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Tarihi Istatistikler Dizisi / Historical Statistics Series


In Historical Statistics Series, published by State Institute of Statistics, there are some population estimates for the Pre-Ottoman period, population of Ottoman vilayets, population estimates of Ottoman city centers and religious distribution of the population, population estimates of some Anatolian cities, religious components of the population and growth of the population according to official statistics. In addition, there are Ottoman foreign trade in the 19th century, industrial census of 1913-1915, selected pages from the original volume of the 1897 Statistical Yearbook, information of mass education from the proclamation of the Tanzimat Edict to the declaration of the Republic. In Series of Official Statistics with Questions; there are explanations to common questions of the users about labor force, employment and unemployment, foreign trade, price indices and inflation, purchasing power parity, agriculture, consumption expenditures, poverty and income distribution, short term business statistics. (TurkStat Data Access and Publication Catalogue 2009, p.16 )

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Pamuk, Sevket. 19. yüzyilda Osmanli dis ticareti / Ottoman foreign trade in the 19th century (with a summary in English). Ankara: T.C. Basbakanlik Devlet Istatistik Enstitüsü, 1995
OCLC: 34049577 


 This volume aims to present the compiled data regarding Ottoman foreign trade in the 19 th century. Both published Ottoman statistics and other sources that include the mistakes and errors in these statistics are presented with detailed tables. (Translated from 

 Chapters are:

      1.  The Content and Coverage of Ottoman Foreign Trade Statistics
      2.  The Problems and Limitations of Ottoman Foreign Trade Statistics
      3.  A Re-Construction of Ottoman Foreign Trade, 1830-1913
      4.  General Trends in 19 th Century Ottoman Foreign Trade
      5.  Sub-Periods in 19 th Century Ottoman Foreign Trade
      6.  Commodity Composition of Ottoman Foreign Trade
      7.  Country Distribution of Ottoman Foreign Trade.


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Behar, Cem. Osmanli Imparatorlugu'nun ve Türkiye'nin nüfusu, 1500-1927 / The Population and Ottoman Empire and Turkey, 1500-1927. Ankara: T.C. Basbakanlik Devlet Istatistik Enstitüsü, 1996.
OCLC: 35680058 


In this volume, various demographic data and estimates are compiled to determine the growth, volume, and evolution of the population of the Ottoman Empire (especially the part that is currently in Turkish Republic frontiers).

There are four chapters included:

 1.  The Sixteenth and Seventeenth: The Beginning of the Ottoman Empire and the Classical Age

 2.  The Nineteenth Century: The Age of the Censuses

 3.   From Empire to Republic

 4.   Istanbul*

* Istanbul, as the capital city of the Ottoman Empire, the biggest (population-wise) city of the Turkish Republic and a pioneer city for the Islamic countries, was given a special interest in terms of demographic indicators in modernization.

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Güran, Tevfik. Osmanli dönemi tarim istatistikleri 1909, 1913 ve 1914 / Agricultural statistics of Turkey during the Ottoman period 1909, 1913 and 1914. Ankara: T.C. Basbakanlik Devlet Istatistik Enstitüsü, 1997
OCLC: 37593373 



This volume presents for the first time in modern Turkish the detailed results of the Ottoman Agricultural Censuses of 1909, 1913 and 1914 for the areas within the   present day borders of Turkey.

   1.  There are five chapters included:

   2.  Agriculture in 20 th century Turkey.

   3.  Agricultural Censuses in Ottoman during the Ottoman Period.

   4.  The Agricultural Census of 1909, The Area Covered by the Census 1909.

   5.  The Agricultural Census of 1913, The Area Covered by the Census 1913.

   The Agricultural Census of 1914, The Area Covered by the Census 1914.


Chapters I and II of this volume provide a summary of the results of these censuses and compare them with the basic trends of agricultural development in Turkey during the twentieth century.

Chapters III, IV, and V present detailed results of the Ottoman Censuses of 1909, 1913, an 1914 respectively. Click here for contents and to find out more on this volume.


