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-An overview of Iran's foreign relations mainly with Russia and Britain in Qajar and Pahlavi period



کتابشناسی گزیده تو صیفی تاریخ ایران اسلامی

(تا پایان قاجار)

Selected Descriptive Bibliography of the History and Politics of Iran in the Islamic Period

(Until the End of Qajar)Selected Descriptive Bibliography of the History and Politics of Iran in the Islamic Period

Turkamani Azar,Parvin  

Publication:  Sazman-i Mutala'ah va Tadvin-i Kutub-i 'Ulum-i Insani-i Danishgah'ha (SMT)

Tehran, 2000, Notes: Includes bibliographical references and indexes,153 p,Persian  
OCLC: 47108993 Database: WorldCat

The present annotated bibliography contains sources that illustrate historical and political  events taking place in the extended history of Iranian dynasties during the Islamic era until the end of Qajar, also , diaries and travel logs of Iranian dignitaries, and foreign diplomats in Iran, are included. . However, the main focus of compiling this collection is history.  Authors vary, from Iranian princesses , Iranian and foreign diplomats, to clergymen, scholars and scientists. In addition, this bibliography contains records of treaties, such as Russo-Iranian wars during Qajar dynasty. There are 375 annotated entries as well as subject and title index.

This historical bibliography is drawn from the following sources:

1.       Persian Cultural Heritage Association

2.       The Research Institute of Humanities

3.       College of Literature and Humanities, University of Tehran

4.       SAMT Institute

5.       University of Tehran Main Library

6.       Tarbiat Modares University Main Library

7.        The Iranian National Library

 brownTermeh            brownTermeh            brownTermeh

فهرست اسناد قدیمی‌ وزارت امور خارجه دوران قاجاریه

Bibliography of Historical Documents,Qajar Ministry of Foreign Affairs,1712-1898(Gregorian), 1091-1277(Persian), 1124-1316 (Hijri)

Corp Authors:Iran. Vizarat-i Umur-i Kharijah. Vahid-i Nashr-i Asnad. 

Publication: Vizarat-i Umur-i Kharijah, Archives -- Catalogs. 1992
Language: Persian
Iran -- Foreign relations -- 19th century -- Sources -- Bibliography -- Catalogs. 
Iran -- History -- Qajar dynasty, 1794-1925 -- Sources -- Bibliography -- Catalogs
OCLC: 35554444 Database: WorldCat

The authors of the present collection state that in response to the increasing request from historians and scholars to view  historical documents from Qajar  period , the office of archives and documents  at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, decided to compile a bibliography of Qajar documents in 1992 (1371 Shamsi/solar/Persian calendar).  It is extremely difficult and time consuming to look for a specific document among 100,000 files and folders, not to mention the risk of ruining ancient historical pieces of paper and turning them into dust.

This collection consists of 100,450 documents/entries of international relations between Iran and other countries such as; Ottoman Empire, Britain, Russia, etc, in four volumes during 1712-1898. Documents are organized chronologically in the table of contents.  Moreover, every time period is divide into numbered boxes which contain numbered folders, along with the number of pages for every document.

All entries include:

               Qajar-DocsCover2                                                                                    Qajar-Docs2


An Annotated Bibliography of Persian Printed Materials on Constitutional History of Iran

کتاب شناسی‌ تاریخ مشروطیت ایران

Kitabshinasi-i tarikh-i Mashrutiyat-i Iran :
fihrist- i tawzihi az makhaz va kutub va maqalat-i chapi dar barah-i tarikh-i Mashrutiyat

Author(s): Farmayan, Hafez F

Publication: [Tehran, Iran] : Amir-i Kabir,1966
OCLC: 61580592 Database: WorldCat

This bibliography includes documents, (some classified at the time), political analysis, biographies, articles and reports about major political events and developments that have taken place during 1905-1911. Although the main subject area is the history of constitution in Iran, but it is also a relevant source of information on the events that led to the constitution revolution and other historical facts of that time, such as, Iran 's foreign relations with Russia and Britain through which the future direction of the country was  determined.

There are 122 annotated entries which are all arranged alphabetically by author.  The collection was drawn from published material on the subject of the Constitution Revolution in Iran in Persian language up until 1966.

