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Bibliografiia: mezhdunarodni otnosheniia, politika i ikonomika na republika Turtsiia

Bibliography of International Relations: Politics and Economics of Turkey (1945-1970)


Author(s): Karadzhov, Sava Radev


Corp Author(s): Institut za vunshna politika Ivan Bashev

Publication: Sofiia : [s.n.],

Year: 1976-

Description: v. ; 22 cm.

Language: Bulgarian Series: Poreditsa "Bibliografii" no. 1



This bibliography is designed to supplement specialized literature on the problems of Turkey by representing some more significant publications from the period following World War II (1945-1970). Dedicated mostly to the foreign political and diplomatic activity of Turkey, it is the first publication in Bulgaria to give more rounded idea of writings of research workers, statesmen, diplomats, public figures and foreign authors on problems concerning Turkey. Publications represented in this book are: country's socio-political life, political parties and public and political organizations, economy, history, law, reference books, memoirs, biographies of outstanding political and public figures and bibliographies on Turkey. This book doesn't contain work by Bulgarian and Soviet authors.


* Titles are arranged on the basis of the alphabetic principle: "Comparative table of the alphabetic order arranging books".

* Introductory matter in Bulgarian and English.


Sections related to economy are:



- International Economic Cooperation. International Economic Organization No  1267-1274. page 274

- Economic Cooperation with Socialist Countries No 1275...page 276

- Economic Cooperation between the Capitalist Countries. Common Market/EEC No 1276-1309. page 276

- Economics of Labor. Labor No 1310-1352. page 284

- Turkish Workers in Foreign Countries No 1353-1356. page 293

- Agrarian Economic. Land and Land Resources. Housing No 1357-1377. page 297

- Cooperative Society. Cooperative Movement No 1371-1377. page 297

- Economics of Finance. Finances No 1378-1399. page 299

- National Income No 1400-1405. page 199

- State Budget. Formulation and Accomplishment No 1406-1436. page 305

- Tax-Systems. Taxes. Duties and Fess No 1437-1456. page 312

- State Loans. National Debts No 1457-1459. page 316

- Banking. Banks No 1460-1473. page 317

- Money. Money Circulation. Essence and Functions of Money. Monetary Systems. - Currency. Inflation. Exchanges No 1474-1495. page 319

- Credit. Credit Affair. Types of Credit and Crediting of Economic Branches No 1496-1498. page 324


- Customs-Taxes. Customs No 1493. page 325

- Economics of Agriculture No 1500-1527, page 325

- Economics of Industry No 1528-1562. page 332

- Nuclear Energy No 1563-1566. page 339

- Prices and their Regulation. Types of Prices No 1567-1570. page 340

- Economic Plans. Planning. Planned Economy. Theory of Planning No 1571-1587. page 341

- First Five-Year Development Plan No 1591-1597. No 346

- Programs for Definite Years in Fulfillment of the First Five-Year Development Plan

- Program for 1963 No 1598-1599. Page 347

- Program for 1964 No 1600........ Page 348

- Program for 1965 No 1601-1603. Page 348

- Program for 1967 No 1604.........Page 349

- Second Five-Year Development Plan No 1605-1609. Page 349

- Programs for Definite Years in Fulfillment of the Second Five-Year Development Plan

- Program for 1969 No 1610-1614. Page 351

- Program for 1970 No 1615-1617 Page 352

- Trade and Transport Economic No 1763-1780. Page 388

- Trade Stations, Commodity exchange, Markets, Market-Halls, Fairs etc. No 1781-1782. Page 392

- Foreign Trade. International Trade No 1783-1799. Page 393





* Bibliography entries are in alphabetical order by author.

* There are two alphabetical indexes at the end:

- Index of authors

- Geographic Index





Türkiye-Avrupa Birligi Iliskileri Bibliyografyasi

Bibliography of Turkey-European Union Relations


Author(s): Çelik, Erol. Sarinay, Yusuf

Publication: Ankara : T.C. Basbakanlik Devlet Arsivleri Genel Müdürlügü,

Year: 2001

Description: XXXV, 808.

Language: Turkish

Series: T.C. Basbakanlik Devlet Arsivleri Genel Müdürlügü Dokümantasyon Daire Baskanligi ;; 23;

Standard No: ISBN: 9751928729; 9789751928726

Related subjects: Avrupa Birligi ulkeleri -- Ekonomik dış iliskiler -- Turkiye -- Bibliyografya



This bibliography includes biographical information belonging to books, reports, thesis, essays and articles with the daily newspaper articles, reports published between January 1st 1992 - May 30th 2001. There are 1759 books, reports and thesis; 338 essays; 3250 articles; 5659 newspaper articles and 3044 reports, totally 14050 document bibliographical information in this book. This bibliography consists of five parts:


I - Books, reports and thesisTR2

II-  Essays

III- Periodical articles

IV- Newspaper articles

V- Newspaper reports


Bibliographical entries in part I, II, III and IV are arranged alphabetically; whereas those in part V are arranged chronologically. Academic titles are not included. Sources, libraries and documentation centers utilized, are listed in this bibliography.

