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(-) refers to the publications being continued

(.) refers to the change of title

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Published annually since 1937. It consists of information from Supreme Court, Court of Cassation, State Council, Ministry of Justice, Forensic Medicine Institution, Attorney Generalship of Republic, Courts, Notaries, Prisons, and Ministry of Defense.

Title has changed in the years below:

ÇEVRE İSTATİSTİKLERİ (Environmental Statistics)

Published since the beginning of 1990.

Publications by Turkish Statistical Institute about environment


EĞİTİM İSTATİSTİKLERİ (Education Statistics)

A- ÖRGÜN EĞİTİM / Formal Education

Published annually since 1927. From 1927 to 1985, it was published separately for primary school education, secondary school education, occupational and technical school education, higher education, and adult education. Since 1986-87 instruction year, primary, secondary and high school education statistics are unified in one publication: National Education Statistics; Formal Education.

Publications on education statistics were title differently in the years below:

P.S. Higher education statistics have been published Council of Higher Education (Yükseköğretim Kurulu) since 1983-1984 instruction year.

B- YAYGIN EĞİTİM / Non-Formal Education

Until 1967-1968 instruction year, Yaygın Eğitim İstatistikleri (Non-Formal [i.e. vocational] Education Statistics) was published within Mesleki ve Teknik Öğretim İstatistikleri (Occupational and Technical Education Statistics); since then, it has been published as MİLLİ EĞİTİM İSTATİSTİKLERİ; YAYGIN EĞİTİM (National Education Statistics; Non-Formal [i.e., vocational] Education)

In this publication, number of participants, teachers and courses in these vocational education centers (Girls' technical schools, adult education centers, and industrial tech schools) are organized by cities.

C- HİZMET ÖNCESİ VE HİZMET İÇİ EĞİTİM / Pre-Service and In-Service Training

Kamu Kurum Ve Kuruluşlari Hizmet Öncesi Ve Hizmet İçi Eğitim İstatistikleri (Job Training and Continuing Education in Public Institutions), compiled by Devlet Personel Başkanlığı (State Personnel Authority) in 1984, has been published by Turkish Statistical Institute since 1982.


Published as Gaz ve Su İstatistikleri (Gas and Water Statistics) since 1983. It comprises of statistics of the municipalities' gas and water administrations. (production, consumption, employment, annual work hours, payments, purchasing, selling, stock, stable capital investments, income-outcome, and taxes)

Title has changed in the years below:



Published annually as Fiyat İstatistikleri (Price Statistics) from 1933 to 1947. It has been published as Perakende Fiyat İstatistikleri (Retail Price Statistics) since 1948.

The annual rates of the materials (e.g. food, clothing, homes, furniture and furnishings, health) from cities are given in this publication.                                                                                             


Covers the prices of materials sold in bazaars by farmers. The studies about agricultural prices have been started in 1935; and the data took part in Tarimsal Yapi ve Üretim (Agricultural Structure and Production) between 1951 and 1972. It has been published as Çiftçinin Eline Geçen Fiyatlar (Farmers' Wages) since 1973.

Çiftçinin Eline Geçen Fiyatlar İndeksi (The index of Farmers' Wages), has been published within Aylık İstatistik Bülteni (Monthly Statistical Bulletin) since 1991.

Also, the statistics of Farmers' Wages took part in Agricultural Statistics.

C- TOPTAN FİYAT İSTATİSTİKLERİ / Wholesale Price Statistics

Wholesale price statistics were given in the publication of Fiyat Istatistikleri (Price Statistics) from 1935 to 1968. Since 1969, it has been published as Toptan Fiyat İstatistikleri (Wholesale Price Statistics).

Also, Toptan Eşya ve Tüketici Fiyatlari İndeksi (Index of Wholesale Goods and Consumer Prices) is given in the Monthly Statistical Bulletin).

