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Al-Maany Online Dictionary

This online dictionary offers Arabic translations for six languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Turkish, and Persian) in addition to an Arabic dictionary.

Arabic-English Lexicon

An online Arabic to English dictionary. 

Aramaic-English Dictionary

An online Aramaic to English dictionary.

Lexilogos Online Dictionaries

This online service provides English language dictionaries for a number of Middle Eastern languages including Arabic, Azeri, Egyptian (Ancient), Hebrew (Ancient and Modern), Kurdish, Persian (Old and Modern), Syriac, and Turkish. The Modern English Persian dictionary is particularly useful and is discussed below.

Hebrew - English Online Dictionaries

Online Hebrew-English and English-Hebrew dictionary. A dictionary that contains accurate up-to-date translations from Hebrew to English and from English to Hebrew, phrases and idioms from all language strata, including literary forms, English and Hebrew slang, acronyms and technological terms.

Online English-Persian Dictionary

The modest English-Persian dictionary is a transliteration-based, platform-independent, easy-to-use program. As the transliteration scheme, it uses the "mikhi" alphabet, first designed by Mash Cheragh-Ali in his famous Gerdsooz program. Images are used to display Persian words, so that there is no need to download any fonts, although there is also the option of using standardized or dynamic fonts. The display flexibility makes the program platform-independent, so that you can also use it on Macintoshes and Unix-based machines.

Tamazight-English Dictionary

This simple dictionary provides translations from the Amazigh language of Tamazight into English and vice versa.

World languages and Cultures (Arabic) LibGuide - Mercyhurst University 

A libguide from Mercyhurst University on language resources for learning Arabic.

United National Multilingual Terminology Database

This database was compiled over the years in response to diverse and wide-ranging demands of United Nations language staff for terminology and nomenclature. It is being put on the Internet to facilitate the efforts of people around the world who participate in the work of the United Nations but do not have access to the Secretariat's intranet.


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