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Latin American & Caribbean Print Reference Resources

This page lists the print encyclopedias,
dictionaries, indexes, and bibliographies available at both the International & Area Studies Library reference stacks
and the Reference / Reading Room of the Main Library. You may find it useful to explore the Library of Congress subject heading
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Titles at the International & Area Studies Library

Call No. Title/Author Date Subject Heading (LC)
015.46 L37s The Spanish golden age (1472-1700): a catalog of rare books held in the Library of the University of Illinois and in selected North American libraries/Laurenti & Porqueras-Mayo. 1979 Spanish imprints – Union lists.
016.97294 H127 Haiti: guide to the periodical literature in English, 1800-1990/Frantz Pratt. 1991 Haiti – Bibliography.
398.9096 Ib3w Wit & wisdom of Africa: proverbs from Africa & the Caribbean/Patrick Ibekwe. 1998 Proverbs, Caribbean – Dictionaries.
792.096 C144 The Cambridge guide to African and Caribbean theatre/Martin Banham, et al. 1994 Theater – Caribbean Area – Dictionaries.
980.00403 L578R Race and ethnic relations in Latin America and the Caribbean: an historical dictionary and bibliography/Robert M. Levine. 1980 Latin America – Race relations – Dictionaries. 
A.940.91L53b no.40 Revolution and structural change in Latin America: a bibliography on ideology, development, and the radical left (1930-1965)/Ronald H. Chilcote. 1970 Latin America – Bibliography.
A.940.91L53b no.51 Latin America in basic historical collections: a working guide/Bartley & Wagner. 1972 Latin America – Library resources.
A.940.91L53b no.71 Peronism and the three Perons: a checklist of material on peronism and on Juan Domingo, Eva, and Isabel Peron, and their writings, in the Hoover Institution library and archives and in the Stanford University Libraries/Laszlo Horvath. 1988 Peronism – Bibliography – Catalogs.
A.940.91L53b no.76 A half century of Peronism, 1943-1993: an international bibliography/Laszlo Horvath. 1993 Peronism – Bibliography – Catalogs.
CB226 .C66 2002 The companion to Hispanic studies/Catherine Davies. 2002 Latin America – Study and teaching.
CDROM 981.061 Er11 A era Vargas [computer file]: 1 ̊tempo: dos anos 20 a 1945/Fundação Getulio Vargas. 1996 Brazil – Intellectual life – 20th century..
CT592 .D53 2004 Diccionario histórico biográfico de Guatemala/Flavio Rojas Lima. 2004 Guatemala – Biography. 
CT653 .C87 Nuevo diccionario biografico argentino: (1750-1930)/Vicente Osvaldo Cutolo. 1968 Argentina – Biography.
CT742 .C363 2007 Diccionario de la cultura uruguaya: sepa quién es quién en artes plásticas, música, cine y video, teatro, letras y periodismo/Miguel Ángel Campodónico. 2007 Uruguay – Biography – Dictionaries.
DVD 079.8153 R585jsup. Jornal do Brasil. Suplemento Dominical [electronic resource]. 1956-1961 Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) – Newspapers.
F1205 .P47 1944 Diccionario biográfico mexicano/Miguel Angel Peral. 1944 Mexico – Biography – Dictionaries.
F1205 .P47 1944 APX. Diccionario biográfico mexicano : apéndice/Miguel Angel Peral. 1944 Mexico – Biography – Dictionaries.
F1210 .S699 2006 A companion to Mexican studies/Peter Standish. 2006 Mexico – Civilization.
F1221.N3 R45 2008 La religión de los pueblos nahuas/Silvia Limón Olvera. 2008 Indians of Central America – Religion.
F1228.9 .S73 2009 The states of Mexico: a reference guide to history and culture/Peter Standish. 2009 Mexican states – Handbooks, manuals, etc.
F1406 .E515 2000 Encyclopedia of contemporary Latin American and Caribbean cultures/Daniel Balderston, et al. 2000 Latin America – Encyclopedias.