GELİR VE TÜKETİM İSTATİSTİKLERİ (Income and Consumption Statistics)

The results of Household and Consumption Survey 1987 were presented in 2 publications: TÜKETİM HARCAMALARI (Consumption Expenditures) and GELİR DAĞILIMI (Income Distribution)

1- HANEHALKI GELİR VE TÜKETİM HARCAMALARI ANKETİ SONUÇLARI: TÜKETİM HARCAMALARI (1987) - (Household Budget and Consumption Expenditures Survey Results: Consumption Expenditures)

2- HANEHALKI GELİR VE TÜKETİM HARCAMALARI ANKETİ SONUÇLARI: GELİR DAĞILIMI (1987) - Household Budget and Consumption Expenditures Survey Results: Income Distribution)

Other publications related to the subject;

GENEL YAYINLAR (General Publications)

A- AYLIK YAYINLAR / Monthly publications

I- AYLIK İSTATİSTİK BÜLTENİ / Monthly Statistical Bulletin

AYLIK İSTATİSTİK BÜLTENİ has been published monthly since 1952.

Since 1995, it has been reorganized to cover the subjects below:

II- TÜRKİYE EKONOMİSİ İSTATİSTİK VE YORUMLAR / Turkish Economy, Statistics and Interpretations

The first report of data on economy and money was published in 1989. This publication has been published monthly as TÜRKİYE EKONOMİSİ İSTATİSTİK VE YORUMLAR (Turkish Economy, Statistics and Interpretations) since 1991.

B- YILLIK YAYINLAR / Annual Publications

I- GAP İL İSTATİSTİKLERİ / Statistics of GAP Cities

Published since 1993. Covers various statistics (agriculture, industry, education, population, demography, health, justice, election, immigration, mining, energy, transportation, tourism, price indexes, finance, and environment) of Güneydoğu Anadolu Projesi (GAP) (Southeastern Anatolia Project) cities; such as Adıyaman, Diyarbakır, Gaziantep, Mardin, Şanlıurfa, Siirt, Batman and Şırnak.

II- İL VE BÖLGE İSTATİSTİKLERİ / Provincial and Regional Statistics

Published since 1993. Covers various statistics by cities and regions on age groups, gender, marital status, literacy and population by economic activities, marriage, divorce, demographic indicators such as death and suicide, education and culture, prisoners, immigrations, air pollution, elections, agricultural products, number of animals and animal products, mining, energy, production industry, construction, transportation, tourism, wholesale and consumer prices, farmers' wages, information about finance and national income.

III- İSTATİSTİK GÖSTERGELER / Statistical Indicators

Published since 1991; covers statistical indicators of Republican period. Subjects are population, demographical statistics, health, education and culture, justice, social security and social help, agriculture, mining, energy, production industry, construction, transportation and communication, tourism, domestic trade and services, foreign trade, prices and indexes, money and banking, finance and national accounts.


Published since 1992. Covers various statistics of women in the Republican period. Subjects are population, demography, national education, labor force, justice.

V- TÜRKİYE İSTATİSTİK YILLIĞI / Turkey's Statistical Yearbook

Published since 1928. Covers statistical indicators of the country's geography, society, and economy. Some international statistics are also included.


These statistics shows the demographical features of the population. General subjects are marriage, divorce, suicide, and death.

A- BOŞANMA İSTATİSTİKLERİ / Divorce statistics

The data related to divorce has been collected in Nüfus Hareketleri Yıllığı (Population Movements Yearbook) since 1930. BOŞANMA İSTATİSTİKLERİ (divorce statistics) has been published since 1960, including the previous data.

The data from 1964 to 1966 was published in EVLENME VE BOŞANMA İSTATİSTİKLERİ (Marriage and divorce statistics); since 1967, it has been published -again-as BOŞANMA İSTATİSTİKLERİ (Divorce statistics)

This publication comprises of annual divorce rates by five regions; and it is categorized in cities, gender, age groups, the causes of divorce, duration of marriages, and number of children.

B- DOĞUM İSTATİSTİKLERİ / Birth statistics

Birth Statistics, which was published separately from 1972 to 1980, later on published within Nüfusun Sosyal ve Ekonomik Nitelikleri (Social and Economic Characters of Population); under the title of Kadın Nüfusunun Doğurganlığı (Fertility of Women Population), Genel Nüfus Sayımı (General Census).

