Turkish Bibliographies of Periodicals and Articles

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Mecmu'a-i Fünûn

Mecmu'a-i Fünûn, 1863 [First published journal]

Takvim-i Vekayı

Takvim-i Vekayı, 1831 [First published official newspaper]


General Bibliographies

Bibliographie des articles de périodiques allemands, anglais, français et italiens sur la Turquie et la Bulgarie

Nikola V Mikhov
1938 UIUC

International & Area Studies General Slavic Reference (Slavic) 016.9496 M57B

This bibliography, published by "Academie Bulgare des Sciences", comprises of periodical articles about Turkey and Bulgaria, extracted from 407 periodicals published 1715-1891, in German (3715), English (1377), French (4736), and Italian (243).

Entries over 10000 are arranged chronologically. Within the chronological sections, they are arranged by main entry.

There are 2 alphabetical indexes at the end:

  • Index of author and personal names
  • Index of subjects

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Baslangicindan harf devrimine kadar Osmanli-Türk süreli yayinlar ve gazeteler bibliyografyasi ve toplu katalogu, 1828-1928 / Bibliography and union catalogue of Ottoman-Turkish serials and newspapers from beginning to the introduction of the modern Turkish alphabet, 1828-1928

Hasan Duman
(OCLC: 45434523) 

This bibliography, published by "Foundation for Information and Documentation Services" (Enformasyon ve Dokumantasyon Hizmetleri Vakfi), comprises of all the newspapers, journals, news agency bulletins, and the other serials published all over the world between 1828 and 1928. The work is in Turkish, English and Arabic. This work is a union catalogue which gives the bibliographic entries and information on the 2,526 serials and newspapers which are to be found in 26 main public, research, national, and some university libraries in Turkey. The work tells the researcher which numbers of which serials and newspapers may be found in which library.

The publications were converted to a reader-friendly format for Turkish and Arabic readers, in accordance with library catalog systems. In order to resolve any problems that may occur in this area, an alphabetical list of Arabic script periodicals has been given as an appendix at the end of the work. The alphabetical order of the periodicals was taken into consideration when giving their code numbers. Publications that were issued in the same title (sub-headings not being included) or which were published with the same name of publisher, were entered alphabetically according to year and location.

The following procedure is taken through the text:

  • indication of the serial number;
  • the name of the periodical (the articles EL or AL were not taken into consideration when compiling the alphabetical list);
  • indication of the names of the publishers and the editors;
  • location of publication and printing;
  • indication of size and other particulars;
  • indication of the period of publication;
  • date of publication of the periodical;
  • indication of notes, reference and language;
  • concluding the particulars relating to the entry;
  • indications of the symbols for the names of the libraries and the collections; and
  • punctuation marks.

At the end of 2 nd volume, there are 3 sections of index:

  • Subject index
  • English glossary of the subject index
  • Arabic glossary of the subject index


3 rd volume is a supplementary volume indicating the newspapers and serials and newspapers published in Europe and America and documentary material relating to these. There is the list of the entries in the table of contents. No index at the end.

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1957 yilina kadar Millî Kütüphane'ye girmis Arap harfli Türkçe süreli yayinlarin katalogu / Catalog of Turkish periodicals in Arabic in National Library (until 1957)

Milli Kütüphane (Turkey)
(OCLC: 10520325) 

Turkish; Book 71 p. ; 29 cm.
Ankara : Millî Kütüphane Basim ve Ciltevi

This catalog, published by Turkish National Library, comprises of the Turkish periodicals in Arabic letters accessioned by the National Library from 1946 (foundation of the National Library) to 1957. The first printing house in Turkey was established in 1729; however, the first Turkish newspaper "Takvim-i Vekayi" was published in 1830. The Arabic letters have been changed to Latin letters in 1928 with the Language Revolution by Ataturk. Therefore, this catalog covers the Turkish periodicals in Arabic letters 1830-1928, which were accessioned by the National Library from 1946 to 1957.