F1408 .C36 2002 América y sus culturas: atlas cultural/Norma M. Cantatore de Frank. 2002 Latin America – Intellectual life.
F1409.8 .T48 1984 Biographical dictionary of Latin American historians and historiography/Jack Ray Thomas. 1984 Latin America – History – Bio-bibliography.
F1466.5 .S52 2001 Culture and customs of Guatemala/Maureen E. Shea. 2001 Guatemala – Civilization – 20th century.
F1523.8 .W46 2008 Culture and customs of Nicaragua/White & Calderón. 2008 Nicaragua – Civilization.
F1548 .H45 2000 Culture and customs of Costa Rica/Chalene Helmuth. 2000 Costa Rica – Civilization – 20th century.
F1563.8 .S44 2009 Culture and customs of Panama/La Verne M. Seales Soley. 2009 Panama – Civilization.
F1755 .P44 Diccionario biográfico cubano/Fermin Peraza Sarausa. 1951- Cuba – Biography – Dictionaries.
F1755 .P45 Personalidades cubanas/Fermin Peraza Sarausa. 1957- Cuba – Biography – Dictionaries.
F1758 .C9485 2012 Cuba/Alan West-Durán. 2012 Cuba.
F1758 .E63 2002 Encyclopedia of Cuba: people, history, culture/Luis Martínez-Fernández. 2002 Cuba – Encyclopedias.
F1787 .L945 2001 Culture and customs of Cuba/William Luis. 2001 Cuba – Civilization – 20th century
F1933 .E63 1976 Enciclopedia dominicana. 1976 Dominican Republic – Encyclopedias.
F1938.45 .B76 1999 Culture and customs of the Dominican Republic/Isabel Zakrzewski Brown. 1999 Dominican Republic – Civilization – 20th century.
F1954 .F47 1998 Puerto Rico past and present: an encyclopedia/Ronald Fernandez, et al. 1998 Puerto Rico – Encyclopedias
F1955 .R67 1970 Biografías puertorriqueñas: perfil histórico de un pueblo/ Rosa-Nieves y Melón. 1970 Puerto Rico – Biography.
F1960 .G35 2009 Culture and customs of Puerto Rico/Javier A. Galván. 2009 Puerto Rico – Civilization.
F1969 .H47 1993 Diccionario de voces indígenas de Puerto Rico/Luis Hernández Aquino. 1993 Indians of the West Indies – Puerto Rico – Languages.
F2230.1.R3 R44 2005 Religiones andinas/Marzal & Makowski. 2005 Andes Region – Religious life and customs.
F2270.1 .C85 1994 Culturas indígenas, Colombia: proyecto de la Asociación Instituto Lingüístico de Verano/Albert Meehan. 1994 Indians of South America – Colombia – Social life and customs.
F2279. W55 1999 Culture and customs of Colombia/Williams & Guerrieri. 1999 Arts, Modern – 20th century – Colombia.
F2304 .E52 Enciclopedia de Venezuela/Pascual Venegas Filardo. 1975 Venezuela – Dictionaries and encyclopedias.
F2304 .G73 1998 Gran enciclopedia de Venezuela. 1998 Venezuela – Encyclopedias. 
F2325 .D55 2001 Culture and customs of Venezuela/Mark Dinneen. 2001 Venezuela – Civilization – 20th century. 
F2521 .B674 2006 Dicionário histórico Brasil: colônia e império/Vianna Botelho & Reis. 2006 Brazil – History – Dictionaries.
F2521 .V53 1997 Viagem pela história do Brasil/Jorge Caldeira. 1997 Brazil – History
F2537 .V73 2003 Culture and customs of Brazil/Jon S. Vincent. 2003 Brazil – Civilization – 20th century.
F2848 .F68 1998 Culture and customs of Argentina/David William Foster, et al. 1998 Argentina – Civilization – 20th century.
F3099 .C286 2000 Culture and customs of Chile/Guillermo I. Castillo-Feliú. 2000 Chile – Civilization – 20th century.