C- EVLENME İSTATİSTİKLERİ / Marriage statistics

The data related to marriage has been collected in Nüfus Hareketleri Yıllığı (Population Movements Yearbook) since 1930. EVLENME İSTATİSTİKLERİ (Marriage statistics) has been published since 1960, including the previous data.

The data from 1964 to 1966 was published in EVLENME VE BOŞANMA İSTATİSTİKLERİ (Marriage and divorce statistics); since 1967, it has been published -again-as EVLENME İSTATİSTİKLERİ (Marriage statistics)

This publication comprises of marriage rates by age, education status, and occupation.

D- İNTİHAR İSTATİSTİKLERİ / Suicide statistics

Suicide statistics have been compiled since 1962. Before 1974, they were published within Adalet Istatistikleri (Judicial Statistics); since 1974, they have been published as İNTİHAR İSTATİSTİKLERİ (Suicide Statistics).

In this publication, the suicidal statistics are given by year, city, and 5 regions; and they are categorized by age, the cause of suicide and the way of suicide, education status, gender, marital status, permanent residence, and number of dependents.

E- ÖLÜM İSTATİSTİKLERİ / Mortality statistics

The data related to death has been collected in Nüfus Hareketleri Yıllığı (Population Movements Yearbook) since 1931. Until the end of 1949, the mortality statistics of the top 25 biggest population cities (only city centers included) were published. From 1950 to 1957, the mortality statistics of all cities (only city centers included) were published. Since 1957, the publication of mortality statistics has covered all city centers and districts.

The publication presents tables of mortality statistics by year, month, city, city district, age, marital status, permanent residence, cause of death, occupational group, etc.

Title has changed in the years below:

İNŞAAT İSTATİSTİKLERİ (Construction Statistics)

The data related to construction statistics was published in Aylık İstatistik Bülteni (Monthly Statistical Bulletin) from 1954 to 1962. Starting from 1963, the annual data on construction licenses had been published separately. Since 1990, this publication has been titled as BİNA İNŞAATI İSTATİSTİKLERİ (Building Construction Statistics).

This publication includes statistics of new and additional buildings according to construction licenses, which categorized by city, municipality, number of unit (in the building), type of construction material, purpose of building use

DÖNEMLERE GÖRE BİNA İNŞAATI MALİYET İNDEKSİ (the Index of Building Construction Costs by Period) has been published within Aylık İstatistik Bülteni (Monthly Statistical Bulletin) since 1991, which has been calculated since 1991.

Title has changed in the years below:

İŞGÜCÜ VE ÇALIŞMA İSTATİSTİKLERİ (Labor force and Work Statistics)

A- İŞGÜCÜ İSTATİSTİKLERİ / Labor force statistics

Since 1955, Turkish Statistical Institute had been compiled limited data regarding work via General Census. The institute has started conducting Hanehalkı İşgücü Anketleri (Household Labor-force Surveys) with various time periods since 1966. The results of this survey, since October 1988, have been published twice a year (April & October) as HANEHALKI İŞGÜCÜ ANKETİ SONUÇLARI (The Results of Household Labor-force Survey).

This publication consists of data on economically active population, employment, deficient employment, marginal workers, and unemployment (under the headings of Unofficial Sector Characteristics); also information on gender, age group, occupation, education, and work duration.

The concepts and definitions about the subject are included, as well as explanations on implementation.

