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Bibliographies of Dissertations

Türk bilim tarihi bibliyografyasi (1850-1981): kitaplar, monografiler, tezler, süreli yayinlar, makaleler /(Bibliography of Turkish Science History): books, monographs, dissertations, periodicals, articles.

Author: Aykut Kazancigil
Published: İstanbul Matbaasi, 1981.
OCLC Accession Number: 23540682

This bibliography, published by Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medical Science, comprises of publications from 1850 to 1981, on astronomy, mathematics, physics, chemistry, botanic, zoology, geology, physical geography (fiziki coğrafya), forestry, engineering, technical sciences, medical sciences, pharmaceutics, dentistry, veterinary (veteriner hekimlik), and agriculture. The items covered in the bibliography are written in Turkish and other languages, but were published in Turkey.

There are three sections:

  1. Alphabetical bibliography entries by author (Subsections are in chronological order. There is an appendix at the end of this section, which covers the publications attained after the bibliography was written.)
  2. Index of authors
  3. Indexes (there are four sections):
    1. Index of bibliographies in the bibliography (lists of sources used to compile the bibliography)
    2. Index of scientific bibliographies
    3. Index of doctoral and associate professors' theses on history of science
    4. Index of books on history of science

Türkiye'de yayinlanmis Yahudilikle ilgili kitap, tez, ve makaleler bibliyografyasi, 1923-2003 = A bibliography of books, theses, and articles published in Turkey concerning Judaism, 1923-2003

Published: Istanbul: Turkuaz Yayinlari
OCLC Accession Number: 56078579

This bibliography, prepared by Rifat Bali, comprises Turkish books, articles, and unpublished master's and doctorate theses on the subject of Judaism and Zionism, including works on the subject of Israel, since these also deal with Judaism and Zionism. The bibliography starts from 1923, but selected works published before this date have also been added. Initially, this book was intended to be published at the end of 2001, but was delayed due to technical problems. As a result, the bibliographic entries covering the years 2002-2003 have been included as an addendum at the end of the book. The consulted resources for this bibliography include bibliographies and indexes, collected works, congresses, seminars, symposiums, serials (such as journals and newspapers), and encyclopedias.

There are six sections in total; each has an alphabetical index. The part 1923-2001 consists of four sections: Anonymously Authored Books (p.23); Books by Identified Authors (p.34); Anonymously Authored Articles (p.119); Articles by Identified Authors (p.165). The part 2001-2003 consists of two sections; articles, and books and theses. There are two alphabetical indexes at the end: one lists items by author, translator, and adviser; the other is a subject index (in English and Turkish).

French, German, and Swiss university dissertations on twentieth century Turkey; a bibliography of 593 titles, with English translations.

Author: Suzuki, Peter
Published: WDS-Schnelldruck GmbH in Germany, 1970
UIUC Call Number: 016.9561 Su9f
OCLC Accession Number:

Issued as a Supplement number 1, revised, of the Newsletter for European researchers on modern Turkey, the catalog comprises of French (1900-1967), German (1900-1965), and Swiss (1900-1968) University dissertations on 20th century Turkey, by Turkish and foreign authors. Some dissertations on late Ottoman Turkey are included, as well as a few dissertations which are clearly peripheral to the main topic of 20th Century Turkey. The contents include 593 entries with English translations, arranged alphabetically by author; a subject index at the end, arranged alphabetically; 13 dissertations in progress during the publication of this catalog, which are included after the subject index.

Türkiye tez katalogu = Catalog of dissertations

Author:  Yüksekögretim Kurulu
Published: Dokümantasyon Merkezi.1988-?
OCLC Accessions Number: 39876974

This is a serial publication, published by Documentation Center of the Turkish Council of Higher Education (Yüksekögretim Kurulu, Dokümantasyon Merkezi), comprises of the dissertations written in universities of Turkey. The Documentation Center has been collecting the dissertations from all the universities in Turkey since 1987. The first issue was published for 1987-1988 Image of Website Menudissertations; the second was published for 1989-1990 dissertations. Subsequent publications have been produced annually.

The catalog is organized by subjects, and is arranged alphabetically.  Within subject categories the arrangement is made alphabetically by title of dissertation. The titles starting with a year or a number are set at the beginning of each category.  Articles are not included.  There are only the subjects of the dissertations written in indicated year/years in the table of contents.  The author index at the end is organized alphabetically

The Catalog can be searched at the website of the Turkish Council of Higher Education (Yükseköğretim Kurulu Başkanlığı), however the Website currently requires a login and password to access the database.  All theses in the archive have been transferred to the digital platform, however only the full text of those which were given permission for “duplication and publication” by their authors are open to access in PDF format.  In order to search the database located online at it is possible to sign up for a password by following the directions found here, which are also available in English.



Online Dissertation Databases and Catalogs

Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi Kütüphanesi (ODTÜ) = Middle East Technical University Library (METU)

ODTÜ Tez Koleksiyonu Sorgulama Sayfası = Metu Theses Collection Search

This Online catalog of theses and dissertations published at the Middle East Technical University (METU) since April of 2003 was established by the library in order to provide web access to these documents.  Students have since been submitting their theses in two formats; paper (hard copy) and Adobe PDF.  Due to the university curriculum focusing on English education and interactions, many if not all of the theses and dissertations found will be in English rather than Turkish; certainly the majority of the general collection is English language material, although some is comprised of Turkish language materials.

Image of ODTU Thesis Search PageThe library collection is arranged and classified according to the United States Library of Congress Classification System.

Instructions on how to search the database can be found both in Turkish as well as English.    It should be noted that the website declares that due to license agreements full-text electronic document access is reserved for METU affiliates only; by searching the catalog at, and selecting either the Master's or Ph.D. Thesis database (final image), however, the user may be able to access some of the dissertations and theses online via PDF format with a just few exceptions. 

On the other hand, it may be possible to reach an agreement between Inter-Library Loan offices depending on library policies.  The user will find that on the page, it states that "Theses are not for loan but some parts can be photocopied, or the electronic version of a thesis can be accessed if the writer permits."

How to search the Thesis and Dissertation database

According to the page on the History of the Library, in 2009 there were approximately 16,222 dissertations in the collection - all of which published by the University.  The catalog entries include the summaries (or abstracts) of the theses and dissertations in addition to other standard descriptive information.  Whether the catalog is searched using the Turkish or English interface, the results and record contents are shown in English.  The language of the search terms, subject or keyword, does not appear to affect the relevance of results shown, however the number of titles returned is greater when searching in English.

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