mail pre-1906 Carrier Mills Saline
Carrollton advocate 1843-18uu Carrollton Greene
Carrollton Democrat 1855-1856 Carrollton Greene
Carrollton patriot 1960 Carrollton Greene
Carrollton press 1858-18uu Carrollton Greene
Carterville advocate 1882-? Carterville Williamson
Carthage village voice 1975- Carthage Hancock
Carthageian 1836-1837 Carthage Hancock
Carthaginian 1878-1881 Carthage Hancock
Casey advocate 1881 Casey Clark
Casey advocate 188u-9999 Casey Clark
Casey banner 1879 Casey Clark
Casey banner 1879-1897 Casey Clark
Casey gleaner 1895? Casey Clark
Casey times 1872-1878 Casey Clark
Casey weekly times 1872-1897 Casey Clark
Casey weekly times 1873 Casey Clark
Cass County courier 1866-1870 Virginia Cass
Cass County independent 1860-1861 Virginia Cass
Cass County union 1860-1864 Virginia Cass
Catalyst 1967-1974 Macomb McDonough
Catholic post 1977 Peoria Peoria
Caveat emptor 19uu-19uu Urbana Champaign
Centennial 1876-18uu Odell Livingston
Central homestead 1878-uuuu Pana Christian
Central homestead 1878-1878 Pana Christian
Central Illinois Democrat 1860-1860 Pana Christian
Central Illinois farmer 1912-1914 Clinton De Witt
Central Illinois review 1880-1891 Onarga Iroquois
Central Illinois review 1881-189u Onarga Iroquois
Central Illinois weekly statesman 187u-1873 Lincoln Logan
Central Illinois Zeitung 1871-18uu Springfield Sangamon
Central orient 1866-1868 Pana Christian
Centralian 1857-1860 Centralia Marion
Century and herald 1903? Lawrenceville Lawrence
Cerro Gordo times 18uu-18uu Cerro Gordo Piatt
Chadwick review 1927-1970 Chadwick Carroll
Challenge 1933-1936 Bloomington McLean
Champaign and Urbana citizen 19uu-19uu Urbana Champaign
Champaign and Urbana citizen 1920-1920 Champaign Champaign
Champaign and Urbana citizen 1931-9999 Champaign Champaign
Champaign County Bote 1870-1871 Bloomington McLean
Champaign County gazette 19uu-19uu Urbana Champaign
Champaign County journal 1866-1867 Urbana Champaign
Champaign County Teacher's Institute 18uu-1uuu Urbana Champaign
Champaign County tribune 1898-1899 Urbana Champaign
Champaign daily gazette (Champaign, Ill. : County fair ed.) 1882-1883 Champaign Champaign
Champaign daily gazette I 18uu-18uu Urbana Champaign
Champaign daily gazette II 18uu-19uu Urbana Champaign
Champaign Democrat (Champaign, Ill.) 1867-18uu Champaign Champaign
Champaign times 1914-1914 Champaign Champaign
Champaign times 18uu-1uuu Champaign Champaign
Champaign-Urbana herald 19uu-19uu Urbana Champaign
Champion 1849-1850 Peoria Peoria
Chanute Field news 1uuu-1926 Rantoul Champaign
Charleston 1843-1846 Charleston Coles
Charleston Herald Charleston Coles
Chatsworth palladium 1871-18uu Chatsworth Livingston
Chatsworth times 1902-19uu Chatsworth Livingston
Chenoa weekly monitor 187u-187u Chenoa McLean
Chicago daily news (Chicago, Ill. : 1882) 1882-1892 Chicago Cook
Chicago dollar post 186u-1uuu Chicago Cook
Chicago evening mail (Chicago, Ill. : 1870) 1870-1874 Chicago Cook
Chicago evening post (Chicago, Ill. : 1866) 1866-1867 Chicago Cook
Chicago journal of commerce edition of the Wall Street journal 1951-1951 Chicago Cook
Chicago morning news 1881-1882 Chicago Cook
Chicago morning post (Chicago, Ill. : Daily) 186u-186u Chicago Cook
Chicago morning post (Chicago, Ill. : Triweekly) 186u-18uu Chicago Cook
