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Bibliography of Shia Literary Works
al-Dhari'ah ilá tasanif al-Shi'ah

الذریعه الی تصانیف الشیعه



images2 al-Dhari'ah ilá tasanif al-Shi'ah,Agha Buzurg Tihrani
Najaf 1936
OCLC: 15968565


al-Dhari'ah ilá tasanif al-Shi'ah, is a bibliography of Shiite scholars and their works  in 20 volumes, including books and articles. The author Sheikh Agha Tehrani has divided the work into 11 sections, according to the "occultation of the 12th Infallible Imam". Also, every section is named after a century from 4-14 AH, (979-1879 AD), in other words it covers the 13 centuries that follow the Righteous Imams.

The content is comprised of the following topics:


The sources presented in this bibliography are from writings of the Shiite Imams and sheikhs, narrators and other scholars, which was drawn from existing books in their original copies in public libraries or private ones, or books referenced in bibliographies. 

Furthermore, the present bibliography was prepared mainly for Shiite learners and scholars.