F3405 .M54 Diccionario histórico-biográfico del Perú/Manuel de Mindiburu. 1934 Peru – Biography – Dictionaries.
F3405 .M54APX. Apéndice al Diccionario histórico-biográfico del Perú/Evaristo San Cristóval. 1938 Peru – History – Dictionaries. 
F3434 .T38 1987 Enciclopedia ilustrada del Perú: síntesis del conocimiento integral del Perú, desde sus orígenes hasta la actualidad/Alberto Tauro. 1987 Peru – Dictionaries and encyclopedias.
F3448 .F47 2003 Culture and customs of Peru/Ferreira & Dargent-Chamot. 2003 Peru – Civilization – 20th century.
F3738 .H364 2000 Culture and customs of Ecuador/Michael Handelsman. 2000 Ecuador – Civilization – 20th century. 
GN564.L29 S84 1990 Dictionary of Latin American racial and ethnic terminology/Thomas M. Stephens. 1989 Ethnology – Latin America – Dictionaries.
GN564.S2 B65 2001 Culture and customs of El Salvador/Roy C. Boland. 2001 El Salvador – Social life and customs.
GR120 .H55 2007 Caribbean folklore: a handbook/Donald R. Hill. 2007 Caribbean Area – Social life and custom.
GT4813.5 .C65 1985 Fiestas y costumbres de Latinoamérica/Félix Coluccio. 1985 Festivals – Latin America.
GT4814.A2 F532 1982 Fiestas de México/Lechuga & Reuter. 1982 Festivals – Mexico.
GT4814.A2 R56 1953 Calendario de fiestas en México/del Río y Cañedo & Mendoza Hinojosa. 1953 Festivals – Mexico.
GT4825.A2 C83 1993 Cuban festivals: an illustrated anthology/Judith Bettelheim. 1993 Festivals – Cuba.
HC123 .O94 2011 The Oxford handbook of Latin American economics/Ocampo & Ros. 2011 Latin America – Economic conditions – Handbooks, manuals, etc.
JL920 .R66 2012 Routledge handbook of Latin American politics/Kingstone & Yashar. 2012 Latin America – Politics and government – 1980.
LA543 .L36 2013 Latin America’s new knowledge economy: higher education, government, and international collaboration/Jorge Balán. 2013 Education, Higher – Latin America. 
P327 .H66 1977 Tri-lingual dictionary : Quechua de Cusco/inglés/español/Hornberger & Hornberger. 1977 Quechua Launguage – Dictionaries, Polyglot
PC4582.A5 F45 1999 Glossary of Afro-Caribbean terms/Frank M. Figueroa. 1999 Spanish language – Dialects – Caribbean Area. 
PC4629 .G35 1995 The dictionary of Chicano Spanish/Galván & Teschner. 1995 Spanish language – Provincialisms – United States.
PC4821 .L56 1994 Latin American Spanish/John M. Lipski. 1994 Spanish language – Dialects – Latin America.
PC4822 .A93 1995 Diccionario de voces americanas/Manuel José de Ayala. 1995 Spanish language – Provincialisms – Latin America – Dictionaries.
PC4822 .O65 1997 NTC’s dictionary of Latin American Spanish/Rafael A. Olivares. 1997 Spanish language – Provincialisms – Latin America – Dictionaries.
PC4829.N4 C6 2003 A dictionary of New Mexico & southern Colorado Spanish/Rubén Cobos. 2003 Spanish language – Provincialisms – New Mexico.
PC4832 .S367 1983 Diccionario de mejicanismos: razonado; comprobado con citas de autoridades/Francisco J. Santamaría. 1983 Spanish language – Provincialisms – Mexico.
PC4844.C6 G34 1979 Diccionario de costarriqueñismos/Carlos Gagini. 1979 Spanish language – Provincialisms – Costa Rica.
PC4844.G8 R83 1982 Diccionario de voces usadas en Guatemala/J. Francisco Rubio. 1982 Spanish language – Provincialisms – Guatemala – Dictionaries.
