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oclc no. 13451819
Published in: Paris, NA (_ County)
Years Published: 1944 - 1945
Record Set Name: Stars and stripes (Paris, France : Western Europe ed.)
Subject: Military
Where we found this title:

bulletBradley University-Peoria Historical Society
Holdings: <1945:1:19, 3:6,10,12, 5:8,22-24,28-6:1,4,7,9-11,13,16, 7:3,5-6,8,10-13,24,29,31, 8:1,4,6-7,20,22, 9:1,3>

bulletIllinois State University
Holdings: 1944-1945

bulletRock Island County Historical Society
Holdings: Some issues are missing. <1944:9:13-1945:1:6>

bulletUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Holdings: 1945
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