Resources for the Study of Music in Turkey

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This guide provides researchers with a brief (yet growing) listing of some bibliographies available on the topic of Turkish music.

Bibliographies on the Subject of Turkish Music

Türk müziği bibliyografyası: 9.yy-1928

Akdoğu, Onur.
Published: İzmir: Ege Üniversitesi Başımevi, 1989.
OCLC Accession Number: 39093278

This bibliography, published by State Turkish Music Conservatory at Ege University, comprises of publications (listed below) by Turkish and foreign authors from the 9th century to 1928. Annotations and library holdings are included:

There are 6 sections:

  1. Manuscripts
  2. Anonymous periodicals, pamphlets, edvars (music theory books)
  3. Printed publications (books, articles)
  4. Appendixes
  5. Foreign publications
  6. Published music scores (publishers only)

Title and author indexes are arranged alphabetically.

Türkiye müzik bibliyografyasi : kitaplar, notalar (1929-1993)

Mehmet Salih Ergan.
Published: Konya: Merve Press, 1994
OCLC Accession Number: 32312033

This bibliography, published by Merve Press, comprises of materials by Turkish and foreign authors, which are related to music (books, music, and researches from Turkish universities) and published in Turkey with new Turkish alphabet from 1929 to 1993.  The bibliography is divided into four sections:

  1. Bibliographical entries by main entry
  2. Systematical classification by title (This section has titles cross-referenced to the first section within the subjects.)
  3. Indexes    
    • by author      
    • by title
  4. Statistics (by annual publications, publication places, masters theses and doctoral dissertations)

Cumhuriyet Dönemi Makaleler Bibliyografyasi, 1923-1999

Milli Kütüphane (Turkey).
Published: Ankara: Nüvis Beseri Arastirmalar ve Yayincilik Ltd. Sti., 2001
Compact Disc
OCLC Accession Number: 51533169

This CD, produced by Turkish National Library in Ankara, includes articles published in Turkey from 1923-1999. Turkish characters are required in searching. Searching can be limited by title,/periodical, author, contributors, publication place/year, subject code (Subject codes are in Turkish on both English and Turkish searching interface)

The CD includes:

Açıklamalı Türk halk müzigi kitap ve makaleler bibliyografyasi

Veysel Arsevenç
Published: Istanbul: M.E.B. Devlet Kitaplari, 1969
OCLC Accession Number: 412982

This bibliography, published by Institute of National Folklore, comprises of 177 books and more than 800 articles mostly by Turkish authors (there is only one non-Turkish article), which were published from 1929-1967 and related to folk music.

There are 2 main sections:

  1. Kitaplar
    • Yazar soyadina gore kitaplar - Bibliography of books arranged alphabetically by author (includes books, brochures, anonymous works, off-prints. Multiple entries by same author are arranged chronologically)
    • Kitap basliklarina gore dizin - Alphabetical Index of book titles
    • Kitap yazarlari alfabetik dizini - Alphabetical Index of authors
    • Bibliyografyalar - Bibliographies published on Turkish Folklore
  2. Makaleler (Articles from daily newspapers related to the topic are excluded)
    • Taranmis olan dergiler/List of periodicals examined de visu (periodicals including the most articles related to the folk music; Azerbaycan, Gaziantep Kultur Dergisi, Folklor Postasi, Muzik Gorusleri, Opus, Yakutiye, Radyo, Halk Bilgisi Haberleri, Varlik, Musiki Mecmuasi, Musiki Ansiklopedisi, Turk Folklor Arastirmalari)
    • Makaleleri bulma anahtari/Manual for finding an article
    • Yazar soyadlarina gore makaleler/Bibliography of articles arranged by author (Multiple entries by same author are arranged chronologically)
      1. Notali turkuler/Articles including folk songs with music and lyrics (arranged alphabetically by author. Multiple entries by same author are arranged chronologically)
      2. Notali inceleme yazilari/Articles including research papers with musical extracts 
      3. Notasiz turkuler/Articles mostly including lyrics of folk songs, annotations or stories of folk songs
      4. Notasiz inceleme yazilari/ Articles including research papers WITHOUT musical extracts
      5. Baska konular icinde gecen turkuler/Articles including folk songs with different themes (e.g. wedding, henna celebration, housing, banditry. Only the lyrics are included in these articles)
        • Basliklarina gore makaleler/ Alphabetical Index of article titles
        • Makale yazarlari alfabetik dizini/ Alphabetical Index of article authors


Türk bestecileri eser kayıt kaynakçası: çağdaş Türk müziği bestecilerinin eserlerinden oluşturlulan CD, Makara bant ve Dat kayıt listesi

Ersin Antep.
Published: [Ankara] : Sevda - Cenap and Muzik Vakfi, 2005.
OCLC Accession Number: 403796855

Turk bestecileri eser kayit kaynakcasi : cagdas Turk muzigi bestecilerinin eserlerinden olusturulan CD, Makara bant ve Dat kayit listesi / Bibliography of Turkish composers’ works: The list of CDs, recordings of TRT (Turkish National Radio and Television Institution) , and DATs (digital audio tape)

This bibliography, published by Sevda-Cenap Music Foundation, comprises of sound recordings (CDs released or privately published, recordings {makara bant} of Turkish National Ankara Radio and Television Institution, DATs –digital audio tapes- from well-known Turkish violinist Cihat Askin’s private archive) by contemporary Turkish composers.

There is no indication of dates, either for the composers or for the recordings released/issued, nor is there an index at the end.  Cataloguing system cannot be categorized with any professional cataloguing system (the Dewey Decimal System, for example).