Chicago post (Chicago, Ill. : 1876) 1876-1878 Chicago Cook
Chicago post (Chicago, Ill. : Weekly) 1876-18uu Chicago Cook
Chicago post and mail 1874-1876 Chicago Cook
Chicago press 185u-185u Chicago Cook
Chicago sun (Chicago, Ill. : 1871) 18uu-18uu Chicago Cook
Chicago tri-weekly journal 18uu-18uu Chicago Cook
Chicago tribune (Chicago, Ill. : Triweekly) 1864-18uu Chicago Cook
Chicago weekly Democratic press 1857-1857 Chicago Cook
Chicago weekly mail 1870-1874 Chicago Cook
Chicago weekly post and mail 1874-1876 Chicago Cook
Chicago weekly press 1857-1858 Chicago Cook
Chicago weekly tribune (Chicago, Ill. : 1847) 1847-1858 Chicago Cook
Chief (Cambridge, Ill.) Cambridge Henry
Chief (Wyoming, Ill.) 1867-1871 Wyoming Stark
Chimes 1893-1uuu Bloomington McLean
Chrisman enterprise 1875 Chrisman Edgar
Christian 18uu-1uuu Quincy Adams
Christian century (Chicago, Ill. : 1902) 1902-9999 Chicago Cook
Christian County courier 1894-1uuu Taylorville Christian
Christian County courier 1893-1901 Taylorville Christian
Christian County real estate advertiser 1870-uuuu Taylorville Christian
Christian era 18uu-18uu Galesburg Knox
Christian gleaner 1874-1876 Chillicothe Peoria
Christian herald 1864-18uu Eureka Woodford
Christian herald 1872 Jeffersonville Wayne
Christian herald 1864-1865 Wapella De Witt
Christian instructor 1872-1872 Jeffersonville Wayne
Christian instructor 1872-1872 McLeansboro Hamilton
Christian messenger 1843 Jacksonville Morgan
Christian news 1875-1876 Alton Madison
Christian philosopher 1858 Geneseo Henry
Christian pilgrim 1878-1879 Sycamore De Kalb
Christian radical 1875-1882 Polo Ogle
Christian sentinel 1856-1858 Peoria Peoria
Christian sentinel 1853-18uu Springfield Sangamon
Chronicle 1857-1858 Prairie City McDonough
Chronicle 1879-1880 Coulterville Randolph
Chronicle 18uu-18uu Danville Vermilion
Chronicle (Elmwood, Ill. : 1873) 1873-9999 Elmwood Peoria
Chronicle (Vermont, Ill.) 1870-19uu Vermont Fulton
Church 186u-186u Polo Ogle
Church advocate 1878-???? Grayville White
Church and home 1879-1880 Shelbyville Shelby
Church progress 1878-1884 Marshall Clark
Church progress 1882-1887 Marshall Clark
Church reporter 1867-18uu Quincy Adams
Cisco review 1uuu-19uu Cisco Piatt
Citizen 1868-1870 Lawnridge Marshall
Citizen 1869-1870 Marseilles La Salle
Citizen 1867-1870 Chillicothe Peoria
Citizen 1881-1883 Moline Rock Island
Citizen 1858-1859 Moline Rock Island
Citizen 19uu-19uu Urbana Champaign
Citizen 1879-1880 Illiopolis Sangamon
Citizen 1868-1868 Princeville Peoria
Citizen at work 1898-1uuu Bloomington McLean
City item 1865-1866 Cairo Alexander
Clarion 1868 Mattoon Coles
Clark County acorn 1900-1907 Marshall Clark
Clayton record uuuu-uuuu Clayton Adams
Clayton standard 1868 Clayton Adams
Clear grit 1877-1877 Sterling Whiteside
Clement register 1/13/1876 Clement Clinton
Clinton exponent 1896-1897 Clinton De Witt
Clinton independent 1883-1uuu Clinton De Witt
Clinton inquirer 1937-1940 Clinton De Witt
Clinton progress 1932-1932 Clinton De Witt
Clinton times 1898-1907 Clinton De Witt
Clinton weekly journal 1908-1910 Clinton De Witt
Clipper 1876-18uu La Moille Bureau
Coal City express 19uu-9999 Coal City Grundy
Colchester chronicle 1951-1987 Colchester McDonough