Title has changed in the years below:


ÇALIŞMA İSTATİSTİKLERİ (Work Statistics), published by Turkish Statistical Institute, provides data compiled from;

I.                   Hanehalki Isgucu Anketi Sonuclari (The Results of Household Labor-force Survey)

II.                İş ve İşçi Bulma Kurumu (Institution of Finding Labor and Laborer)

III.             Sosyal Sigortalar Kurumu (Institution of Social Insurance)

IV.             Çalışma Genel Müdürlüğü (General Directorate of Laboring)

V.                Bağ-Kur Genel Müdürlüğü (General Directorate of Bağ-Kur)

VI.             Devlet Personel Başkanlığı (State Personnel Directorate)

VII.          Emekli Sandığı (Pension Fund)

VIII.       Yüksek Denetleme Kurulu (Central Control Commission)

In this publication, the subjects are;

a.       Population according to labor force status and age group

b.      Non-institutional civilian population according to labor force status and education status

c.       Unemployment population according to age group, education status, and cause of unemployment; also, economical activities branch

d.      Employment according to age group, occupational group, education status and record of social security institution

KÜLTÜR VE SPOR İSTATİSTİKLERİ (Culture and Sport Statistics)


Published since 1933. It consists of data regarding number of printing houses by cities, books/newspapers/magazines by subject, annual number of books/periodicals/other materials in National Library, people using National Library and personnel of National Library, public and children libraries by cities and city districts.

Also; museums, museum personnel, present works in museums, number of visitors, theatre, number of works performed and audience in opera and ballet houses, number of films and audience in movie theatres are included in this publication.

Title has changed in the years below:

B- SPOR İSTATİSTİKLERİ / Sports Statistics

The data related to sports facilities, arbitrators and trainers employed in Gençlik ve Spor İl Müdürlükleri (City Directorates of Youth and Sports) are compiled in this publication below:

Statistical publications published about various sports since 1971:


The data on mining has been published monthly in Aylık İstatistik Bülteni (Monthly Statistical Bulletin) and annually in MADEN İSTATİSTİKLERİ (Mining Statistics) since 1958.

This publication consists of information on number of business by metal groups, rates of paid workers and workers in production, aggregates of workers-working hours, input-output, purchased merchandise and services.



Statistics on budgets and final accounts were compiled in the same publication until 1980. Since 1980, they have been published separately. These publications provide data on budgets and accurate accounts of municipalities, private city administrations, and villages in city-basis.

Also, data on total number of workers in municipalities is included.

Titles of these two publications have changed in the years below:

NÜFUS İSTATİSTİKLERİ (Population Statistics)

The first General Census of Turkey took place in 1927, and the second one took place in 1935. Since then, it has been done every 5 years.

Population statistics, under GENEL NÜFUS SAYIMI (General Census) heading, is published in 2 publications: İdari Bölünüş (Administrative Division) and Nüfusun Sosyal ve Ekonomik Nitelikleri (Social and Economic Characteristics of the Population).

1- NÜFUSUN İDARİ BÖLÜNÜŞÜ: / Administrative Division of Population

This publication consists of information on administrative division of population according to General Census. Population of each city and village, acreage, density of population, number of villages, population aggregates, population in districts and villages are included.

2- NÜFUSUN SOSYAL VE EKONOMİK NİTELİKLERİ: / Social and Economic Characteristics of the Population

According to General Census, Social and Economic Characteristics of the Population is published for each city. The introduction gives tables of analyses and growth of population by each census, fundamental and socio-economic characteristics; following chapters give data on subjects below, which categorized by gender, age groups and sub-residential units (total of district, county, and villages):

  1. Medeni durum (marital status)
  2. Okur yazarlık (literacy)
  3. Kadın nüfusunun doğurganlığı (fertility)
  4. Meslek (occupation)
  5. Hanehalkının nitelikleri (household characteristics)


SANAYİ İSTATİSTİKLERİ (Industrial Statistics)

A- GENEL SANAYİ VE İŞYERLERİ SAYIMI / General Census of Industrial and Business Places)

General Census of Industrial and Business Places was done by Turkish Statistical Institute firstly in 1927, and later, in 1950, 1963, 1970, 1980, 1985, and 1992.

The 1927 census was published as Sanayi Sayımı Sanayi Tahriri Neticeleri (Industrial Census, the Results of Industrial Records). The 1950 census was published within Türkiye İstatistik Yıllığı (Turkey's Statistical Yearbook). Since 1970, it has been published as GENEL SANAYİ VE İŞYERLERİ SAYIMI (General Census of Industrial and Business Places).