PC4844.N5 A743 2007 Diccionario del Español de Nicaragua/Francisco Arellano Oviedo. 2007 Spanish language – Provincialisms – Nicaragua – Dictionaries. 
PC4844.S2 G45 2008 Real diccionario de la vulgar lengua guanaca/Joaquín Meza. 2008 Spanish language – Provincialisms – El Salvador – Dictionaries.
PC4844.S2 G46 1975 Diccionario de aztequismos/Luis Cabrera. 1975 Spanish language – Provincialisms – Mexico.
PC4854.C8 D53 2000 Diccionario del español de Cuba: español de Cuba–español de España/Haensch & Werner. 2000 panish language – Provincialisms – Cuba – Dictionaries.
PC4854.C8 S25 1999 Diccionario mayor de cubanismos/José Sánchez-Boudy. 1999 Spanish language – Provincialisms – Cuba – Dictionaries. 
PC4854.P8 M32 1999 Vocabulario de Puerto Rico/Augusto Malaret. 1999 Spanish language – Provincialisms – Puerto Rico – Dictionaries.
PC4861 .G93 1979 Diccionario del lenguaje rioplatense/Juan Carlos Guarnieri. 1979 Spanish language – Provincialisms – Rio de la Plata region – Dictionaries.
PC4872 .C64 1994 Diccionario de voces y expresiones argentinas/Félix Coluccio. 1994 Spanish language – Provincialisms – Argentina – Dictionaries.
PC4872 .D47 2000 Diccionario del español de Argentina: español de Argentina–español de España/Haensch & Werner. 2000 Spanish language – Provincialisms – Argentina – Dictionaries.
PC4877 .M86 1982 Diccionario de bolivianismos y semántica boliviana/Muñoz Reyes & Muñoz Reyes Taborga. 1982 Spanish language – Provincialisms – Bolivia – Dictionaries.
PC4892 .C59 2008 El habla del Ecuador: diccionario de ecuatorianismos/Carlos Joaquín Córdova. 2008 Spanish language – Provincialisms – Ecuador – Dictionaries.
PC5307 .C453 2008 Dicionário de palavras brasileiras de origem indígena/Clóvis Chiaradia. 2008 Portuguese language – Foreign words and phrases – Indian – Glossaries, vocabularies, etc.
PC5446 .C45 1983 A dictionary of informal Brazilian Portuguese: with English index/Chamberlain & Harmon. 1983 Portuguese language – Provincialisms – Brazil – Dictionaries – English.
PC5446 .L68 1997 7 vozes: léxico coloquial do português luso-afro-brasileiro: aproximações/Clenir Louceiro, et al. 1997 Portuguese language – Provincialisms – Brazil – Glossaries, vocabularies, etc. 
PC5447.N6 N38 2004 Dicionário do Nordeste: 5.000 palavras e expressões/Fred Navarro. 2004 Portuguese language – Provincialisms – Brazil, Northeast.
PC5447.R5 B68 2003 Dicionário gaúcho brasileiro/Batista Bossle. 2003 Gauchos.
PC5498 .G87 2005 Dicionário de gíria; Modismo linguístico: o equipamento falado do brasileiro/J.B. Serra e Gurgel. 2005 Portuguese language – Brazil – Slang – Dictionaries.
PM3002 .D54 1989 The Mayan languages: a comparative vocabulary/John M. Dienhart. 1989 Mayan languages – Dictionaries.
PM3981 .K45 1975 Vocabulario mazahua-español y español-mazahua/Mildred Kiemele Muro. 1975 Mazahua language – Dictionaries – Spanish.
PM4016 .C34 2008 Diccionario del idioma mixteco/Gabriel Caballero Morales. 2008 Mixtec language.
PM4066 .C36 1985 A morphological dictionary of classical Nahuatl: a morpheme index to the Vocabulario en lengua mexicana y castellana of Fray Alonso de Molina/R. Joe Campbell. 1985 Nahuatl language – Dictionaries – Spanish.