Ökçün, Gündüz A. Osmanli sanayii, 1913, 1915 yillari sanayi istatistiki / Ottoman industry industrial census of 1913, 1915.Ankara: T.C. Basbakanlik Devlet Istatistik Enstitüsü, 1997
OCLC: 37593503 


The Ottoman Ministry of Commerce and Agriculture conducted and Industrial Census for the years 1913 and 1915 which covered the province of Istanbul as well as the  cities of Izmir, Manisa, Bursa, Izmit, Karamursel, Bandirma and Usak. This Ottoman Industrial Census volume first published in 1917 was later edited by A. Gunduz Okcun  and published in modern Turkish in 1970. The present volume is the most current edition of this publication by Okcun, added to the series.

 This volume presents statistical data of the Industrial Census in eight groups:

   1.  Food Industry

   2.  Soil Products Industry

   3.  Leather Industry

   4.  Wood Industry

   5.  Textile Industry

  6.  Paper Products Industry

  7.  Chemical Industry

  8.  Metal Goods Industry

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Güran, Tevfik. Osmanli Devleti'nin ilk istatistik yilligi, 1897 / The first statistical yearbook of the Ottoman Empire. Ankara: T.C. Basbakanlik Devlet Istatistik Enstitüsü, 1997
OCLC: 37888418 



This fifth volume of the Historical Statistics Series the transliterated edition of the first and only general statistical yearbook of the Ottoman Empire prepared exactly  one century ago, for the fiscal year 1313/1897 by the General Statistics Administration of the Ministry of Commerce and Public Works.

The present volume presents statistics on a broad range of areas in 28 chapters. In most cases, the data are presented by years and provinces. A large part of the  statistical series presented in the volume is for the fiscal year 1313 which began on March 13, 1897 and ended on March 12, 1898.





Chapter titles as follows: Administrative Division, Population, Institutions of Social Assistance, Health, Justice, Education, Libraries and Antiques, Military Education, Other Institutions of Education, Agriculture, State Revenues and Expenditures, Mining, Forests and Forestry, Public Finance and Debts, Foreign Trade, Tax Duties Administration, Money and Medals, Various Revenues, Salt and Salt Mines, Silk and Silk Production, Public Debt Administration, Agricultural Bank and Security Fund, Tobacco Administration, Industry, Finance, Utilities: Gas and Water, Sea and Land Transportation, and Communication.

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Alkan, Mehmet Ö. Tanzimat'tan Cumhuriyet'e modernlesme sürecinde egitim istatistikleri, 1839-1924 / Education statistics in modernization from the Tanzimat to the Republic, 1839-1924. Ankara: T.C. Basbakanlik Devlet Istatistik Enstitüsü, 2000
OCLC: 46517386 

This volume presents the education statistics in modernization from 1839 (the Tanzimat Edict) to 1924 (the Turkish Republic). At the beginning of the volume a brief history of the corresponding time period is given in order to explain the data related to education. This study consists of six chapters:

    1.  Education Statistics for the years 1854, 1863, 1873, 1883.

     2. Education Statistics for the years 1894-1895.

     3. Education Statistics in the Yearbooks Education for the years 1901 and 1903.

     4. Statistics of Education for the Schools Years 1905-1908.

     5. Statistics of Education for the years 1913-1914.

     6. Statistics of Education for the years 1923-1924.

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Inalcik, Halil and Pamuk, Sevket. Osmanli devletinde bilgi ve istatistik / Data and statistics in the Ottoman Empire. Ankara: T.C. Basbakanlik Devlet Istatistik Enstitüsü, 2000
OCLC: 46760564 


This un-numbered volume brings together recent studies on Ottoman data collection, book-keeping and statistics gathering form the 16 th through the 19 th centuries up to World War I. The individual chapters of this volume are arranged in chronological order. Hence, the first four contributions listed below focus on data collection and book-keeping in earlier era through the 18 th century while the rest examine the modern statistical efforts of the 19 th and early 20 th centuries:

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  Chapters as follows:

  1. Halil Inalcik, "Did the Ottomans use statistical methodology?"

  2. Mehmet Oz, "Quantitative data in the Ottoman tahrir (census) records"

  3. Oktay Ozel, " Avariz and cizye records"

  4.Sevket Pamuk, "Data on consumer prices and wages in Ottoman cities"