This book continues two previous bibliographies about Turkey- European Union Relations; "Turkey-European Community Bibliography 1957-1990" and "Turkey-European Community Bibliography 1990-1992".

Sections related to economy are (from the subject index):


- Ekonometri / Econometrics

- Ekonomi Hukuku / Economics Law

- Ekonomi Istatistikleri / Statistics of Economy

- Ekonomi Kongreleri / Congres of Economy

- Ekonomik Durum / Economic Situation

- Ekonomi Tarihi, ABD / Economic History, USA

- Ekonomi Tarihi, Osmanli / Economic History, Ottoman Empire

- Ekonomi Tarihi, Turkiye / Economic History, Turkey

- Ekonomide Verimlilik / Productivity in the Economy

- Ekonomik Analiz / Economic Analysis

- Ekonomide Butunlesme / Integration in the Economy

- Ekonomide Butunlesme, Almanya / Integration in the Economy, Germany

- Ekonomide Butunlesme, Asya Ulkeleri / Integration in the Economy, Asian Countries

- Ekonomide Butunlesme, Avrupa / Integration in the Economy, Europe

- Ekonomide Butunlesme, Karadeniz Ulkeleri / Integration in the Economy, Blacksea Countries

- Ekonomide Butunlesme, Kuzey Amerika / Integration in the Economy, North America

- Ekonomide Butunlesme, Latin Amerika / Integration in the Economy, Latin America

- Ekonomik Durum, A.B / Economic Situation, EU

- Ekonomik Durum, ABD / Economic Situation, USA

- Ekonomik Durum, Almanya/ Economic Situation, Germany

- Ekonomik Durum, Avrupa / Economic Situation, Europe

- Ekonomik Durum, Cek Cumhuriyeti / Economic Situation, Czhech Republic

- Ekonomik Durum, Dogu Avrupa / Economic Situation, Eastern Europe

- Ekonomik Durum, Dogu Karadeniz Bolgesi / Economic Situation, Eastern Blacksea


- Ekonomik Durum, Filistin / Economic Situation, Palestine

- Ekonomik Durum, Hollanda / Economic Situation,. Netherlands

- Ekonomik Durum, Iskandinav Ulkeleri / Economic Situation, Scandinavian Countries

- Ekonomik Durum, Ispanya / Economic Situation, Spain

- Ekonomik Durum, Italya / Economic Situation, Italy

- Ekonomik Durum, Karadeniz Bolgesi / Economic Situation, Blacksea Region

- Ekonomik Durum, KKTC / Economic Situation, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

- Ekonomik Durum, Orta Avrupa / Economic Situation, Central Europe

- Ekonomik Durum, Polonya / Economic Situation, Poland

- Ekonomik Durum, Suriye / Economic Situation, Syria

- Ekonomik Durum, Turkiye / Economic Situation, Turkey

- Ekonomik Durum, Yunanistan / Economic Situation, Greece

- Ekonomik Gelismeler, Dogu Avrupa / Economic Developments, Eastern Europe

- Ekonomik Gostergeler, Turkiye / Economic Indicators, Turkey

- Ekonomik Iliskiler / Economic Relations

- Ekonomik Iliskiler, A.B / Economic Relations, EU

- Ekonomik Iliskiler, AB-ABD / Economic Relations. EU - USA

- Ekonomik Iliskiler, A.B-Afrika Ulkeleri / Economic Relations, EU- African


- Ekonomik Iliskiler, AB - Akdeniz Ulkeleri / Economic Relations, EU-Mediterranean Countries

- Ekonomik Iliskiler, AB-Almanya / Economic Relations, EU-Germany

- Ekonomik Iliskiler, AB- Az Gelismis Ulkeler / Economic Relations, EU-Undeveloped Countries

- Ekonomik Iliskiler, AB-Azerbaycan / Economic Relations, EU-Azerbaijan

- Ekonomik Iliskiler, AB-BDT / Economic Relations, EU-CIS

- Ekonomik Iliskiler, AB- Cek Cumhuriyeti / Economic Relations, EU-Czech Republic

- Ekonomik Iliskiler, AB-Danimarka / Economic Relations, EU- Denmark

- Ekonomik Iliskiler, AB-Dogu Avrupa / Economic Relations, EU- Eastern Europe

- Ekonomik Iliskiler, AB-EFTA / Economic Relations, EU-EFTA

- Ekonomik Iliskiler, AB-Gelismekte Olan Ulkeler / Economic Relations, EU-Developing Countries

