Turkish Bibliographies of Manuscripts

Delailü'l-Hayrat ve Şevarükü'l-Envar

Delailü'l-Hayrat ve Şevarükü'l-Envar. Ebu Abdullah Muhammed b. Süleyman el-Cuzuli (died 1465)


Table of Contents


Muhteva bakimindan basvekâlet arsivi / Archive of Basvekalet

Midhat Sertoglu

Turkish; Book xv, 90 p.
Ankara: Turk tarih kurumu basimevi,

This guidebook, published by Ankara University "Faculty of Language, History, and Geography", comprises of information about the records (defterler) in Ottoman Archives.

These records are mainly divided into 3 sections:

  1. Divan-ı Hümayun ve kalemleri (comprises of the records of Divan-ı Hümayun, the court which was in charge with any political, administrative, economical, military, and other cases.)
  2. Bab-ı Asafi ve kalemleri (comprises of the records of Bab-ı Asafi, the secondary court which was in charge with the transmitted cases from Divan-ı Hümayun.)
  3. Bab-ı Defteri ve kalemler (comprises of the records of Bab-ı Defteri, the institution which was in charge with all of the economical  situation of the government.)

The guidebook lists all the records with information about record numbers, dates, and their contents.

There are 5 sections:

  1. Divan-ı Hümayun
  2. Bab-ı Asafi
  3. Bab-ı Defteri
  4. Arsivde halen mevcud olan tasnifler (classifications which are still in archives)
  5. Arsive ait diger hususlar (other classifications about archives)
Divan. Turabi Baba, Hacı Ali (died. 25 August 1868)

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Basbakanlik Arsivi kilavuzu / A guidebook for Prime Ministry Archives

A. Alâaddin Çetin

Istanbul : Enderun Kitabevi

This guidebook, published by Enderun Bookstore, comprises information about the documents on the Ottoman Empire at the Prime Ministry Archives.

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al-Arshif al-'Uthmani: fihris shamil li-wathaiq al-dawlah al-'Uthmaniyah al-mahfuzah bi-Dar al-Wathaiq al-Tabi'ah li-Riasat al-Wuzara bi-Istanbul

Necati Aktas;  Ismet Binark

Arabic; Book 521 p. ; 25 cm.
Istanbul : Markaz al-Abhath lil-Tarikh wa-al-Funun wa-al-Thaqafah al-Islamiyah

This bibliography, published by "Research Centre for Islamic History, Art and Culture (IRCICA)", comprises of Ottoman Archives in "Prime Ministry, General Directorate of State Archives".

This Arabic-language guide to Ottoman archives was published for the member countries of IRCICA. Information about the organization of this guide will be added as it becomes available.

Information about the guidebooks for Ottoman Archives is available online at http://www.devletarsivleri.gov.tr/yayin/osmanli/rehber_osm/003_sunus.htm.

Catalog searching in IRCICA Library is available online at http://library.ircica.org/.

Simple searching


Advanced searching



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Basbakanlik Osmanli Arsivi rehberi / A Guidebook to Ottoman Archives

Necati Aktas;  Necati Gültepe;  Mustafa Kaplan;  Yusuf Ihsan Genç
2000 2. baski.

Turkish; Book lii, 558 p. ; 24 cm.
Istanbul: T.C. Basbakanlik Devlet Arsivleri Genel Müdürlügü, ; ISBN: 9751925274 9789751925275
(The first edition was published in 1992)

This guidebook, published by Prime Ministry "General Directorate of State Archives", gives bibliographic information about Ottoman Archives. It also has explanations about archival materials. The sections are:

This edition is online at: http://www.devletarsivleri.gov.tr/source.cms.docs/devletarsivleri.gov.tr.ce/docs/Yayinlar/29_arsivrehber.pdf

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Online searching of Ottoman Archives

Online searching for Republican and Ottoman Archives is available at http://www.devletarsivleri.gov.tr/. The website is in Turkish; English website is in process (2007-07-05). But when going for catalog searching (KATALOG TARAMA), English searching is available.

  1. Click on KATALOG TARAMA.

  3. Select "English".
    • Username: uiuc_trp
    • Password: slavic

  5. Catalog searching...
    • by group name:

    • by index name:

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Publications of General Directorate of State Archives

The publications of the General Directorate of State Archives are also listed at the website in Turkish (click on Yayinlar). 


Publications listed are:


All are arranged chronologically by publication date. Some of the publications that are underlined on the list are online as well.









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Umdetü'l-Hisab. Matrakçı Nasûh (Öl.1536)


Oher Publications

Başbakanlık Osmanlı Arşivi katalogları rehberi

Ismet Binark

Turkish; Book xxvii, 320 p. ; 24 cm.
Ankara : T.C. Basbakanlık Devlet Arşivleri Genel Müdürlüğü, ; ISBN: 9751912474 9789751912473

This guidebook, published by General Directorate of Ottoman Archives, comprises of information about the catalogs and records (defterler) in Ottoman Archives. Preface gives information about what classifications had been done before this guidebook for the Ottoman Archives. There are annotations of these records and catalogs as well as charts explaining each document's

Catalogs and records are arranged alphabetically by title. Combined index by title and subject is alphabetically arranged.

There is an appendix on

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Osmanli fermanlari / Ottoman fermans

Ismet Binark;  Necati Aktas

This bibliography, published by The General Directorate of the State Archives, comprises of selected manuscripts from Prime Ministry Ottoman Archives, which carry great historical and artistic value. These selected manuscripts about Ottoman Empire (1281-1922) are listed chronologically. In the bibliography, the earliest selected manuscript was written in 1575, and the last one was written in 1848. The information below is listed for each entry:

No index at the end, but there is a Glossary for some Ottoman words and a bibliography.