Genel Sanayi ve İşyerleri Sayımı (General Census of Industrial and Business Places) was implemented in industrial and non-agricultural sectors which employ more than 10 workers. The census takes place in every city, district, village administered by municipality, in areas with below 2000 people of population.

The first publication in 1927 titled as:

B- YILLIK İMALAT SANAYİ İSTATİSTİKLERİ / Annual Production Industry Statistics

The first application of surveys on Annual Production Industry was conducted from 1932 to 1941. The second application, which was started in 1951, has been continued until present. The data considered by horsepower took apart in Turkey's Statistical Yearbook from 1950-1962. In the years of 1963-1991, all of the state sector and the businesses which employ more than 10 individuals.

Since 1964, the compiled data on everything about business offices' activities (like office count, average personnel count, wages, investments, income-expenditure, and value-added tax have been published in Annual Production Industry Statistics.

The following two are published in the Monthly Statistical Bulletin;

-          The Results of Production Industry Inclination Survey

-          The Production Industry Workers and The Index of Working Hours in the Production

YILLIK İMALAT SANAYİ İSTATİSTİKLERİ (1964-1991) - (Annual Production Industry Statistics)

The title was changed in the years below:

C- DÖNEMLER İTİBARİYLE İMALAT SANAYİ ÜRETİM İSTATİSTİKLERİ / Production Industry Producing Statistics by Period)

This publication is a compilation of quantitative data on Production Industry and quarterly Production Industry Surveys between 1974 (II) and 1977 (I). Since 1977 (I), State Institute of Statistics has started these surveys in order to the evaluate the current and future developments of production industry, capacity use, producing, sales, prices, stocks, orders, etc.  Since 1988, this publication has additionally included tables regarding payments and employment, and published quarterly under the following titles:

The title was changed in the years below:

SEÇİM İSTATİSTİKLERİ (Election Statistics)

According to the related acts, the results of the parliamentarian and local government elections are published by Turkish Statistical Institute within the next year of the election. The results are classified by elections and precincts. According to these acts in force the elections in Turkey are classified in two sections:

A- MİLLETVEKİLİ SEÇİMLERİ / Parliamentarian Elections

The vote rates in the parliamentarian elections, based on the political parties in provinces, districts and precincts, are published in MİLLETVEKİLİ GENEL SEÇİMİ SONUÇLARI (Parliamentary General Elections Results).

B- MAHALLİ İDARELER SEÇİMLERİ / Local Government Elections

The results of local government elections according to provinces and districts (Provincial Assembly Members, Municipality Assembly Members, Metropolis Mayoralty and Metropolis Mayoralty Elections) are published in MAHALLİ İDARELER SEÇİMİ SONUÇLARI (The Results of Local Government Elections).


TARIM İSTATİSTİKLERİ (Agricultural Statistics)

A- CARİ TARIM İSTATİSTİKLERİ VE ANKETLERİ (Current Agricultural Statistics and Surveys)

Until 1951 (start date not indicated), Turkish Statistical Institute published current agricultural statistics in separate sections as follows:

-          HAYVAN İSTATİSTİKLERİ (Animal Statistics)

-          TARLA ÜRÜNLERİ (Field crops)

-          MEYVE İSTATİSTİKLERİ (Fruit Statistics)

-          TAVUKCULUK (Chicken farming)

-          ARICILIK (Apiculture)

-          İPEKBÖCEKCİLİĞİ İSTATİSTİKLERİ (Sericulture statistics)

1- TARIM İSTATİSTİKLERİ ÖZETİ / Agricultural Statistics Summary

This publication, prepared for informing the readers before Tarımsal Yapı ve Üretim (Agricultural Structure and Production), is an important publication.