- Ekonomik Iliskiler, AB-Guney Afrika / Economic Relations, EU-Southern Africa

- Ekonomik Iliskiler, AB-Guney Avrupa / Economic Relations, EU-Southern Europe

- Ekonomik Iliskiler, AB-Ingiltere / Economic Relations, EU-England

- Ekonomik Iliskiler, AB-Ispanya / Economic Relations, EU-Spain

- Ekonomik Iliskiler, AB-Japonya / Economic Relations, EU-Japan

- Ekonomik Iliskiler, AB-KEIB / Economic Relations, EU-Organization of Black Sea Economic Corporation (BSEC)

- Ekonomik Iliskiler, AB-KKTC / Economic Relations, EU- Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

- Ekonomik Iliskiler, AB-Macaristan / Economic Relations, EU-Hungary

- Ekonomik Iliskiler, AB-Mogolistan / Economic Relations, EU-Mongolia

- Ekonomik Iliskiler, AB-NAFTA / Economic Relations, EU-NAFTA

- Ekonomik Iliskiler, AB-Orta Avrupa / Economic Relations, EU-Central Europe

- Ekonomik Iliskiler, AB-Polonya / Economic Relations, EU-Poland


- Ekonomik Iliskiler, AB-Slovakya / Economic Relations, EU-Slovakia

- Ekonomik Iliskiler, AB-Suriye / Economic Relations, EU-Syria

- Ekonomik Iliskiler, AB-Turk Cumhuriyetleri / Economic Relations, EU-Turkish Republics

- Ekonomik Iliskiler, AB-Turkiye / Economic Relations, EU-Turkey

- Ekonomik Iliskiler, AB-Ucuncu Dunya Ulkeleri / Economic Relations, EU-Third Worlds Countries

- Ekonomik Iliskiler, AB-Almanya / Economic Relations, EU-Germany

- Ekonomik Iliskiler, Avrupa / Economic Relations, Europe

- Ekonomik Iliskiler, Ingiltere / Economic Relations, England

- Ekonomik Iliskiler, Islam Ulkeleri / Economic Relations, Islamic Countries

- Ekonomik Iliskiler, Turkiye / Economic Relations, Turkey

- Ekonomik Iliskiler, Turkiye-Almanya / Economic Relations, Turkey-Germany

- Ekonomik Iliskiler, Turkiye-Dogu Avrupa Ulkeleri / Economic Relations, Turkey-Eastern Europe Countries

- Ekonomik Iliskiler, Turkiye-EFTA / Economic Relations, Turkey-EFTA

- Ekonomik Iliskiler, Turkiye-IMF / Economic Relations, Turkey- IMF

- Ekonomik Iliskiler, Turkiye- Islam Ulkeleri / Economic Relations, Turkey-Islamic Countries

- Ekonomik Iliskiler, Turkiye-Ispanya / Economic Relations, Turkey-Spain

- Ekonomik Iliskiler, Turkiye- Italya/ Economic Relations, Turkey-Italy

- Ekonomik Iliskiler, Turkiye-Japan / Economic Relations, Turkey-Japan

 -Ekonomik Iliskiler, Turkiye-KKTC / Economic Relations, Turkey-Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

 -Ekonomik Iliskiler, Turkiye-OECD / Economic Relations, Turkey-OECD

- Ekonomik Iliskiler, Turkiye-Turk Cumhuriyetleri / Economic Relations, Turkey-Turkic Republics

- Ekonomik Istikrar Tedbirleri, Turkiye / Economic Stabilization Measures,Turkey

- Ekonomik Isbirligi, Avrupa / Economic Cooperation, Europe

- Ekonomik Kalkinma, A.B / Economic Development, EU

- Ekonomik Kalkinma, Dogu Bloku / Economic Development, Eastern Block

- Ekonomik Kalkinma, Hollanda / Economic Development, Netherlands

- Ekonomik Kalkinma, Islam Ulkeleri / Economic Development, Islamic Countries

- Ekonomik Kalkinma, Romanya / Economic Development, Romania

- Ekonomik Kalkinma, Turkiye / Economic Development, Turkey

- Ekonomik Kalkinma Politikasi, Istihdam / Economic Development Policy, Employment

