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Cumhuriyet dönemi Türkiye ansiklopedisi / Encyclopedia of Turkey in Republican Period

1983-1985 (10 volumes)
Iletisim Yayinlari (Iletisim Press)
(OCLC: 13044828)

This encyclopedia comprises information about Turkey from 1923 (foundation of republic) to 1983 (publication date of the encyclopedia). It covers several subjects, such as constitution (anayasa), archeology, Ataturkism, European Union, European Council, intellectuals (aydinlar), banking and financing system, press, westernization, scientific and technical life, United Nations, bureaucracy, presidents, translations, environmental issues, family, associations, statism, external economical relations, external politics, religion-state issue, literature, education, energy, folklore, photography, graphic arts, sculpture, law, women, urbanization, culture, librarianship, metallurgy, architecture, religious denominations, music, NATO, population, security, health system, industry, cinema, political life, sports, agriculture, technology, theatre, commerce, tourism, parliamentary, transportation, foundations (vakiflar), tax, local administrations, etc.

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Tanzimat'tan Cumhuriyet'e Türkiye ansiklopedisi / Encyclopedia of Turkey (from the period of the Tanzimat to the establishment of the Republic)

1985- (6 Volumes)
Iletisim Yayinlari
(OCLC: 13171496)

This encyclopedia comprises information about Turkey from 1839 to 1923 (to 1923 (foundation of republic). It includes the foundation of "Tanzimat", which was a revolutionary period in the Ottoman Empire, ending in 187.) It covers many subjects, such as constitution (anayasa), intellectuals (aydinlar), press, westernization, science, associations, administration of state, external politics and diplomacy, language issue, literature, education, law, economics, Young Turks (Jonturkler), women, urbanization, metals, finance, constitutional monarchy, religious denominations, architecture, nationalism, music, population, army and security, sultans and grand viziers,  painting, health system, industry, wars and treaties, political movements and parties, sports, Tanzimat, agriculture, historiography, theatre, transportation and communication, foundations (vakiflar), New Ottomans ("Yeni Osmanlilar", a movement against "Tanzimat"), etc.

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Yurt ansiklopedisi: Türkiye, il il: dünü, bugünü, yarini / Encyclopedia "Yurt": Turkey, city by city: yesterday, today, tomorrow

Yurt encyclopedia

1981- (11 Volumes)
Anadolu Yayincilik A.S.
(OCLC: 10144484)

This encyclopedia (in Turkish), published by Anadolu Yayinclik, is comprised of information on the cities of Turkey and is organized alphabetically. There are 4 subsections for each city:

  1. General information
  2. Natural situation (Dogal Yapi)
  3. History
  4. Socio-economic situation
  5. Culture

A table of contents is at the end of each city section.

There is also a bibliography at the end of each section which is organized alphabetically by author under each subsection.

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Türkiyede dergiler, ansiklopediler (1849-1984) / Periodicals and encyclopedias published in Turkey

1984 1. baski.
(OCLC: 14206859)

This book, published by Gelisim Press, consists of information about Turkish journals and encyclopedias published from 1849 to 1984. It has 13 chapters written by 13 different authors on:

There are 2 indexes at the end. These are arranged alphabetically:

  1. Index of journals and encyclopedias
  2. Index of names (Kisi adlari dizini): This index gives the list of writers, publishers, critics etc., which are mentioned in the chapters.

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Resimli Osmanli tarihi ansiklopedisi / Pictorial Encyclopedia of Ottoman History

Midhat Sertoglu
(OCLC: 13098967)

Turkish; Book 356 p. : ill., ports. ; 23 cm.
[Istanbul]: Istanbul matbaasi; [Inkilâp ve Aka]

This encyclopedia, published by Istanbul Press, comprises information about Ottoman history, the Ottoman governmental system, significant places related to Ottoman history. It is alphabetically organized similar to a dictionary.

No table of contents.

There's an appendix including additional entries.

No index at the end.

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