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Indexes, Abstracts, and Bibliographies

Star bulletAccess World News. 1985-present.  This is a great resource for current events. In addition to indexing and providing full text for many local, regional, national, and international newspapers, you can find newswire stories, broadcast transcripts, and current issues of the New York Times, Newsweek, and more. Covers 1985 - 2008.

Star bulletENDS Europe REPORT. 1978-present.  Billing itself as "environmental intelligence for professionals," this database provides over 17,000 articles on the topic of environmental sustainability. It includes both news and analysis.

International Bibliography of Social Sciences. 1951-present.  Indexes an extensive number of articles, government reports, pamphlets, and books in various languages, though publications in English predominate. Most journals are indexed selectively. Arranged in five major sections. Includes author and title index.

Star bulletInternational Political Science Abstracts. 2007-present.  Provides non-evaluative abstracts from political science journals Index from around the world. Abstracts are grouped according to broad tables topic and are accessible through a subject index. Most abstracts are in English though some are in French.

Star bulletLexis Nexis Academic Universe.  A comprehensive source for news, business, and legal information, with full text and abstracts. Includes foreign news sources, major U.S. newspapers, regional U.S. news services, radio and television transcripts, federal and state case law, medical, legislative and industry news, annual reports from Securities and Exchange Commission and many other sources. Newspapers are updated several times daily, and wire services hourly. 

Star bulletMLA International Bibliography The MLA (Modern Language Association) Bibliography indexes scholarly criticism in language, literature, folklore, and linguistics.  Issues of linguistic and cultural policy, multilingualism and translation are covered with articles in numerous languages.

Star bulletPAIS International (Public Affairs Information Service) This is a bibliographic index with abstracts covering the full range of political, social, and public policy issues. Topics covered include economic, political, and social issues, business, finance, law, international trade and relations, public administration, government, political science, and any topics that are or might become the subject of legislation. The database covers selected journal articles, books, statistics, yearbooks, directories, conference proceedings, pamphlets, reports, government documents, and microfiche. More than 1,600 journals and over 8,000 monographs are indexed each year. Coverage includes documents published worldwide in any of six languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. The subject headings and abstracts are in English.OECD

Star bulletOECD iLibrary The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development's SourceOECD provides a wide variety of economic information and statistical resources in the form of books, periodicals, statistical databases and even downloadable software. Furnishes statistics, papers, and selected special reports on the member countries of OECD; covers various aspects of economies including education, economy, infrastructure, and trade.

Star bulletWorldwide Political Science Abstracts. 1975-present.  This database provides citations, abstracts, and indexing of the international serials literature in political science and its complementary fields, including international relations, law, and public administration / policy.

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Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

The Concise Encyclopedia of Democracy. 2000.

Q.321.803 C748
SSHEL Reference

Contains over 300 articles covering democratic concepts, individuals and countries. There are five types of articles: biographies, regional and country profiles, topical analysis, historical overviews, and discussions of important documents, speeches, and U.S. Supreme Court Decisions. The biographies cover more than 2,000 years, from Plato to Wei Jingsheng, and the whole world, from Nelson Mandela to Margaret Thatcher. The topical scope is international, but particular emphasis is given to the American experience and democracy. Contains a list of maps, a list of articles by subject, a bibliography and an index.

The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Politics. 2009.

320.03 C7482009
SSHEL Reference

Contains more than 1,700 entries, including new materials on topics such as NGOs, butterfly ballots, decentralization, ethnic cleansing, and direct action. Covering political thinkers, institutions, and concepts, the dictionary has an international perspective. Appendices list the political leaders of a range of countries and international institutions.

The Dictionary of 20th Century World Politics. 1993.

909.82 Sh13d
SSHEL Reference

This dictionary defines 4,000 terms associated with international politics of the 20th century. Entries treat people, events, theories, doctrines, crises, wars, and treaties.

A Dictionary of Diplomacy. 2nd ed. 2003.

A guide to the articles of the Vienna Convention, the articles of the Vienna Convention on the Diplomatic Relations (1961), and a bibliography are included. The dictionary itself gives brief explanations of words, phrases, events, titles, names of people and places, and organizations pertinent to, and in the context of, diplomacy.

A Dictionary of the European Union. 5th ed. 2010.

341.75061 P552d2010
International & Area Studies Reference

Provides an overview of the development of the European Union. There are over 1000 entries in the dictionary including words; terms; procedures; ideas; movements and names of current member states, people, organizations, countries with relevance to the European Union in alphabetical order. Entries are brief, with cross references in bold within the entries.  Includes a list of acronyms and abbreviations.

Dictionary of Politics and Government. 2004.

Covering world politics, international relations, local and national government and the European Union. All entries have been fully updated, and range from active citizenship, democratic deficit, and the Factortame case to regional government and sleaze.

Encyclopedia of Democratic Thought. 2001.

321.803 En194
Education Reference

Addresses ideas that matter to democracy, past, present and future through a collection of essays on key concepts and issues. Entries are organized alphabetically and contain suggestions for further reading. This resource is global in its scope and reflects the democratic revolution of recent decades, referring both to the long established democracies of Western Europe, North America and Australia, and to the more recent democracies of Latin America, Eastern and Central Europe, Africa and Asia. Name and subject index.

Encyclopedia of European Elections. 2007.

324.24055 En191
Education Reference

Features an introductory essay, 11 maps depicting European electoral results and trends circa 2004, and 143 in-depth entries with individual bibliographies, and an essay conclusion.  Focuses on using multiple disciplinary angles to understand the context, rules, outcomes and meanings of European elections. Includes a table of contents listing individual entry titles and page numbers, and an index.

Encyclopedia of the European Union. 2000.

341.242203 En192000
Undergraduate Library & Online

Alphabetical entries describe individuals, policies, institutions, treaties, and terms related to the EU. A chronology and several important appendices--such as an overview of institutional change, national representation in EU institutions as of 1998, member states in international security organizations, and renumbered articles, titles, and sections of the Treaty on the European Union and the Treaty Establishing the European Community--are included.

Encyclopedia of Globalization. 2007. 4 Vols.

Q. 303.48203 En195
International & Area Studies Reference

Contains nearly 400 entries, from acid rain to youth culture, to cover the multiple aspects of globalization affecting sectors of society around the world. Each volume includes a list of entries, reader's guide, and a cumulative index. All entries contain a bibliography and recommend related entries or documents. The fourth volume also includes primary source documents related to the entries, the CSGR Globalisation Index that measures dimensions of globalization per country, and an additional selected bibliography arranged by subject areas.

Encyclopedia of Government and Politics. 2nd ed. 2004. 2 Vols.

320.03 En19 2004
Education Reference

A wide-ranging encyclopedia covering topics such as political theory; postmodernism and repudiation on grand theory; contemporary political systems; political institutions, political forces and political processes; centripetal and centrifugal forces in the nation-state; policymaking and policies; International relations; and issues in contemporary world politics. Also covers a variety of issues such as terrorism, race and racism in politics, health policies, religion in politics, refugees, the United Nations, international law, international institutions. A general index covering both volumes is included at the end of volume two.

Encyclopedia of Politics and Religion. 2nd ed. 2007. 2 Vols.

Q. 322.103 En192007
International & Area Studies Reference & Online

The 281 alphabetical articles in this two-volume encyclopedia are presented with the intent of showing interconnections between politics and religion and how they "have combined to shape public discourse, affect social attitudes, spark and sustain collective action, and influence policy, especially during the past two centuries." The entries, which range in length from a few hundred to eight thousand words, examine broad themes such as millennialism and pluralism, as well as specific religions, individuals, geographical regions, institutions, and events.

Eurojargon: A Dictionary of European Union Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Terminology. 7th ed. 2004.


Contains over 5,400 dictionary entries explaining "Eurospeak" in plain language. Also includes addresses, URLs, and bibliographic references related to the entries.

Europe: A Concise Encyclopedia of the EU from Aachen to Zollverein. 3rd ed. 2000.

337.142 l465e

Aimed at the general educated interest, the entries vary widely in length. There is a perceptible euroskeptic tone in the entries, introduction and epigraph. Features seven appendixes, including chronology, composition of parliament, voting strengths, and GDP data.

The European Union Encyclopedia and Directory 2011. 5th ed. 2010.

Q. 337.142 Eu74942011
International & Area Studies Reference

Provides current and historical information related to the European Union, with a chronology of the EU. Offers entries for institutions, operations, acronyms, and concepts. Nine essays expand upon topics such as governance, legal and social frameworks, economic integration, and monetary union. A directory providing contact information for all institutions of the EU and key related organizations (as well as European Parliament members specifically) is included. Summaries of major treaties and listings of major information sources are provided, and a statistical survey providing data on individual member countries as well as the EU is presented.

A Glossary of the European Union. 2008.

341.242203 J71g
Education and Social Sciences Library

Defines the key concepts and institutions linked to the European Union, along with brief biographies of the leading figures related to the foundation and development of the EU.

Greenwood Encyclopedia of Women's Issues Worldwide: Europe. 2003.

305.42 G856e
Education Reference

Features a general introduction to women's issues in Europe, and chapters on each country.  Includes a user's guide which describes the sections of each chapter, regional and mini-region maps, volume and set indexes, a resource guide, and a bibliography.

Historical Dictionary of the European Community. 1993.


Features "descriptive and analytical entries" on people, organizations, events and developments. Includes an introductory essay, an extensive bibliography, and appendixes with chronology, tables, and graphs.

International Dictionary of Public Management and Governance. 2006.

351.03 B469i
Education Reference

Contains brief definitions of terms pertaining to public management from an international perspective.

International Economic and Financial Dictionary: a multilingual guide to the European Community. 1993.

330.03 b457v:e
Main Stacks

Brief entries on economic/financial terms, and on organizations and programs specific to the EC, with names given in English, French, German, Spanish. Glossaries allow translation of foreign terms to English ones for ease of lookup.

International Encyclopedia of Elections. 2000.

Q.324.03 In8
Education Reference

Authoritative encyclopedia of current and historical voting terms, procedures, and practices explores the many complex elections which occur worldwide. A total of 147 articles provide information about varied and diverse voting practices and each article is followed by a short bibliography. Includes two tables which break down voting processes by country and a detailed index.

One Europe, Many Nations: A Historical Dictionary of European National Groups. 2000.

940.03 M66o
Education Reference

Details the history of people of the many ethnic and cultural groups of Europe. Arranged alphabetically by group, the work briefly outlines the major distinguishing characteristics of the groups. Each ethnic or cultural group is described geographically, culturally, and politically, followed by a short bibliography. Contains a short appendix listing each group and population, and includes an index.

The Oxford Companion to Politics of the World. 2nd ed. 2001.

320.03 Ox2 2001
Education Reference

Provides a guide to international relations and domestic politics worldwide. Articles are divided between eleven categories and vary in length. Contains articles on nearly every country as well as biographies on national and internationally significant figures. Includes an index.

A Political and Economic Dictionary of Western Europe. 2005.

940.03 An76a
Education Reference

Contains entries for main political parties, institutions, and economic organizations in Western Europe as well as longer entries for the countries themselves. Entries for countries focus on political and economic conditions since World War II. Each entry listed for parties or organizations includes contact information such as address, email, and telephone number.

Political and Economic Dictionary of Eastern Europe. 2nd ed. 2007.

947.086 p759 2007
Education Reference

More than 100 brief entries, some including contact information for political organizations. Includes a listing of entries by country, and an index of personal names.

The Politics of Electoral Systems. 2005.

324.63 P759
Education Reference

Explains how electoral systems work in each of the countries discussed while looking at the politicization of electoral institutions as well as electoral reform. Also examined are the strategic incentives that electoral systems provide to voters, candidates, and parties. Twenty-two countries are discussed according to their frameworks: single member constituency systems, mixed systems, closed list systems, and preferential list systems and PR-STV. Includes five appendixes, a glossary, and an extensive index.

Routledge Encyclopedia of International Political Economy. 2001. 3 Vols.

337.03 R765
Education Reference

Covers the major issues within empirical political economy. An effective introduction to a wide range of theories, concepts and issues. Includes illustrations, list of abbreviations and references.

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Handbooks, Yearbooks, and Almanacs

The Almanac of British Politics. 8th ed. 2007.

328.4107345 W156a 2007
Education Reserves

Presents a comprehensive study of demographic influences on constituencies in the UK. Includes brief biographies of members of Parliament as well as a description and analysis of each region. Includes statistical tables, a list of abbreviations, maps of the UK, and an index of members of Parliament.

A Chronological History of the European Union 1946-2001. 2002.

330.94055 v368c

Features a short introductory history of the EU with a focus on the big ideas rather than on institutions and dates. Historical events are listed in date order, with brief descriptions given of significant events.  Includes appendixes on several important treaty articles establishing the EEC, and on voting weights by country in the Council of Ministers, a bibliography, and index.

The Enlarged European Union: A Statistical Handbook. 2003-present.

Education Reference

Coverage focuses on marketing and business info, with data presented as either in 25-year trend form or most recent complete year (2001) data only.  Features sections on population, economic indicators, banking and finance, external trade, labor, industry, energy, consumer expenditure, retail distribution, advertising, media and leisure, consumer market sizes, consumer prices and costs, home ownership, household profiles, health, crime, literacy and education, agricultural resources, communications, automotives, transport, travel and tourism, and income and earnings.  Includes table of contents and a list of key EU marketing information sources.

The European Union and Global Governance. 2011.

341.2422 Eu7498
Main Stacks & Online

Covers European studies and global governance, EU institutions and international relations, policy and issue areas, and the multilevel government complex formed by the EU and institutions/nations like the WTO, United Nations, and USA.

The European Union: A Very Short Introduction. 2007.

341.2422 P652EU 2007
Education Reference

A 171-page narrative introduces background and theoretical perspectives on the EU's purpose and functions, with coverage of major programs, policies, and political issues, making use of pictures, charts, graphs, and maps.  Includes references, suggestions for further reading, chronology, glossary, and index.

Ethnic Groups Worldwide: A Ready Reference Handbook. 1998.

305.8 L5782e
Education Reference & Online

A guide to ethnic groups in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific, and the Americas. Each section contains a nation-by-nation breakdown of ethnicity, listing the major ethnic groups and describing their location, population, religion and basic economic, social, and political practices.

Europe in Figures: Eurostat Yearbook. 1997-present (Oak Street); 1995-2005 & 2009-present (Law).

Q. 314 Eu746
Law Library

Most data covers 1995-2005, with sections on population, education and health, living conditions, labor, economy, international trade, industry, technology, environment,  agriculture, and forestry and fisheries.  Data codes in the entries allow researchers to find updated and more current information directly on the Eurostat website. Also features a 'practical guide to accessing European statistics,' a glossary, a subject index, a selection of other Eurostat publications, and explanations of several international classification codes used. A list of abbreviations and acronyms is given on a laminated insert.

European Political Facts of the twentieth century. 2001.

320.94c771e 2001

Contains short historical entries about EU and predecessor organizations.   Sections by country feature lists of heads of state, parliaments, ministers, elections, and political parties, descriptions of justice systems and population figures.  Lists treaties with year and signatories, and some descriptions of treaty contents. Includes a glossary and an index.

The European Union Handbook. 2002.

341.2422 Eu7429 2002
Education Reference

Provides information on the EU's development, institutions, personalities and policies. Organized in six broad subject categories: "history and context," "politics," "economics and policies," "law and society," "external relations," and "future." Includes appendices with factual data about the EU.

Handbook of European Union Politics. 2006.

341.2422 H191
International & Area Studies Reference

Consists of four parts covering: the disciplinary history of EU studies, the EU as a polity, politics and policy making in the EU, and the global impact of the EU as an international actor.  Each of the four parts has an overview chapter, and several individually written chapters on subjects that fall within the part heading. Includes contributor (chapter-author) profiles, subject and name indexes, and a table of contents listing chapters by part.

Handbook of Quality of Life in the Enlarged European Union. 2008.

306.307204 H191
Education and Social Sciences Library

Includes 17 papers organized into sections on fertility, families, and households; employment and working conditions; material living conditions; social capital and social cohesion; and processes of Europeanization. Most sections include overarching looks at their particular topic for Europe as a whole and often comparisons are made for Western and Eastern Europe. Also institutional and policy matters such as pension systems, minimum income policies, and institutional drivers of housing inequalities are addressed.

Integration, Growth, and Cohesion in an Enlarged European Union. 2005.

337.142 In812
Main Stacks & Online

A series of essays on the topic of integration in the European Union, with a focus on current and future EU member states in individual and cross-country integration contexts. Includes bibliographic references and an index.

The Oxford Handbook of Political Institutions. 2008 (Online); 2006 (Print).

320.3 Ox26
Education Reference & Online

Contains extensive information on institutions in general, including sections on theoretical approaches, analyses, and historical discussions. Also includes bibliographic references and an index.

Sage Handbook of Nations and Nationalism. 2006.

320.54 Sa18
Education Reserves

Organized in three broad sections that examine various concepts and theories of nationhood and nationalism; talk about broad themes and topics in the study of nationalism (from race, religion, and ethnicity to migration, globalization, and sport); and look in detail at nationhood and nationalism in all the major countries and regions of the world. Each chapter includes references. An index is provided.

The Statesman's Yearbook. 1864-present.

310 St2
Reference & Online

A comprehensive source of basic information about individual nations, as well as the European Union as an institution.

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Directories and Guides

An Atlas of EEC Affairs. 1984.

Q. 341.2422 h869a
Main Stacks

Stated goal is to describe in maps and words, the trends, problems, and prospects of the EEC in the early 1980s, and to provide an introduction to the life of the Community. Includes chapters on EEC history, organizational structure, powers, and policies, on population change, on the labor market, on economic performance, on social conditions, and a chapter speculating on the state of the EEC in 2000. Contains author, location, and subject indexes. 

The Directory of EU Information Sources. 1995-2010.

Q 025.520254 D628
Education Reference

Specific coverage includes details on major EU funding programs, reviews of agencies new as of 1995, organizational charts for EU Institutions and committees, and coverage of new member states (as of 1995) EU parliamentary representation.  10 Sections listing information sources, of or on the Commission, Parliament, other EU institutions, foreign representation in Brussels, press agencies, consultants, lawyers and legal advisers, trade and professional organizations including interest groups and NGOs, postgraduate degrees in EU integration, EU grants and loans. Includes a brief user's guide, Table of Contents, and index. Several annexes provide contact information for European Commission, Parliament, and Delegation offices and more.

Euro Guide: Annuaire des institutions de l'Union européenne et des autres organisations européennes = Yearbook of the Institutions of the European Union and of the other European Organizations. 1997-2007.

341.242 An731
Education Reference

This English-French guide to the European Union provides information about nearly all of the intergovernmental bodies working for European integration. The first part describes the structure, function, and activities of institutions, bodies, and agencies of the European Union and other European intergovernmental organizations. The second part is a directory, giving the names of the persons in charge, with direct telephone numbers and addresses, and organizational charts of European intergovernmental organizations, the diplomatic corps accredited to the European Union, and European institutions of higher education. Includes websites, national holidays, a chronological overview of the history of the European Union, and subject and name index.

The European Union Encyclopedia and Directory 2011. 5th ed. 2010.

Q. 337.142 Eu74942011
International & Area Studies Reference

Provides current and historical information related to the European Union, with a chronology of the EU. Offers entries for institutions, operations, acronyms, and concepts. Nine essays expand upon topics such as governance, legal and social frameworks, economic integration, and monetary union. A directory providing contact information for all institutions of the EU and key related organizations (as well as European Parliament members specifically) is included. Summaries of major treaties and listings of major information sources are provided, and a statistical survey providing data on individual member countries as well as the EU is presented.

International Government Information and Country Information: a Subject Guide. 2004.

Q. 025 04 m834i

Summarizes general resources on EU topics, some subject chapters include listings and discussion of EU-appropriate sources on the chapter topic. Also offers research strategies and suggested further readings for each topic. Includes an index and an appendix of included organization's URLs.

International Relations, International Security and Comparative Politics: A Guide to Reference and Information Sources. 2008.

International & Area Studies Reference

Focus is on sources published between 1990 and 2006. Topics covered include: human rights, public opinion, arms control, treaties, and terrorism.  Chapter Five is specific to European and EU politics, and features an annotated, selected bibliography of 117 reference sources categorized as: atlases, bibliographies, biographical studies/directories, chronologies, dictionary/encyclopedia, document sources, guides/handbooks, indexes, internet indexing sources, statistical sources, and yearbooks.  Source annotations describe source content, types of material covered, time period covered, geographic focus, number of entries, arrangement, indexing, and special features. Includes indexes by author/compiler/editor, title, and subject.

Political Parties of Eastern Europe: A Guide to Politics in the Post-Communist era. 2002.

320.97409049 b864p

Coverage by country includes a historical overview, post-communist developments, political parties, ethnic and religious minorities, political data, election results, and notes. Includes an extensive, general introduction to the region's politics, indexes of personal and party names, and a list of abbreviations.

Political Parties of the World. 5th ed. 2002.

324.2025 D33p 2002

Provides information on the major political parties of the world. Includes party leadership, history, and current addresses. Also discusses political parties operating within each country.

World Directory of Non-Official Statistical Sources. 7th Ed. 2007. 2 Vols.

Q 310.604 W89
Education Reference

Provides access to statistical and market data published by regional and national trade associations, banks, research companies, market research publishers and trade magazine and journal publishers. Entries include scope, content, language and pricing details for each organization or publication, as well as contact information including website if available.  Entries are organized by market sectors according to given definitions; two indexes: by country and publisher, and journals by country.  Table of contents, sector definitions, and geographic coverage information is in volume one, indexes are in volume two.


The official source for harmonized and comparable statistical information about the EU and its member states.  Various statistics and statistical pubications are accessible via six topics and nine themes, or using a search interface. Data may be viewed in the form of predefined tables or in a user-customized display.

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Who's Who of Women in World Politics. 1991.

320.082 w62

Features short biographies of women in government or leadership positions, organized alphabetically.  Contact addresses are given, but in many cases may be out of date. Includes a statistical survey of women in politics by country/region and an index by country.

Chambers Dictionary of Political Biography. 1991.

324.203 C355
Education and Social Sciences Library

Presents the lives of 1,100 men and women who have shaped the modern political world. Each entry provides birth and death dates, official titles, and a brief paragraph highlighting the individual's career and accomplishments. Includes a glossary of political terms and a section on political quotations.

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Primary Documents

Dispute Settlement in Public International Law: Texts and Materials. 2001. 2 Vols.

341.5 D632 2001
Education Reference

Contains primary documents used as the basis of treaties and other international dispute settlements. Areas of international law covered include general agreements, human rights, treaties concerning economic cooperation, treaties of a technical nature, wars and international crimes, and special agreements. Many primary documents are followed by bibliographical notes. Most documents are in English, but some are in French, German, or Spanish with no translation available within the work. Contains an exhaustive table of contents and a detailed index.

European Foreign Policy: Key Documents. 2000.

327.4 Eu748
Education Reference

Provides a collection of the key documents produced by European Political Cooperation (EPC) and its successor, the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP). Includes documents such as the difficult-to-find Fouchet Plans and the Stuttgart Solemn Declaration. Linking commentary and cross references help understand the origins and context of each document. Book sections include: Origins of EPC, institutional developments of EPC from 1969-1997, security and the evolution of the WEU, and policy developments. Includes a short bibliography and index.

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Billed as "the Gateway to the European Union," Europa is the website of the European Commission and as such is available in 23 languages.  It provides a great number of online EU resources, including links to the sites of the various EU bodies and institutions, links to sources of EU documents of all kinds, subject access to activities of the EU, and links to a number of on-line services provided by the EU.

National Resource Centers

University of California, Los Angeles

University of North Carolina

University of Washington

Brigham Young University

University of Wisconsin Madison

University of Pittsburgh

MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies at Yale

European Libraries

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Country Guides

Europa Regional Surveys of the World: Western Europe. 13th ed. 2011.

Q. 940.55 W525

Includes critical essays on important issues in the region, entries by country featuring geography, chronology, history, economy, statistical survey, directory, and bibliography.  Also contains a directory of regional research institutes, and a select bibliography.

Europa World Year Book. 1959-2007.

Q.310 Eu741

Comprehensive, up-to-date source for general information on countries and international organizations including statistical surveys, as well as demographic and economic statistics. The most recent volume is available in the Reference Library; the next most recent year is in the ESSL reference collection.

EIU -Economist Intelligence Unit


Country Intelligence supplies in-depth analysis of current political, policy and economic trends with an 18 month outlook. Quarterly and annual statistics with at least 150 data points picked from the most reliable sources and reviewed by analysts for over 195 countries.  Country Intelligence contains country reports and profiles, risk ratings, licensing and trading information for the new economies, plus G-8 and regional forecasts. Covers 1843 - 2003.

Europa World Plus


Comprehensive, up-to-date source for general information on countries and international organizations including statistical surveys as well as demographic and economic statistics.  Includes critical essays on important issues in western and eastern-central Europe, with entries by country featuring geography, chronology, history, economy, statistical survey, directory, and bibliography.  Also contains a directory of regional research institutes, and a select bibliography.

Political Handbook of the World. 1927-2009 print. 1975-present online.

328 P759
Main Stacks & Online

Discussion of governments, regional issues, and the intergovernmental organizations of the world. Indexed by geographic location, organizational name, and personal name. A chronology of major international events is also included.

The Statesman's Yearbook. 1864-present.

310 St2
Reference & Online

A comprehensive source of basic information about individual nations, as well as the European Union as an institution.

The World Factbook. Central Intelligence Agency. 1981-present.

320.3 Un3n1
Reference & Online

This source is produced annually for the use of US government officials. Each country entry includes a map, geographical description, and information on the peoples, government, economy and defense of the nation.

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