Iran-Religion Bibliography


Din'namah'ha-yi Irani

دین نامه‌های ایرانی: کتاب شناسی کتاب‌های دینی ایرانی

Din'namah'ha-yi Irani

kitabshinasi-i mawzu'i-i kitabha-yi dini-i Iran

Islam -- Iran -- Subject- Bibliography,Najafi, Muhammad Baqir.,Köln

Islamische Wissenschaftliche Akademie, 1987, 489 p
OCLC: 21972928


The present bibliography consists of eight sections: Ideology, Study of Koran, The Act of the Prophet, Islamic Law, The History of Islam, Religious Tales and Poems, General Works Related to Islam including chapters about other religions in Iran such as: Sufism, Zoroaster , Ismailism, Baha'i, , Judaism, Christianity, Hindu, Buddhism, Sikhism and about Confucius . It also includes 29 chapters followed by sub-chapters within these sections. In other words, the table of contents is very detailed with many aspects of Islam.

 This bibliography covers material from 1843 to 1978.  The author has divided the content into three sequential time periods, based on political and social changes:

1. From print era to Mashrutiat (Constitutionalism), 1843-1906                                                              

2. From Mashrutiat to World War II                                                                                                                

3.From occupied Iran to nationalism,1941-1978





-    Alphabetical index included in the scholarly resources on the relevant subject in the libraries

-    Card catalogs in the main Iranian libraries in Tehran, Mashhad, Tabriz, Qom, Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd,......, based on subject headings and author

-    National and subject bibliographies

-    Centers for religion studies

-    Promotional flyers by various publishing houses

-    Philosophy scholars' personal libraries

The author is biased toward Shiaism, and believes there are not enough scholarly sources on Shiaism branch of Islam, world wide, compared to majority Sunni branch. He further states that in this bibliography a key triangle of elements has been considered; Islam, Shiaism and Iran, and that this is a historical review of Islam in Iran within the mentioned time period. He believes that his work is not a comprehensive study and there is much more work to be done on the subject.