Regarding agricultural statistics summary, the following was published before TARIM İSTATİSTİKLERİ ÖZETİ (Summary of Agricultural Statistics):

2- TARIMSAL YAPI VE ÜRETİM / Agricultural Structure and Production

In this publication, classified by province; the statistics of field crops, fruit farming, vegetable farming, stockbreeding, sericulture, chicken farming, and apiculture were published in separate sections since 1951. Beginning from 1993, data about fertilizer use, number of tractors by type, import and export of selected agricultural products and machines, current and fixed costs, value-added tax of agriculture sector is included in the publication. In 1988, a separate publication titled TARIMSAL ÜRÜNLER (Miktar, Fiyat, Değer) (Agricultural Products [Quantity, Cost, Value]) which included information acquired by using the data from both TARIMSAL YAPI VE ÜRETİM (Agricultural Structure and Production) and ÇİFTÇİNİN ELİNE GEÇEN FİYATLAR (Farmers' Wages) was started to be published. TARIMSAL ÜRÜNLER (Miktar, Fiyat, Değer) includes the data on production values of agricultural products. TARIMSAL YAPI (Üretim, fiyat, değer) (Agricultural Structure [Production, cost, value]), a new publication which the researchers can find information about all three publications mentioned above, has been published since 1994.

Related publications released before:


Includes retail prices paid to farmers in city and district markets. The first researches about agricultural costs was started in 1935; and the data was included in TARIMSAL YAPI VE ÜRETİM (Agricultural Structure and Production) from 1951-1972. Since 1973, this data was published in a separate publication titled ÇİFTÇİNİN ELİNE GEÇEN FİYATLAR (Farmers' Wages).

ÇİFTÇİNİN ELİNE GEÇEN FİYATLAR İNDEKSİ (The Index of Farmers' Wages) appeared as part of Aylık İstatistik Bülteni (Monthly Statistical Bulletin).

Below is the publication in the past about farmers' wages:

4- SU ÜRÜNLERİ / Fisheries Statistics

Statistical data on production of fisheries, equipment used in fishing, and people working in this sector has been accumulated since 1967 with annual surveys. The data has been compiled in the publication of SU ÜRÜNLERİ İSTATİSTİKLERİ (Fisheries Statistics) since 1986. Since 1991, this publication has included detailed information on production of fisheries, average cost/consumption/import/export by region, and also information about the fishery boats' region/tonnage/engine power/length/use.

From 1967-1985, this publication on fisheries statistics was titled as follows:

B- TARIM SAYIMLARI / Censuses of Agriculture

After the foundation of Turkish Republic (1923), there have been six GENEL TARIM SAYIMIs (General Agricultural Censuses) in 1927, 1950, 1963, 1970, 1980, and 1991.

The publication of GENEL TARIM SAYIMI (General Agricultural Census) includes data on quantity of business by their legal circumstances/business types/size of enterprise, number of livestock per enterprise, land use, yield of major field crops, number of fruit and vegetable farming enterprises, fruit and vegetable farming areas, quantity of fruit trees, and quantity of large and small livestock.

Also in 1984, a general census of animals was done, which is related to stockbreeding.

Statistics on agricultural censuses were published under these titles in the past:


A- DIŞ TİCARET İSTATİSTİKLERİ / Foreign Trade Statistics

The first DIŞ TİCARET İSTATİSTİKLERİ (Foreign Trade Statistics) was published in 1926 in French, which included data from 1923-1924. This publication consisted of information on;

-          Turkey's situation in the world's foreign trade

-          Progress

-          Where imports and exports are sold

-          Quantity of imports and exports

-          What type of materials are sold in which  markets

These statistics are used in determining;

-          Markets which are open to competition

-          Policies on production, foreign trade and customs

Dış Ticaret İstatistikleri (Foreign Trade Statistics) lists yearly and monthly data on import/export quantity and values in Turkish Liras and Dollars organized by; main sector and material groups, resource types, countries, International Standard Industrial Classification (ISIC), Standard International Trade Classification (SITC), and Classification by Broad Economic Categories (BEC)

Also, compared rates of imports and exports arranged by year and foreign trade balances arranged by country are shown with tables. Apart from that foreign trade margins according to major and minor sectors are included.

DIŞ TİCARET İNDEKSLERİ (Foreign Trade Indexes) calculated by Turkish Statistical Institute are also included in the Month Statistical Bulletin.