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Eski harfli Türkçe basma eserler bibliografyasi 1584-1986 / The bibliography of Turkish works printed in non-Latin (Arabic, Armenian and Greek characters) 1584-1986.

Milli Kütüphane (Turkey); Nüvis Beseri Arastirmalar ve Yayincilik Ltd. Sti.
2001 (ILL- UCLA)

Eski Harfli Basma Türkçe Eserler Bibliyografyasi is prepared by Nüvis Beseri Araþtirmalar ve Yayincilik Ltd. Sti. for National Library of Turkey. The bibliography covers 50,760 bibliographical records of the 37,359 Turkish printed materials published between 1584-1986 in Arabic, Armenian and Greek characters.

This work is prepared in two parts:

  1. Bibliographical works published on this subject;
  2. The archives of main libraries in Turkey are scanned ie: National Library of Turkey, Bayezid State Library, and Nation Library.

Searching through the CD

Search available in English and Turkish.

The entries should be made with Turkish characters.



Authors, printing places and printing houses are listed in the search box.

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User's manual link on top.


Turkish National Library link directs to its webpage.


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Bibliography on manuscript libraries in Turkey and the publications on the manuscripts located in these libraries.

Nimet Bayraktar;  Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu;  Mihin Lugal

Turkish; Book xxix p., 337 p. : col. ill. ; 25 cm.
Istanbul: Research Center for Islamic History, Art and Culture

This bibliography, published by Research Centre for Islamic History Art and Culture (IRCICA), comprises of manuscripts in Turkish libraries. This work focuses on the publications dated until the end of 1990. However, as an exception to this limitation, the available information on some catalogues of manuscripts in the related sections of this book is added.

There are 3 sections:

  1. Libraries of Manuscript Works, and the Bibliography on them. A guide to the libraries, where Islamic manuscripts are located, lists the libraries under study according to their location in the present administrative units of Turkey such as provinces and counties, which are arranged alphabetically.
  2. Bibliography on Libraries. Lists 136 books and articles and books located more than one library, in alphabetical order of the names of the authors.
  3. Bibliography of Publications about the Manuscript Works located in the Libraries of Turkey. Lists 1390 publications about the works located in the collections of these libraries in alphabetical order of the names of authors

6 indexes:

  1. Index of the Names of Authors, Translators, Compilers, etc.
  2. Index of Personal Names
  3. Index of the titles of Articles and Books
  4. Titles of Works and Supplementary words in the title
  5. Index of the names of Institutions
  6. Index of Place Names

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Die arabischen, persischen und türkischen Handschriften der Universitätsbibliothek zu Uppsala / The Arabic, Persian and Turkish manuscripts in the Library of Uppsala University.

K V Zetterstéen

German; Book v. 27 cm.
Uppsala [Almgvist & Wiksells]

This bibliography, published by Library of Uppsala University, comprises of Arabic, Persian, and Turkish manuscripts. Turkish manuscripts, listed p. 321-412, are arranged in 2 main  sections:

There are 643 entries of manuscripts.

There are 6 indexes at the end:

  1. Concordance of old and new numbers (Konkordanz der alten und der neuen Nummern)
  2. Title index (Titel)
  3. Author index (Verfasser)
  4. Editor index (Schreiber)
  5. Other people (Sonstige Personennamen)
  6. Chronological index of the manuscript dates (Chronologisches Verzeichnis der datierten Handschriften)

No database online.

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Die arabischen, persischen und türkischen handschriften der Kaiserlich-königlichen hofbibliothik zu Wien; im auftrage der vorgesetzten k. k. Behörde geordnet und beschrieben.

Gustav Flügel

German; Book 3 v.
Wien, K.K. Hof- und staatsdruckerei

This bibliography, published by Georg Olms Verlag, is in 3 volumes and comprises of the Arabic, Persian, and Turkish manuscripts in (from...to...) Kaiserlich-Königlichen Royal Library. The second volume of this medieval bibliography can be found online:

Some information about the books on Turkish manuscripts online: http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=de&u=http://www.ksbm.oeaw.ac.at/wienonb/kat.htm&sa=X&oi=translate&resnum=7&ct=result&prev=/search%3Fq%3DFL%25C3%259CGEL,%2BGustav:%2BDie%2Barabischen,%2Bpersischen%2Bund%2Bt%25C3%25BCrkischen%2B%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DG

In each volume, there are several sections on different subjects. The manuscripts are arranged by country within each section.

First Volume

Second Volume

Third Volume

  1. Encyclopedias
  2. Bibliographies
  3. Graphics
  4. Lexicography
  5. Grammar
  6. Dialogistic
  7. Metric, Rhyme doctrine, poetic
  8. Rhetoric
  9. Stylistic
  10. Gnomic
  11. Fine literature
  12. Poetry
  1. Romans and Stories
  2. Universal history
  3. Special history
  4. Biography
  5. Geography, Regional Geography, Ethnology and Travel Writings and Statistics
  6. Turkish counting books
  7. War science and weaponry
  8. Arithmetic
  9. Astronomy, Astrology, Study of Calendars
  10. Nature science
  11. Medicine
  12. Veterinary Science
  13. Mythology and folklore Kabbala studies, and alchemy
  14. Music
  15. Logic, Philosophy, and metaphysics
  1. Christian Theology
  2. Druze studies
  3. Koran
  4. Koran reading art and Koran criticism
  5. Exegesis of Koran
  6. Traditions doctrine
  7. Belief doctrine and theological collection
  8. Blessing books
  9. Law
  10. Ethics
  11. Mysticism
  12. Collected - or so called Mixed Works
  13. Appendix

Two indexes are at the end:

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