PM4066 .S518 1977 Diccionario de la lengua nahuatl o mexicana/redactado según los documentos impresos y manuscritos más auténticos/Rémi Siméon. 1977 Nahuatl language – Dictionaries – Spanish.
PM4068.6 .K57 1983 An analytical dictionary of Nahuatl/Frances Karttunen. 1983 Nahuatl language – Dictionaries – English.
PM4233 .D53 1987 Diccionario elemental Rama: rama-inglés-español, inglés-rama, español-rama. 1987 Rama language. 
PM5008 .T69 1984 Catálogo de las lenguas de América del Sur: con clasificaciones, indicaciones tipológicas, bibliografía y mapas/Tovar & Larrucea de Tovar. 1984 Indians of South America – Languages – Bibliography.
PM5100 .A34 2004 The languages of the Andes/Willem F.H. Adelaar. 2004 Indians of South America – Andes Region – Languages.
PM5466 .A94 1989 Diccionario mapuche-español/Félix José de Augusta. 1989 Mapuche language – Dictionaries – Spanish.
PM5466 .D533 1980 Diccionario español-mapuche/P. Ernesto Wilhelm de Moesbach. 1980 Mapuche language – Dictionaries – Spanish.
PM6096 .A58 2008 Vocabulario español-huarayo/P. José Álvarez, OP. 2008 Guarayo language.
PM6306 .M66 1990 Diccionario quechua-español, español-quechua/Montufar Uriel. 1990 Quechua language – Dictionaries – Spanish.
PM6306 .S45 2008 Shimiyukkamu = Diccionario: kichwa-español, español-kichwa/Fredy H. Moreno Cárdenas. 2008 Quechua language – Dictionaries – Spanish.
PM6306 .T39 1979 Diccionario normalizado y comparativo quechua: Chachapoyas-Lamas/Gérald Taylor. 1979 Quechua language – Dictionaries – Spanish.
PM6309.5.A93 S67 2012 Quechua-Spanish-English functional dictionary: Ayacucho-chanka. 2012 Spanish language – Dictionaries – Quechua.
PM7316 .V44 1978 Diccionario ilustrado Yupa Español, Español Yupa: con onomástica y apuntaciones gramaticales/Félix Maria de Vegamián. 1978 Yupa language.
PM7854 .H34 V35 1996 A learner’s dictionary of Haitian Creole/Albert Valdman. 1996 English language – Dictionaries – Creole dialects, French – Haiti.
Q. AE37 .E63 1987 Enciclopédia Mirador internacional. 1987 Encyclopedias and dictionaries, Portuguese
Q. CT732 .D53 2004 Diccionario biográfico del Perú contemporáneo, siglo XX/Carlos Milla Batres. 2004 Peru – Biography – Dictionaries.
Q. F1204 .E46 1996 Enciclopedia de México/José Rogelio Alvarez. 1996 México – Diccionarios y enciclopedias.
Q. F1401 .S68 2006
Q. F1406 .C36 1992 The Cambridge encyclopedia of Latin America and the Caribbean/Simon Collier, et al. 1992 Latin America – Encyclopedias.
Q. F1406 .E522 2010 Encyclopedia of Latin America/Thomas M. Leonard. 2010 Latin America – History – Encyclopedias.
Q. F1406 .E53 2008 Encyclopedia of Latin American history and culture/Jay Kinsbruner. 2008 Latin America – Encyclopedias.
Q. F1406 .L375 2006 Latinoamericana : enciclopédia contemporânea da América Latina e do Caribe/Emir Sader. 2006 Latin America – Encyclopedias.
Q. F1410 .G76 1983 Gran enciclopedia de España y América/José María Javierre. 1983 Latin America – Dictionaries and encyclopedias.
Q. F1954 .T665 1993 Nueva enciclopedia de Puerto Rico/José A. Toro-Sugrañes. 1993 Puerto Rico – Encyclopedias
Q. F1954 .T666 1998 Diccionario de la historia y la cultura de Puerto Rico/José A. Toro Sugrañes. 1998 Puerto Rico – Dictionaries and encyclopedias.