Constit1                                                                                               Constit2


فهرست مقالات فارسى

Index Iranicus Vol. 1

Fihrist-i maqalat-i Farsi-Persian Periodicals

Author(s):Afshar, Iraj

Publication: University of Tehran, 1961 OCLC: 61581335 Database: WorldCat

Index Iranicus volume 1, includes 6000 articles that have been published in various magazines and annuals in Iran or abroad in the Persian language. The time period covering is 1910-1958. This bibliography of periodicals is organized by different topics. In order to facilitate easy access, the author has added a number of indexes such as: author, names, geographical and historical names. As far as subject matter is concerned, Index Iranicus (the present bibliography) covers a wide range such as, philosophy, anthropology, religion, etc, however, it contains source for international relations studies under "history".

Moreover, the entire compiled material in this bibliography is drawn from the collection gathered by the author while working at Tehran University Law Library during 1951-1961.

Fehrest-Afshar        Fehrest-Afshar3         Fehrest-Afshar2


Bibliography of a decade of book publishing in Iran

کتابشناسی ده سالهٔ کتاب‌های ایران

Kitabshinasi-i dah salah-i kitabha-yi Iran

Author: Afshar,Iraj

Publication: Anjuman-i Kitab(The Book Society),Tehran,1967

Publication: Tihran : Anjuman-i Kitab

This is the thirteen edition of a general bibliography of books published in Iran within a ten year period, 1954-1963. However, once again the reason to include the present collection is the existing sources on the history of international relations between Iran and some foreign countries, which can be found under the "history" section.It includes old transcripts, constitutionalism in the Qajar dynasty and also sources about World War I and II and their impact on Iran. This edition is compiled by subject that contains a brief description for every entry such as, author/authors, publication, year, number of pages, etc.  The author claims to have only covered 80% of published books in Iran within that time frame.

There are 5602 entries and three indexes: Alphabetically arranged subject, names of people and book titles.

                                                 Decade-bib                                                              Decade-bib2                                                       




A bibliography of bibliographies on Iranian studies

فهرست نامهٔ کتابشناسی‌های ایران


Author: Afshār, Īraj
Publication: Faculty of Letters, University of Tehran,1963
Persian, OCLC: 4455832 Database: WorldCat

Sources on Iran's diplomatic and economic relations with Russia plus some literary Persian works in Russian, Tajik, Georgian, Turkman, Azery and Armenian can be found in this collection under general bibliography. [pages 86-87]


Persia and the Republic of Venice

Economic and Historical Relations Documents

اسناد تاریخی روابط سیاسی و اقتصادی ایران و جمهوری ونیز

Asnadi-I marbut bih ravabit-I tarikh-I Iran va jumhuri Viniz

az dawran-'I Ilkhaniyan ta 'asr-I Safavi

Authors: Anvar, Iraj- Rowshani, Gh.

Introduction: Tiepolo, Maria Francesca

Publisher: Central Library of the University of Tehran, Tehran, 1973

Language: Persian, Italian

OCLC: 574073286



This is another resource to Iran's foreign relations from the 13th Century to the 17th (Ilkhanid dynasty to Safavid dynasty) which contains a list of 196 items exhibited at the Central Library of Tehran University in 1972; including documents and artifacts related to events such as Iran-Ottoman wars, trade relations between Iran and Europe, gifts, treaties, King's decrees, letters, travel logs,....etc.  

The collection was published on the occasion of this exhibition in collaboration with the State Archives of Venice and the Marciana Library in Venice.  

Entries are organized by number which is identical with items displayed at the exhibition.  Also, entries have a brief description of displayed documents. For example, number 62 is a decree written by King Ismael Safavid of Persia in February 1508, concerning the alliance of the Republic of Venice and Persia.

Moreover, an introduction is included by Maria Francesca Tiepolo former Director of the State Archives of Venice about the history of world events and the relations between Persia and the Republic, in the 13th-17th century time period.

Iran-Venice2                                                                   Iran-Venice3


Bibliography of Iranian History

کتابشناسی تاریخ ایران


Title: Kitābshināsī-i tārīkh-i Īrān

Author: Hafiz Qurani, Mahin Dokht

Publisher: National Library, Tehran, 1997,Persian

UIUC, Asian Library: Z3366 .H34 1997

The present collection is an annotated bibliography of the history of Iran before and after the Islamic period.  The author claims to have included all published books held in the National Library of Iran until 1994 (1373 Shamsi).

There are 6180 entries under various periods and dynasties which are organized under Dewy Decimal Classification. However, the significance of this bibliography for the international relations section is a series of documents and treaties regarding Iran's political and economic relations with foreign countries mainly during Safvid, Qajar and Pahlavi dynasties.

(P.158-9, 200-201...).

Also, this bibliography includes title and name index.



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