The periodicals are arranged alphabetically. Most of them have the issue dates in Hicri (Mohammedan) Calendar. Some of the dates are converted to Miladi (Gregorian) Calendar, but most of them are not converted. There is information about the concept of the periodical and printing period (weekly, monthly, etc.).

Call numbers are also included. The entries can be found at Turkish National Library website.

There is no index at the end.

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Osmanlıca süreli yayınlar üzerine bir bibliyografya denemesi / An experimental bibliographical study on Ottoman periodicals

Cuneyd Okay
(OCLC: 45021277) 

Turkish; Book 94 p. ; 20 cm.
Kızılay, Ankara : Gezgin Kitabevi; ISBN: 9759379201 9789759379209

Turkish periodicals; Turkey; history.

This bibliography, published by Gezgin Bookstore (Gezgin Kitabevi), comprises of publications (books and articles) since 1928 about Ottoman (in Ottoman or published in Ottoman borders) periodicals from 1831 (first Ottoman newspaper's publication date) to 1922 (official collapse of Ottoman Empire). Only Turkish publications and -if published in a foreign country- translations to Turkish are included. The publications comprising information about periodical's type, concept, dimensions, publication place and house, issues, table of contents, owner, manager, authors, promotions, publication policy are selected for this bibliography.

586 entries are arranged alphabetically by author.

The index is arranged by periodical title, however, they may not appear in the titles of these publications.

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Türkiyede dergiler, ansiklopediler (1849-1984) / Periodicals and encyclopedias published in Turkey

1984 1. baski.
(OCLC: 14206859) 

This book, published by Gelisim Press, consists of information about Turkish journals and encyclopedias published from 1849 to 1984. It has 13 chapters written by 13 different authors on:

  • Journals:
    • general information about journals in Republican period;
    • idealistic journals;
    • weekly news journals;
    • caricature journals;
    • art and literature journals after the foundation of republic;
    • theatre journals in Republican period;
    • cinema journals;
    • magazine business in Turkey;
    • children magazines; and
    • sports magazines;
  • Encyclopedias
    • first 80 years of encyclopedia business in Turkey; and
    • new era in encyclopedia business.

There are 2 indexes at the end, which are arranged alphabetically:

  1. Index of journals and encyclopedias; and
  2. Index of names (Kisi adlari dizini). This index gives the list of writers, publishers, critics etc., which are mentioned in the chapters.

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Kültür Bakanligi süreli yayinlar (dergiler) toplu bibliografyasi (1933-2000) / Bibliography of the periodicals published by Ministry of Culture 1933-2000

Mehmet Toprak
2002 (ILL - University of Texas)
(OCLC: 55090122) 

Periodical publications of the following governmental institutions:

  • Kultur Dergisi: Yayimlar Dairesi Baskanligi
  • Milli Kultur Dergisi: Yayimlar Dairesi Baskanligi
  • Ulusal Kultur Dergisi: Yayimlar Dairesi Baskanligi
  • Kultur Genclik Dergisi: Yayimlar Dairesi Baskanligi
  • Gencligin Sesi Dergisi: Yayimlar Dairesi Baskanligi
  • Kitap Dergisi: Yayimlar Dairesi Baskanligi
  • Anayurtta Atayurtta Turk Dunyasi Dergisi: HAGEM
  • Halk Ozanlarinin Sesi Dergisi: HAGEM
  • Bilgi Pinari Dergisi: Milli Kutuphane Baskanligi
  • Turksoy Dergisi: TURKSOY
  • Opera ve Bale Dergisi: Devlet Opera ve Balesi Gen. Mud.
  • Turk Arkeoloji Dergisi: Anitlar ve Muzeler Genel Mudurlugu
  • Turk Etnografya Dergisi: Anitlar ve Muzeler Genel Mudurlugu
  • Turk Arkeoloji ve Etnografya Dergisi: Anitlar ve Muzeler Genel Mudurlugu
  • Muze Dergisi: Anitlar ve Muzeler Genel Mudurlugu
  • Kultur ve Sanat Dergisi: Guzel Sanatlar Genel Mudurlugu
  • Sanat Dergisi: Guzel Sanatlar Genel Mudurlugu
  • Devlet Tiyatrosu Aylik Sanat Dergisi: Devlet Tiyatrolari Genel Mudurlugu

Arranged in alphabetical order by Article Title and at the end there is an Author index. Statistics of the number of publications/year for each journal is included.


