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The following materials are all FREE and OPEN ACCESS web resources. They have been divided into the following categories:

  1. Internet Projects & Research
  2. Interactive Maps
  3. Online Bibliographies & Resource Compilations

Internet Projects & Research 


World News Connection (FBIS and JPRS): online access to nearly immediate full text English translations of current non-U.S. media sources 

Mideast Wire: English summaries, with links to original text as available, of news from 22 Arab countries, Iran, and the Arab media Diaspora

Middle East Newspapers and News Sites

Cambridge Histories Online 

This unique historical reference compendium allows instant access to the renowned texts of the Cambridge Histories series. With access to the most up to date and authoritative scholarly content, Cambridge Histories Online is an invaluable resource, for undergraduates, graduates, lecturers and researchers alike.

Electronic Tools and Ancient Near East Archives (ETANA) 

ETANA (Electronic Texts and Ancient Near Eastern Archives) has digitized, and continues to digitize, texts selected as valuable for teaching and research relating to ancient Near Eastern studies.

Gateway to Gazettes (G2G)

The Gateway To Gazettes (G@G) project proposes to take two unusually valuable resources, the gazettes of independent Syria and British Mandate Palestine for the period 1919-48, and make them widely available to scholars. 

Mamluk Bibliography Online 

The Chicago Online Bibliography of Mamluk Studies is an on-going project of the Middle East Documentation Center at the University of Chicago, the aim of which is to compile comprehensive bibliographies of all primary sources relating to the Mamluk sultanate of Egypt and Syria, as well as all research and discussion--scholarly and popular--germane to the subject.

ASK Working Paper

Annemarie Schimmel Kolleg . History and Society during the Mamluk Era (1250 – 1517)

Middle East Microform Project (MEMP) 

The Middle East Microform Project (MEMP) preserves on microform unique, rare, hard to obtain, and often expensive research material for Middle East studies. It also preserves deteriorating printed and manuscript scholarly materials.

OACIS for the Middle East

OACIS for the Middle East (Online Access to Consolidated Information on Serials) is a union list of serials from or about the Middle East. The mission of OACIS is to improve access to Middle Eastern serials in libraries in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East.

Ottoman History Podcast

Beginning in March of 2011 as an experiment aimed at finding an alternative form of academic production that explores new and more accessible media, the Ottoman History Podcast records interview and lectures that provide serious and constructive academic discussion in an easy to understand format. 

Oxford University Research Archive  

Research publications, research, and dissertations from the University of Oxford.

The Middle East North Africa Resource Guide  

This guide was created to serve the needs of scholars, students, and interested individuals in finding and using internet resources dealing with the Middle East. Users should keep in mind that this guide is very outdated as it was published in 1995.

Interactive Maps

MeD-MeM: Sharing our Mediterranean Audiovisual Heritage: 

Sharing our Mediterranean Audiovisual Heritage (Med-Mem) offers the general public some 4000 audiovisual documents from the countries in the Mediterranean area. The TV and radio archives, set into their historic and cultural context, are accompanied by a trilingual documentary note (in French, English and Arabic).

Newspaper Map 

An interactive site that indexes newspapers within 39 countries and graphically plots their correct locations. New newspapers are added on a regular basis. 

Virtual Walking Tour of the Alhambra

Provides a virtual 360 degree walking tour of Spain's Alhambra, one of the great masterpieces of Islamic architecture. 

Online Bibliographies & Resource Compilations

Bibliography of Books About Women in the Middle East

Many of the entries were taken from the book, Women in the Middle East and North Africa: an Annotated Bibliography by Ayad al-Qazzaz which includes abstracts. A few other abstracts have been included for more current works and, over time, more abstracts will be added.

History in the News: The Middle East

This excellent site, produced by the Department of History at the State University of New York-Albany, maintains links to other sites that cover Middle Eastern culture, economics, geography, history, politics, religion, etc. Bibliographies of both electronic resources and more traditional materials are available at many of the linked sites. 

Human Rights Organizations & Resources

This page contains names of human rights organizations, other organizations doing substantial amounts of human rights work, and resources (such as libraries and internet-based information) of use to human rights activists and researchers.

Islam: A Bibliography

A list of English-language works on all subjects compiled in 2003 by Patrick S. O'Donnell, Santa Barbara City College. 

Islam and Islamic Studies Resources

Developed by Professor Alan Godlas, Department of Religion, University of Georgia, provides a scholarly overview of Islam and related subjects. 


Interior of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey.

By Benh LIEU SONG (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons