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Above the doors to the Main Library are inscribed the words, "The Hope of Democracy Depends Upon the Diffusion of Information and Knowledge." This accurately sums up the attitude of the founding fathers of our federal states. The basic tenets of our form of government require free and easy access to information concerning the workings of our government. It is very important to understand that this belief is not a universal one. Despite the democratic forms of goverment of and in the European Union, the information cultures from which these governments are formed do not universally subscribe to the same beliefs about freedom of access. This is reflected in the access and use policies that surround European Union publications.

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CIAO (Columbia International Affairs Online) - A full-text database of working papers, policy briefs, journal articles, and full-text books in the area of international affairs. This database is not known for flexible subject searching, but can be extremely helpful in finding the grey literature in the area.


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