Old Testament Abstracts: features indexing and abstracts for journal articles and other works related to Old Testament studies
Index to Hebrew Periodicals: indexes articles from Hebrew periodicals and articles in other languages dealing with the land of Israel
Oxford Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt: covers ancient Egyptian civilization, from the predynastic era to its eclipse in the seventh century CE. Topics covered include art, architecture, religion, language, literature, trade, politics, everyday social life and the culture of the court
Iranian Oral History Project: the personal accounts of 134 individuals who played major roles in or were eyewitnesses to important political events in Iran from the 1920s to the 1980s
Iraq Memory Foundation: "the ultimate rationale behind the Iraq Memory Foundation (MF) is that the truth can help heal a society that has been politically and physically brutalized on a large scale."
Iraq Research and Documentation Project (IRDP): engaged in the collection and structuring of resources documenting the government, politics, and society of modern Iraq.
UIUC Library Newspaper Database
World News Connection (FBIS and JPRS): online access to nearly immediate full text English translations of current non-U.S. media sources
Mideast Wire: English summaries, with links to original text as available, of news from 22 Arab countries, Iran, and the Arab media Diaspora
Middle East Newspapers and News Sites