                                                   5. Cem Behar, "Ottoman population statistics and modernization after  1831"


  1. Zafer Toprak, "Quantification in the Ottoman state or the birth of modern statistics"
  2. Sevket Pamuk, "Nineteenth century Ottoman foreign trade statistics"
  3. Mehmet Alkan, "Education and education statistics in the Ottoman Empire, 1839-1914"
  4. Selcuk Aksin Somel, "The Istanbul Cnesus dated 1301 Rumi (1885 A.D.)"
  5. Tevfik Guran, "The first Ottoman statistical yearbook dated 1897"
  6. Tevfik Guran, "Nineteenth century temettuat (revenue) censuses"

Pamuk, Sevket. Istanbul ve Diger Kentlerde 500 Yillik Fiyatlar ve Ucretler, 1469-1998 / 500 Years of Prices and Wages in Istanbul and Other Cities, 1469-1998. Ankara: T.C. Basbakanlik Devlet Istatistik Enstitüsü, 2000
OCLC: 46760555 

Utilizing a large volume of archival documents, this volume establishes for the first time, the long-trends in consumer prices and wages of skilled and unskilled construction workers in Istanbul and more generally around the Eastern Mediterannean from the second half of the fifteenth century until World War I. The study consists of 6 chapters:

1.      Consumer Prices in Istanbul, 1469-1998                                                                                                                                    tr26

2.      More Detailed Information About the Consumer Price Indices for Istanbul

3.      Prices in Other Cities, 1489-1998

4.      Wages in Istanbul, 1489-1922

5.      Wages in Other Cities, 1489-1996

Comparisions with European Cities and Countries, 1450-1992

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Güran, Tevfik. Osmanli mali istatistikleri bütçeler, 1841-1918 / Ottoman financial statistics budgets, 1841-1918. Ankara: T.C. Basbakanlik Devlet Istatistik Enstitüsü, 2003.
OCLC: 54522835 



The seventh and the latest numbered volume of the series present Ottoman financial statistics budgets from 1841 to 1918. The data is presented in 4 parts:

1. Ottoman Public Finance (1839-1918)

2. Budgets of the Tanzimat Era, 1841/42-1875/76

3. Budgets of the Abdulhamit II Era, 1876/77-1908/09.

4. Budgets of the Young Turk Era, 1909/10-1918/19.




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Naselenieto na Turtsiia Bulgariia priez XVIII i XIX vekovete; bibliografisko-statistichni izsliedvaniia. = La population de la Turquie et de la Bulgarie au XVIIIe et XIXe s.; recherches bibliographico-statistiques / The Population of Turkey and Bulgaria in the 18 th and 19 th centuries: Bibliographico-statistical studies
OCLC: 84480576 


This 5-volume catalog by Nikola Mikhov (1877-1962) was published by Tsarska pridvorna pechatnitsa in Sofia in 1915-1968. Each volume contains indexes of personal names and geographic and ethnographic terms. The primary focus of each volume is on works in a particular language or group of languages. The first three volumes,for example, consist mainly of citations to French and German sources, while volume IV focuses more heavily on English-language sources. Volume V consists entirely of Russian-language sources. A sixth volume, intended to index additional Russian-language sources, was never published. Mikhov compiled his bibliographies based on the collections of Bulgarian and Western European libraries, including the Bulgarian National Library, the National Library of France, the British Library, and major German libraries.

Many of the entries are annotated and some of the annotations include long passages reproduced from the original sources. Entries are organized alphabetically by main entry. Both books and articles are indexed. The total number of entries in all five volumes is slightly more than 3000.

The first volume was also published as issue 3 of Kniga IV of Sbornik na Bulgarskata Akademiia na Naukitie: Klon Istoriko-Filologichen i Filosofsko-Obshchestven (1915).