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Periodicals published in Turkey: newspapers, journals, bulletins, printing houses


Turkish; Book, 159 p.
Ankara : Ayyildiz Matbaasi

This bibliography, published by Ministry of Tourism, comprises of a list of the newspapers, journals, bulletins and printing houses in Turkey. In the 1967 edition, the following information about the newspapers, journals, bulletins and printing houses are classified city by city (the other editions may differ in contents, see the titles):

  • Name and the foundation year of the periodical
  • Its period (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)
  • Address
  • City
  • Owner

The entries are arranged alphabetically within each section for each city.

There are 3 alphabetically arranged indexes at the end:

  • by newspaper
  • by journals
  • by bulletins

This bibliography has been irregularly published since 1967.

Publications were made in 1965, 1967, 1969, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1990, 1996, and 1998:

  1. Turkiye'de sureli yayınlar ve basımevleri, 1965. Ayyıldız Matbaası, Ankara/Turkey, 1966. / Periodicals published in Turkey and printing houses, 1966. (Found in WorldCat)
  2. Türkiye'de Süreli Yayinlar:Gazeteler,Dergiler, Bültenler ve Basimevleri.(Ankara),(Ayyildiz Matbaasi),(1967)./ Periodicals published in Turkey: newspapers, journals, bulletins, printing houses, 1967. (Found in OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER, DIRECTORATE GENERAL OF PRESS AND INFORMATION Website)
  3. Türkiye'de Süreli Yayinlar:Gazeteler,Dergiler, Ajanslar,Bültenler ve Basimevleri. Ankara, Basbakanlik Basimevi, 1969. / Periodicals published in Turkey: newspapers, journals, news agencies, bulletins, printing houses, 1969. (Found in OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER, DIRECTORATE GENERAL OF PRESS AND INFORMATION Website)
  4. Türkiye'de süreli yayinlar ve basimevleri.Ankara, Basbakanlik Basimevi, 1971. /Periodicals published in Turkey and printing houses: 1971. (Found in OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER, DIRECTORATE GENERAL OF PRESS AND INFORMATION Website)
  5. Turkiye'de sureli yayınlar ve basımevleri, 1971 / Can Ozkut [Ankara], 1972. /Periodicals published in Turkey and printing houses, 1972 (Found in WorldCat)
  6. Türkiye'de süreli yayinlar matbaalar 1973.Ankara, Basbakanlik Basimevi, 1973. /Periodicals published in Turkey and printing houses, 1973. (Found in OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER, DIRECTORATE GENERAL OF PRESS AND INFORMATION Website)
  7. Türkiye'de Süreli Yayinlar:1990. Ankara, Özkan Matbaa-cilik Sanayi,Haziran 1990./ Periodicals published in Turkey, 1990. (Found in OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER, DIRECTORATE GENERAL OF PRESS AND INFORMATION Website)
  8. Türkiye'de Süreli Yayınlar-1995. Ankara, Kurtuluş Matbaası, 1996. /Periodicals published in Turkey, 1995. (Found in OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER, DIRECTORATE GENERAL OF PRESS AND INFORMATION Website)
  9. Türkiye'de Süreli Yayınlar. Ankara, Kılıçaslan Matbaası, 1998./ Periodicals published in Turkey, 1998. (Found in OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER, DIRECTORATE GENERAL OF PRESS AND INFORMATION Website)

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Online Searching for the Library and Publications of the Office of the Prime Minister, Directorate General of Press and Information (BYEGM)

Library: http://www.byegm.gov.tr/KUTUPHANEMIZ/kutuphane.htm

In Turkish.