Q. F2538 .D53 2001 Dicionário histórico-biográfico brasileiro, pós-1930/Alzira Alves de Abreu. 2001 Brazil – History – 20th century – Biography.
Q. G1745 .G73 2004 Gran documental y atlas de Bolivia: geografía, historia y vida. 2004 Bolivia – Geography – Maps.
Q. PC4829.N4 B55 2008 The Spanish language of New Mexico and southern Colorado: a linguistic atlas/Bills & Vigil. 2008 Spanish language – Dialects – New Mexico.
Q. PC4854.P8 V37 2005 Tesoro lexicográfico del español de Puerto Rico/Vaquero & Morales. 2005 Spanish language – Dialects – Puerto Rico.
Q. PC5446 .B47 2002 Dicionário de usos do português do Brasil/Francisco S. Borba. 2002 Portuguese language – Provincialisms – Brazil – Dictionaries.
Q. Z1601 .L3225 1992 Latin America and the Caribbean: a critical guide to research source/Covington & Block. 1992 Latin America – Bibliography.
Latin America – Bibliography.
Q.912.84G7622004 CDROM Gran documental y atlas de Bolivia: geografía, historia y vida. 2004 Bolivia – Geography – Maps.
Z1411 .P45 1993 Mexico/George D.E. Philip. 1993 Mexico – Bibliography.
Z1531 .C47 1983 Haiti/Frances Chambers. 1983 Haiti – Bibliography.
Z1551 .C48 1985 Puerto Rico/Elena E. Cevallos. 1985 Puerto Rico – Bibliography.
Z1595 .R47 1985 Research guide to Central America and the Caribbean/Kenneth Grieb. 1985 Central America – Archival resources – Directories.
Z1601 .G76 1976 A bibliography of Latin American bibliographies published in periodicals/Arthur E. Gropp. 1976 Latin America – Bibliography of bibliographies.
Z1609.B6 M86 1981 Index to Spanish American collective biography/Sara de Mundo Lo. 1981 Latin America – Biography – Bibliography.
Z1611 .B62 1991 Argentina/Alan Biggins. 1991 Argentina – Bibliography.
Z1671 .H36 1999 Handbook of Portuguese studies/Ieda Siqueira Wiarda. 1999 Portugal – Bibliography.
Z1680 .V43 Dicionário bio-bibliográfico brasileiro/Sobrinho & Francisco. 1937 Brazil – Bio-bibliography.
Z2305 .D53 1953 Diccionario biográfico de Venezuela/Garrido Mezqiita. 1953 Venezuela – Biography – Dictionaries.

Titles in the Main Library Reading / Reference Room

Call No. Title/Author Date Subject Heading (LC)
011.7 W585G Guide to United States-J.P.R.S. research translations, 1957-1966/Thomas N. White. 1966 Translations – Bibliography. 
013.987 R523q2006 Quiénes escriben en Venezuela: diccionario de escritores venezolanos (siglos XVIII a XXI)/Rivas Dugarte & García Riera. 2006 Venezuelan literature – 20th century – Bio-bibliography.
014.6 SCA7D Diccionario de seudónimos del Uruguay/Arturo Scarone. 1941 Anonyms and pseudonyms, Uruguayan.
014.69 B27A Achêgas a um diccionario de pseudonymos, iniciaes, abreviaturas e obras anonymas de auctores brasileiros e de estrangeiros, sobre o Brasil ou no mesmo impressas/Tancredo de Barros Paiva. 1929 Brazil – Bibliography.
015.8 L3491990 Latin American studies: a basic guide to sources/Robert A. McNeil. 1990 Latin America – Bibliography of bibliographies.
015.8034 UN3P Periodicals from and about Latin America and the Caribbean held by the University of Illinois Library that are included in the MLA directory of periodicals/Nelly S. González. 1991 Caribbean Area – Periodicals – Bibliography – Catalogs. 