DIŞ TİCARET İSTATİSTİKLERİ (Foreign Trade Statistics), which has been published since 1923, is one of the earliest statistics series.

In the past, foreign trade statistics were published as follows:

B- DIŞ TİCARET: ULUSLARARASI TAŞIMACILIK / Foreign Trade: International Transportation

The following has published since 1992 in order to identify which ways the importing/exporting goods enter/exit the country, by which countries' vehicles and the rate of Turkish vehicles' involvement in the exporting/importing process.

C- İÇ TİCARET VE HİZMET İSTATİSTİKLERİ / Statistics of Domestic Trade and Services

In order to observe the change and progress in the quantities and capitals of companies/businesses/co-ops, Turkish Statistical Institute published trade statistics in Monthly Statistical Bulletin and Turkey's Statistical Yearbook from 1953 to 1965.

After 1992, this data has been included in ŞİRKETLER, KOOPERATİFLER VE FİRMA İSTATİSTİKLERİ (Companies, Co-ops, and Businesses Statistics).

With the purpose of observing changes of Turkey's economical and social structure, one of the current statistical works conducted since 1982 is the surveys of trade, services, hotels, restaurants, coffee-houses, and bakeries. These surveys go parallel with YILLIK İMALAT SANAYİİ (Annual Production Industry) surveys, which also started in the same period. After 1986, this data is published in TİCARET, OTEL, LOKANTA VE HİZMET İSTATİSTİKLERİ (Trade, Hotel, Restaurant, and Services Statistics)

These two publications were titled as follows: İÇ TİCARET İSTATİSTİKLERİ (1965-1987). (Domestic Trade Statistics)


The data on visitors from foreign countries and citizens visiting foreign countries had been collected by Emniyet Genel Müdürlüğü (Security General Directorate) from Customs Control Forms since 1938. This data has been published by Turkish Statistical Institute since 1953.

Later on, Vatandaş-Yabancı, Giriş-Çıkış İstatistik Formları (Citizen-Foreigner, Customs Entry-Exit Forms Statistical Forms) was applied in customs instead of Customs Control Forms. This application was stopped in September 1991. Beginning from 1994, only the statistical forms of exiting citizens and foreigners have been applied in customs.

TURİZM İSTATİSTİKLERİ (Tourism Statistics) includes monthly data on countries where visitors coming from and visitors' routes.

ULAŞTIRMA İSTATİSTİKLERİ (Transportation Statistics)

A- DENİZ ULAŞIMI VE TAŞITLARI / Sea Transportation and Vessels

The related data, which was included in two separate publications until 1993 (KABOTAJ VE ULUSLARARASI DENİZ TAŞIMASI İSTATİSTİKLERİ [Cabotage and International Sea Transportation Statistics] and DENİZ TAŞITLARI İSTATİSTİKLERİ [Vessels Statistics] (with 18 and higher gross tonnage), has been unified in one publication in 1994: DENİZ TAŞITLARI VE DENİZYOLU TAŞIMA İSTATİSTİKLERİ (Vessels and Sea Transportation Statistics)

This publication gives information on type, tonnage group, ownership, horsepower, production and registration year, country of manufacture, tonnage, and passenger quantity of the vessels which are registered by Turkish harbor offices.

Statistics on sea transportation and vessels were published under these titles in the past:


Road Motor Vehicles Statistics include data on province, brand, use, fuel type, and horsepower of the road motor vehicles registered to Turkish traffic records.

Statistics about road motor vehicles were published under these titles in the past:

C- TRAFİK KAZALARI / Traffic Accidents

Traffic accidents, which were in transportation statistics before, have been published in KARAYOLU TRAFİK KAZA İSTATİSTİKLERİ (Road Traffic Accident Statistics) since 1971.

This publication gives detailed information on time and date (hour, day, month, and year), vehicle type, place and cause of accident.

D- ULAŞTIRMA İSTATİSTİKLERİ / Transportation Statistics

Publication below gives summaries on land/sea/air/train transportation, the length of roads and railroads, and communication.