The website of BYEGM Library gives 4 lists of publications in the library:

  1. 1920'den Günümüze Genel Müdürlüğümüz Tarafından Çıkartılan Yayınlar/ Publications by BYEGM since 1920


    In this website, the publications are arranged chronologically, however, within each section for each year, they seem to be arranged alphabetically but they are NOT! There are particular numbers for each publication that they have in library, which are presumably ordered according to the publication order.


    Some of the publications by BYEGM in National Library have been searched in the catalog ( 1920'den Günümüze Genel Müdürlüğümüz Tarafından Çıkartılan Yayınlar / Publications by BYEGM since 1920) of BYEGM. Some were found, but some weren't!

  2. Nadir Eserler (Kitaplar)/ Rare Publications (Books, arranged alphabetically



  3. Nadir Eserler (Süreli Yayınlar)/ Rare Publications (Periodicals), arranged alphabetilcally



  4. Gazete Arşivi/ Archive of Newspapers


    Archive of newspapers on the website gives the list of the newspapers in a chronological order, however, within the years, they are arranged alphabetically.


Catalog searching of the library on this webpage is in progress.

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Periodicals in Turkish and Turkic languages: A union list of holdings in U.K. libraries

M I Waley

UIUC call number: Q. 011.2943 P418

This Union List, published by Middle East Libraries Committee (U.K.), covers holdings of periodicals and newspapers published wholly or partly in Modern and Ottoman Turkish and in other languages of the Turkic group, regardless of country or date. Libraries covered are those major collections in the U.K. which provided data or partial data, and some others which the editor was able to visit.

The data included in most entries as they appear in print are the following: title, subtitle and /or description, issuing body (where appropriate), designation and date of first and last issue, place of publication and issues held. Many entries have one or more of the following: description note, publication history, language(s) and character(s), frequency, and title cross-reference(s). Cross-references are always made to the Turkish and Turkic title, whether or not this appears as the main title (or first parallel title) in the periodical itself. For periodicals of which the titles have changed, the entry appears under the last or present title.

In this Union List, the criterion for inclusion is linguistic, not geographical. Any periodical is omitted, whether from Turkey or the Ottoman Empire or from elsewhere, which does not include Turkish-language content in an original form in every issue. Not included are European-language academic journals in which Turkish texts are only sometimes edited, or quoted. Contemporary titles in the fields of science and technology will not be found here, excepting a few titles which are anomalously held in the humanities collections of the British Library. That exclusion in no way implies any disregard for the importance of Turkish scientific periodicals, and some which perhaps fall into the intermediate category of "occasional publications". (See introduction in Xerox for more information)

Entries are alphabetically arranged by periodical name.

No index at the end.

For more information on Middle East Libraries Committee (U.K.), go to http://www.groups.ex.ac.uk/MELCOM/.


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Catalogue des periodiques :concernant l'histoire, l'archéologie, l'histoire de l'art et la philologie dans les bibliothèques d'Istanbul et d'Ankara

P Donceel-Voûte;  S Bayri-Baykan
(OCLC: 13874748) 

This bibliography, prepared by P. Donceel-Voûte; and S. Bayri-Baykan, comprises the periodical publications at the libraries in Ankara and Istanbul, which are about history, archeology, history of art, philology

The materials are indexed in alphabetical order.

The years, which the bibliography comprises, are not indicated.

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Subject Bibliographies

Türk bilim tarihi bibliyografyasi (1850-1981): kitaplar, monografiler, tezler, süreli yayinlar, makaleler / Bibliography of Turkish Science History

Aykut Kazancigil
(OCLC: 20140808) 

Istanbul Matbaasi

This bibliography, published by Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medical Science, comprises of publications from 1850 to 1981, on astronomy, mathematics, physics, chemistry, botanic, zoology, geology, physical geography (fiziki cografya), forestry, engineering, technical sciences, medical sciences, pharmaceutics, dentistry, veterinary (veteriner hekimlik), and  agriculture. These publications, written in Turkish and other languages, were published in Turkey.