- Ekonomik Politika, AB / Economic Policy, EU

- Ekonomik Politika, ABD / Economic Policy, USA

- Ekonomik Politika, Almanya / Economic Policy, Germany

- Ekonomik Politika, Avrupa / Economic Policy, Europe

- Ekonomik Politika, Dogu Avrupa / Economic Policy, Eastern Europe

- Ekonomik Politika, Fransa / Economic Policy, France

- Ekonomik Politika, Ingiltere / Economic Policy, England

- Ekonomik Politika, Islam Ulkeleri / Economic Policy, Islamic Countries

- Ekonomik Politika, Ispanya / Economic Policy, Spain

- Ekonomik Politika, Italya / Economic Policy, Italy

- Ekonomik Politika, Japonya / Economic Policy, Japan

- Ekonomik Politika, Meksika / Economic Policy, Mexico

- Ekonomik Politika, Portekiz / Economic Policy, Portugal

- Ekonomik Politika, Turkey / Economic Policy, Turkey

- Ekonomik Politika, Yunanistan / Economic Policy, Greece

- Ekonomik ve Sosyal Konsey / Economic and Social Council

- Ekonomik Yapi, AB / Economic Structure, EU

- Ekonomik Yapi, Adana / Economic Structure, Adana

- Ekonomik Yapi, Antalya / Economic Structure, Antalya

- Ekonomik Yapi, Avusturya / Economic Structure, Austria

- Ekonomik Yapi, Az Gelismis Ulkeler / Economic Structure, Underdeveloped Countries

- Ekonomik Yapi, Gaziantep / Economic Structure, Gaziantep

- Ekonomik Yapi, KKTC / Economic Structure, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

- Ekonomik Yapi, Macaristan / Economic Structure, Hungary

- Ekonomik Yapi, Turkiye / Economic Structure, Turkey

- Ekonomik Yardimlar / Economic Benefits

- Ekonomik Yardimlar, Turkiye / Economic Benefits, Turkey


- Iktisadi Kalkinma Vakfi / Economic Development Foundation

- Kara Para Aklama / Money Laundering

- Karadeniz Ekonomik Isbirligi / Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation

- Karadeniz Ekonomik Isbirligi Projesi / Project of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation

- Kayitdisi Ekonomi, Turkiye / Underground Economy, Turkey

- Korfez Krizi, Ekonomik Yonu / Gulf Crisis, from Economic Perspective

- Tarim Ekonomisi, AB/ Agrarian Economics, EU

- Tarim Ekonomisi, Turkiye/ Agrarion Economics, Turkey

- Tarim Ekonomisi, Yunanistan / Agrarian Economics, Greece





* Introductory matter in Turkish and English.

* Bibliography entries are in alphabetical order by subject

* There are two indexes at the end:

  - Index of authors

  - Index of subjects



Türkiye-Avrupa Toplulugu Bibliyografyasi

Bibliography of Turkey-European Community (1957-1990)

Author(s): Binark, Ismet. Öztürk, Erdogan. Karaer, Ibrahim

Corp Author(s): Turkey; Devlet Arsivleri Genel Müdürlügü.; Dokümantasyon Dairesi Baskanligi


Publication: Ankara : T.C. Basbakanlik, Devlet Arsivleri Genel Müdürlügü, Dokümantasyon Dairesi Baskanligi,

Year: 1990

Description: xlvii, 837 p.; 24 cm.

Language: Turkish

Series: Yayin / T.C. Basbakanlik, Devlet Arsivleri Genel Müdürlügü, Dokümantasyon Dairesi Baskanligi; no. 2;

Variation: Yayin (Turkey. Devlet Arsivleri Genel Müdürlügü. Dokümantasyon Dairesi Baskanligi); no. 2.

Standard No: National Library: 010613868 LCCN: 91-192463



This bibliography contains 8108 sources including Turkish and foreign books, reports, papers, essays and documents relating to Turkey-European Union (EU) relations. It covers publications from the establishment of the European Economy Community (EEC) by the Rome Treaty in 1957 till the end of 1990. Sources were noticed after bibliographical search had been finished and when the chapters in the book were organized, and the sources being published during the first six months of 1990 are added to "Supplementary" chapter. The sources mentioned in this chapter are also given in the "Supplementary Author Index."

Sections related to economy are:

- Ekonomi ve Maliye / Economic and Financial Affairs

- Ekonomik Durum / Economic Situation

- Ekonomik Yapi / Economic Structure

- Gumruk Birligi / Customs Union

- Insangucu / Manpower

- Kalkinma ve Isbirligi / Development and Cooperation

- Kredi ve Mali Kurumlar / Credit and Financial Institutions

- Ortak Pazarin Uyelere Etkisi / Impact of the Common Market on EEC Countries

- Sanayi / Industry

- Ticaret / Trade

- Vergilendirme / Taxation


* Bibliography entries are in alphabetical order by subject

* Introductory matter in Turkish and English

* There is one index at the end:

  - Index of authors