Colchester register -1903 Colchester McDonough
Coles county herald 1878-1879 Mattoon Coles
College courier Monmouth Warren
College rambler 1878-1uuu Jacksonville Morgan
Collinsville herald journal current Collinsville Madison
Collinsville star 1882 Collinsville Madison
Columbia gazette 1880 Columbia Monroe
Comet 1870-uuuu Greenfield Greene
Coming woman 18uu-18uu Henry Marshall
Commercial 1861 Centralia Marion
Commercial 1868 Shelbyville Shelby
Commercial 1868 Tower Hill Shelby
Commercial advertiser 1864-1874 Galena Jo Daviess
Commercial advertiser 1857-1861 Dunleith Jo Daviess
Commercial and reporter 1856 New Boston Mercer
Commercial and Volksfreund 1858-18uu Peru La Salle
Commercial enterprise 1915-1917 Cypress Johnson
Commercial news 18uu-18uu Danville Vermilion
Commercial review 1872-18uu Quincy Adams
Common school advocate 1837-1uuu Jacksonville Morgan
Common school advocate 1841-18uu Springfield Sangamon
Commonwealth 1902-1905 Pontiac Livingston
Commonwealth 1900-1900 Bloomington McLean
Community news weekly 1978-1979 Bourbonnais Kankakee
Compromise Township news 19uu-19uu Gifford Champaign
Conservative 1868-1868 Virden Macoupin
Constitution 1864-18uu Pontiac Livingston
Constitution 1863-186u Nashville Washington
Constitutionalist 1853-1855 Jacksonville Morgan
Cooperative news 1933-1938 Bloomington McLean
Corn belt news 1924-1946 Forrest Livingston
Correspondent 1851-1862 Galena Jo Daviess
Cotton tale 1980 unknown Madison
Country courier 19uu-9999 Hinckley De Kalb
County line observer 1uuu-9999 Niantic Macon
County review 1920-? Cypress Johnson
County union 1862-186u Kankakee Kankakee
Courier 1870-1872 Varna Marshall
Courier 18uu-1uuu Marseilles La Salle
Courier 1876 Red Bud Randolph
Courier 1877- Red Bud Randolph
Courier 1857-18uu Peoria Peoria
Courier 1871-1874 Warsaw Hancock
Courier 1870-1870 Onarga Iroquois
Courier 1873-1874 Altamont Effingham
Courier 1879-1880 Bloomington McLean
Courier 1872 Red Bud Randolph
Courier 1869-1uuu Dwight Livingston
Courier 1857-1858 Quincy Adams
Courier 188u-1uuu Okawville Washington
Courier 1830-18uu Springfield Sangamon
Courier 1uuu-9999 Morton Tazewell
Courier 1921 Centralia Marion
Courier clarion 1916-1956 East Peoria Tazewell
Courrier de l'Illinois 1856-1895 Kankakee Kankakee
Courrier de l'Illinois 1868-188u Kankakee Kankakee
Courrier de l'Illinois 8:31:1876 Kankakee Kankakee
Courrier de l'ouest (Chicago, Ill.) 1896-19uu Chicago Cook
Cowden enterprise 1888 Cowden Shelby
Cowden herald 1876 Cowden Shelby
Cowden herald 1872 Cowden Shelby
Cowden herald 1889 Cowden Shelby
Cowden reflector 1892- Cowden Shelby
Cowden reflector -1946 Cowden Shelby
Crawford banner 1857-1858 Hutsonville Crawford
Crawford County press 1981-1983 Robinson Crawford
Crawford Democrat May 1879 Robinson Crawford
Crawford Democrat 1879 Robinson Crawford
Creal Springs advocate 1884?-? Creal Springs Williamson
Creal Springs union 18uu?-? Creal Springs Williamson
Crescent age 1859-1859 Rockford Winnebago
Creve Coeur clarion 1938-19uu Creve Coeur Tazewell
Crusader 18uu-18uu Polo Ogle
Cudgel 1857-18uu Rockford Winnebago
Curiousity hunter 187u-1876 Belvidere Boone
Curiousity hunter 1873-1874 Rockford Winnebago
Current 1897-1uuu Normal McLean

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