016.0169729 J761E The English-speaking Caribbean: a bibliography of bibliographies/Alma Jordan. 1984 Caribbean Area – Bibliography of bibliographies. 
016.498 F1141m Manual de las lenguas indígenas sudamericanas/Alain Fabre. 1998 Indians of South America – Languages – Bibliography.
016.8109 P143S1985 Selected Black American, African, and Caribbean authors: a bio-bibliography/Page & Roh. 1985 Caribbean literature – Black authors – Bio-bibliography – Dictionaries.
016.869 B275l2006 Latin American fiction in translation: a bibliography/João C. Barretto. 2006 Latin American fiction – Translations into English – Bibliography.
016.869 B84s A selective bibliography of bibliographies of Hispanic American literature.  1966 Latin American literature – Bibliography of bibliographies.
016.869 C819L Latin American women writers in English translation: a bibliography/Graciela N. V. Corvalan. 1980 Women authors, Latin American – Bibliography.
016.869 H87L Latin American prose in English translation; a bibliography/Claude L. Hulet. 1964 Latin American literature – Translations into English – Bibliography.
016.869 H87LA Latin American poetry in English translation, a bibliography/Claude L. Hulet. 1965 Latin American poetry – Translations into English – Bibliography.
016.869082 H675L Latin American play index/Herbert H. Hoffman. 1983 Latin American drama – Bibliography.
016.869083 L552l  Latin American women writers : a resource guide to titles in English/Kathy S. Leonard. 2007 Latin American fiction – Women authors – Translations into English – Bibliography.
016.86923 AL14D Diccionario de autores guatemaltecos/Francisco Albizúrez Palma. 1984 Guatemalan literature – Bio-bibliography.
016.91728 R61G  A guide for the study of culture in Central America; humanities and social sciences/Rodríquez & Peloso. 1968 Central America – Civilization – Bibliography.
016.91729 C73C Caribbeana 1900-1965, a topical bibliography/Carol Feist Dickert. 1968 West Indies – Bibliography
016.918 ST2L Latin America: a survey of holdings at the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace/Joseph W. Bingaman. 1972 Latin America – Bibliography – Catalogs.
016.92008 M923I Index to Spanish American collective biography/Sara de Mundo Lo. 1981 Latin America – Biography – Bibliography.
016.97 EU74 European Americana : a chronological guide to works printed in Europe relating to the Americas, 1493-1776/John Alden. 1980 America – History – To 1810 – Bibliography – Sources. 
016.9729 G693c Caribbean literature : a bibliography/Marian Goslinga. 1998 Caribbean literature – Bibliography.
016.98005 V239H1995 HAPI thesaurus 1970-1994/Barbara G. Valk. 1995 Latin America – Periodicals – Indexes.
016.98005V239h 1996 HAPI thesaurus 1970-1995/Barbara G. Valk. 1996 Latin America – Periodicals – Indexes.
016.98B471 cop.2 A Bibliography of Latin American bibliographies, 1975-1979: social sciences and humanities/Haydée Piedracueva. 1982 Latin America – Bibliography of bibliographies.
016.98C639L cop.2 Latin American studies : an annotated bibliography of core works/Cobos & Sater. 2002 Latin America – Bibliography.
016.98D342L cop.2 Latin America and the Caribbean: a dissertation bibliography/Carl W. Deal. 1978 Latin America – Bibliography – Catalogs.
016.98D342LA cop.2 Latin America and the Caribbean II: a dissertation bibliography/Marian C. Walters. 1980 Latin America – Bibliography – Catalogs.
016.98D65 1961-65 Doctoral dissertations on Pan American topics accepted by United States and Canadian colleges and universities. 1967 Latin America – Bibliography.
016.98G589D cop.2 Doctoral dissertations on Latin America and the Caribbean: an analysis and bibliography of dissertations accepted at American and Canadian universities, 1966-1970/Nelly Gonzalez. 1980 Latin America – Bibliography.
