Iran-Religion Bibliography


A selective bibliography of Islam and Iran


کتاب شناسی گزینشی اسلام و ایران



Kitābśhināsī-i guzīnishī-i Islām va Irān, Rayzan Reasearch Institute,

Ministry of Guidance and Islamic Culture,Tehran, Iran, 1989,390 p 

Ministry of Guidance and Islamic Culture, 1989

UIUC Call Number: Q. 016.2970955 SE48


A Selective Bibliography of Islam/Iran, published by the Ministry of Guidance and Islamic culture covers over 5000 volumes published in the last 40 years in different countries, between the years 1950-1987. However, it does not cover all the books written on this subject within the mentioned period of time.  It was initially recommended by the Library of Congress, but the alphabetical index was added to facilitate an easy access.

The books that are presented in this bibliography are in different languages which have gone through Library of Congress Cataloging Distribution Services. The bibliographical information used to be in vernacular languages but the present collection is transliterated into Latin alphabet.  This has made a search by subject more accessible. Also, more than half of the books in this collection are in English and the rest are in 39 other languages.  

In addition, A Selective Bibliography of Islam/Iran has two distinctive characteristics compared to similar works, one is its world standard subject headings, and it has a number of alphabetical indexes, including:

Author, Subject, Title, Publisher, Year of Publication, Country of Publication, Language, and finally the International Standard Book Number (ISBN).

As mentioned earlier this collection includes more than 5000 entries and each single one comes with an independent subject heading.  The subjects mostly deal with Islam, Iran and the Islamic revolution, in   addition to related subjects. Among subjects more frequently dealt with in this bibliography we can mention the following: Language and literature of different Arab countries, art and architecture in Islam, Iran and other Muslim countries, Muslim-Christian relations, urban life in Islam, economics in Islam, the hostage crisis in Iran, American-Iranian relations, Iranian history, politics and government in Iran, Islam  and government, Islam in the twentieth century, history of Islam, Islam in various countries, the Islamic empire, Islamic law, Islamic philosophy, worship in Islam, religious life in Islam, women in Islam, and numerous other topics.  


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The graph indicates the level of books dealing with Iranian or Islamic topics published by various countries in different years.