Collection Development


The Middle Eastern Studies collection is comprised of largely printed materials. However, the number of digital and e-resources has been steadily growing in the collection for the last several years.



To support undergraduate and graduate instruction as well as faculty and graduate students’ research in the field of Middle Eastern Studies at the Urbana-Champaign campus of the University of Illinois. By extension, it also helps in fulfilling the reading and research needs of other universities within the state of Illinois and among the members of the CIC communities.


The collection development effort is concentrated on the selection of Middle Eastern materials (primarily in vernacular) and appropriate reference works in Western languages, housed in the Asian Library. Although, Western language materials in Middle Eastern studies are primarily acquired by departmental librarians for their libraries or by the central acquisition, under special circumstances, limited number of non-vernacular materials are also acquired by the Middle Eastern collection. All material added to the collection are acquired through vendors in various Middle Eastern countries as well as in North America and Europe. Western language materials on Middle Eastern language-literature and socio-economic studies are also selectively purchased in cooperation with other fund managers.