016.98G76L Latin America in English-language reference books: a selected, annotated bibliography/Graham & Woods. 1981 Latin America – Bibliography.
016.98G91B cop.2 A bibliography of Latin American bibliographies published in periodicals/Arthur E. Gropp. 1976 Latin America – Bibliography of bibliographies.
016.98G941 A Guide to manuscript sources for the history of Latin America and the Caribbean in the British Isles/Peter Walne. 1973 Latin America – History – Sources – Bibliography.
016.98H211 cop.2 Hapi : Hispanic American periodicals index, articles in English 1976-1980/Barbara G. Valk. 1984 Latin America – Periodicals – Indexes.
016.98H26L Latin America and Latin American periodicals. 1966 Latin America – Bibliography – Catalogs.
016.98H622 2004 cop.2 HAPI: Hispanic American periodicals index. (Last year in print) 2004 Latin America – Periodicals – Indexes.
016.98J71h 1968 cop.3 A bibliography of Latin American bibliographies/Arthur E. Gropp. 1968 Latin America – Bibliography of bibliographies.
016.98J71h 1968 sup A bibliography of Latin American bibliographies, Supplement/Arthur E. Gropp. 1971 Latin America – Bibliography of bibliographies.
016.98J71h 1968 sup.4 A Bibliography of Latin American bibliographies, 1980-198 : social sciences and humanities/Lionel V. Loroña. 1987 Latin America – Bibliography of bibliographies.
016.98M46BI 1958 Biblioteca hispanoamericana, 1493-1810/José Toribio Medina. 1958 Latin America – Bibliography of bibliographies.
016.98UN3G 1974 Guide to materials on Latin America in the National Archives of the United States/Ulibarri & Harrison. 1974 Latin America – History – Sources – Bibliography.
036.1 M97m Milenios de México/Humberto Musacchio. 1999 México – Diccionarios y enciclopedias.
056 IND Index to Latin American periodical literature, 1929-1960/Columbus Memorial Library of the Pan American Union. 1962 Latin America – Periodicals – Indexes.
056 INDSUP. Index to latin American periodical literature, Supplement (1966-1970)/Columbus Memorial Library of the Pan American Union. 1971 Latin America – Periodicals – Indexes.
060 R66D Diccionario de siglas/Helena Romero Vélez. 1968 Abbreviations.
068.861 SA5D1976 Diccionario de siglas y acronismos colombianos/Adela Sanabria Parra. 1976 Spanish language – Acronym.
069.52 L881D Diccionario de términos: catálogo de materiales arqueológicos/Diana López de Molina. 1991 Museum registration methods – Handbooks, manuals, etc.
304.60723 G749H The handbook of national population censuses: Latin America and the Caribbean, North America, and Oceania/Goyer & Domschke. 1983 Latin America – Census.
318 C128s Statistical abstract of Latin America/Committee on Latin American Studies, University of California at Los Angeles. 2002 Latin America – Statistics.
318 So87 South American handbook/Footprint Handbooks. -2009 Latin America – Statistics.
324.27 P759 cop.3 Political parties of the Americas: Canada, Latin America, and the West Indies/Robert J. Alexander. 1982 Political parties – Latin America.
327.730417 Ir22 Ireland and the Americas: culture, politics, and history: a multidisciplinary encyclopedia/James P. Byrne, et al. 2008 Latin America – History – Encyclopedias
349.80148 T636L Latin American legal abbreviations: a comprehensive Spanish/Portuguese dictionary with English translations/Torres & Avalos. 1989 Law – Latin America – Dictionaries.
413.10946 SA16D Diccionario de seudónimos y escritores Iberoamericanos : thesaurus, seudónimos, etc., de Iberoamérica/Gerardo Sáenz. 1991 Anonyms and pseudonyms, Latin American.
427.927903 D561 Dictionary of Caribbean English usage/Richard Allsopp. 1996 Creole dialects, English – Caribbean Area – Dictionaries.
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