Osmanlı yıllıkları (salnameler ve nevsaller): bibliyografya ve bazı Istanbul kütüphanelerine göre bir katalog denemesi / Ottoman Yearbooks (Annuals and Almanacs) A Bibliography and Union Catalogue with Reference to Some Istanbul Libraries
OCLC: 180548627 



"Union catalogue and bibliographic work about state and provincial yearbooks (Salnames) published by the Ottoman State between the years 1847-1918. It gives general and specific information about a wide geographical area, where there are presently more than 20 states. Preface, explanations and annotations in English, Arabic and Turkish." ( 








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Osmanlı Salnameleri ve Nevsalleri Bibliyografyası ve Toplu Katalogu / A Bibliography and Union Catalogue of Ottoman Yearbooks
OCLC: 45479878 


This 2-volume union catalog by Hasan Duman, published by Enformasyon ve Dokumentasyon Hizmetleri Vakfi in Ankara in 2000, is the most recent and comprehensive source on Ottoman yearbooks, which contain hugely important information relating to this period's history, geography, administrative structures, institutions, individual lives, science, economics, military and navy, education, culture, and other such areas. Furthermore, this catalog deals with the Ottoman yearbooks published from 1847-1922, which were the most famous and get more attention due to their publication in such a critical period of time for Ottoman Empire history. The first volume includes entries (approximately 730) with their locations, whereas second volume includes examples from selected salnames.

(With some translations from:

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Monthly Bulletin of Statistics



Monthly Bulletin of Statistics has been published by State Institute of Statistics since 1952. In Turkish and in English. It has merged with "Turkish Economy: Statistics and   Analysis" into one publication in 1989, subjects are re-organized in 1995, and changed the title as "Economic Indicators" in 2004.

The latest volume is available online. "Economic Indicators" contains statistical information and analyses constituting main economic indicators of Turkish economy. The publication published quarterly in Turkish and English aims at to enlighten the main economic trend through economic indicators on conjectural movements and variations.

The publication presented for the first time in the second quarter of 2004, covers annual data of the last five years and, monthly and quarterly data of last three years.The selected subjects from "Economic Indicators" are national accounts, industry, building construction, agriculture, expectations, foreign trade, prices, labor, income-expenditure, borrowing, budget, money-banking, tourism, and transportation. It covers annual indicators of the last five years and, monthly and quarterly indicators of last three years. The publication is supported with a brief explanation on analyses, graphs and related indicators in order to enable the transformation of statistics into information to facilitate the comprehension.

UIUC Call no.: Main Stacks 315.6 T847i


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Annuaire Statistique / Statistical Yearbook of Turkey (Hard-copy)


"The origin of the Statistical Yearbook is "Mahsus Istatistik-i Umumi" (Special General Statistics, which was published in 1897 at the Ottoman Empire time. On the other hand, the first yearbook which was published in 1928 by Turkish Statistical Institute was prepared in Ottoman language. (Turkey's Statistical Yearbook 2008, p. 3)

More variety in subject headings towards the current yearbooks, such as; climate, population, immigration, vital statistics, health, education and culture, justice, elections, social security and social aid, labor force and employment, business, agriculture, mining, power, manufacturing industry, building construction, banking and insurance, transportation and communication, tourism, domestic and foreign trade, finance, national income, price and indexes, income, consumption and poverty, science, technology, and information communication, etc.

The latest volume is available online in full-text at the TURKSTAT website, which 'covers the most recent data available during the publication period, and provides comparison with the information of the previous 5 years. Data sources given at the end of tables and the last chapter of the publication are assumed to be a good starting point for the users who want to reach more detailed information. The publication is available in CD-ROM version and this version covers all the information in the paper press. On the other hand, it is also possible to reach most recent data on (Turkey's Statistical Yearbook 2008, p. 3) 

UIUC Call no.: Oak Street Facility 316.2 AN71

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Statistical Yearbook of Turkey (Microfiche)


Statistical Yearbook of Turkey is also available in Microfiche at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library. Holdings are incomplete from 1975-2004. These are compiled in the series of CIS National Statistical Compendiums.

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TUIK Veriye Erisim ve Yayin Katalogu / TurkStat Data Access and Publication Catalogue

TurkStat Data Access and Publication Catalogue includes   annual National Data Release Calendar of the News Bulletins, Historical Statistical Series and information about periodicity, format and price, period covered and content of publications published since 2000.


This publication varied in title, subjects and contents over time. Earlier titles include Yayin Katalogu, Publications and Electronic Services Catalogue.The latest volume is available online at TURKSTAT website in full-text. Click here to see more.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

(Both in Turkish and English)