There are 3 sections:

  1. Alphabetical bibliography entries by author (Subsections are in chronological order. There is an appendix at the end of this section, which covers the publications attained after the bibliography was written.)
  2. Index of authors
  3. Indexes (has 4 sections):
    1. Index of bibliographies in the bibliography (lists of sources used to compile the bibliography)
    2. Index of scientific bibliographies
    3. Index of doctoral and associate professors' theses on history of science
    4. Index of books on history of science

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Türkiye'de yayimlanmis Yahudilikle ilgili kitap, tez, ve makaleler bibliyografyasi, 1923-2003 / A bibliography of books, theses, and articles published in Turkey concerning Judaism, 1923-2003

Rifat N Bali
(OCLC: 56078579) 

This bibliography, prepared by Rifat Bali, comprises Turkish books, articles, and unpublished master and doctorate theses on the subject of Judaism and Zionism, including works on the subject of Israel, since these also deal with Judaism and Zionism. The bibliography starts from 1923 but selected works published before this date, have also been added. Initially, this book was intended to be published at the end 2001, but was delayed due to technical problems. So, the bibliographic entries covering the years 2002-2003 have been included as an addendum at the end of the book. The consulted resources for this bibliography are:

  • Bibliographies and indexes:
  • Collected works, congresses, seminars, symposiums;
  • Serials (Journals and Newspapers);
  • Encyclopedias.

6 sections. Each has alphabetical index.

  • The part 1923-2001 consists of 4 sections:
    1. Anonymously Authored Books (p.23)
    2. Books by Identified Authors (p.34)
    3. Anonymously Authored Articles (p.119)
    4. Articles by Identified Authors (p.165)
  • The part 2001-2003 consists of 2 sections:
    1. Books and theses
    2. Articles
  • Two alphabetical indexes at the end:
    • Index of authors, translators and advisors
    • Index of Subjects (English and Turkish)

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Türkiye'de yayinlanmis Türk ve Islâm sanati makaleler bibliyografyasi / Bibliography of articles on Turkish and Islamic Art published in Turkey

Yavuz Tiryaki
(OCLC: 52379946) 

Turkish; Book v. ; 23 cm.
Istanbul : Gözen Yayinlari, ; ISBN: 9759714140 9789759714147

This bibliography, published by Gözen Press, comprises of the articles on Turkish and Islamic Art 1943-1997. The bibliography is published as a Volume I bibliography on this subject. It is named "half-periodicals" (Yari Periyodikler), because the articles are selected from periodic OR non-periodic congresses, conferences, seminars, symposiums, and meetings on this particular subject; OR from some studies which it's not known if it's published or not. Mostly the articles are in Turkish, but, there are some foreign ones as well. All of the "half-periodicals" were made in Turkey.

There is a list of the half-periodicals researched for this bibliography.

2,535 entries were arranged alphabetically by author.

The index is by subject, however, the subjects in index may not appear in the title of the entry.

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Yabanci ülkelerde yayinlanmis Türkolojiyle ilgili makaleler bibliyografyasi / Bibliography of articles on Turcology, published in foreign countries

Ismail Dogan
(OCLC: 24809723) 

Turkish; Book ix, 155 p. ; 24 cm.
[Ankara] : Kültür Bakanligi; ISBN: 9751706262 9789751706263

This bibliography, published by Ministry of Culture, comprises of articles on Turkology (mostly in German, English, Russian, French, Hungarian, Italian, Polish and Serbian) published in foreign countries by Turkish or foreign authors. The articles are selected from periodicals (till June 1987) in Library of Turkish Language Institution (TDK Kutuphanesi), Library of Turkish History Institution (TTK Kutuphanesi), and Ankara University Faculty of Language, History, Geography Library

1,576 articles.

The translations of the titles are also included.

Mainly the articles are divided into 5 sections (has several sub-sections):

  • I. Altaistic (Altayistik).
  • II. General Bibliography on Turcology (Turkolojiyle alakali umumi bibliyografya).
  • III. Historical Turkish accent.
  • IV. Still Valid Turkish Accents (Yasayan Turk Siveleri).
  • V. Literature and Folklore.

Within each section, the entries are arranged alphabetically by author.

2 indexes at the end:

  1. by author
  2. by the significant names and concepts in titles

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