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PS180 – Intro Politics of Globalization

Welcome to the resource page for The Politics of Globalization. We will attempt to provide you with a number of links to materials that you may find helpful in this class. These links lead to databases, news resources, documents, and organizations.

Table of Contents

Policy Centers and Think Tanks

  • Brookings Institution Research Topics – This well-known think tank provides a large number of reports and policy briefings on a variety of topics including energy, the environment, and other global issues.
  • CATO Institute Research Areas – Another think tank that may provide a different take on the same issues as Brookings, this leads you to similar subjects.
  • CIAO (Columbia International Affairs Online) – The essential resource for policy briefings, working papers, and many, many reports from a large number of think tanks and organizations. Use the advanced search, but don’t enter too many terms. All results will include full-text.
  • Congressional Research Service Reports and Issue Briefs – The CRS is the research organization that provides the U.S. Congress with reports and policy reviews needed during consideration of various issues.

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Media Sources

Newspapers (online)

News resources can be very helpful and provide a good basis for your understanding of global issues. We frequently forget that these reports are written from a particular point of view. We have provided a number of sources for you to explore that include the New York Times, sometimes known as the paper of record for the United States, as well as various other resources from the U.S. and around the world.

  • New York Times – This will take you to the historical version of the paper which begins in 1868 and runs through 2003. For newer articles, the Library is able to provide access to all articles, images, videos, audio files, blogs, and user-generated content from the  New York Times website (NYTimes.com).
  • The Washington Post is another national newspaper of note. You can access the full-text of articles electronically through this link from 1977 to date. For articles published between 1877 and 1990 go to the drop-down list in Historical Newspapers and select the title.
  • The Christian Science Monitor is a leading newspaper with an international focus and it tends to be a little different from other western news sources, providing in-depth coverage of events from an analytical and less-biased viewpoint. The full text is available from January 1, 1987 in the NewsBank link by entering specific terms, or you might want to browse the issue for the entire date.
  • Access World News – A large aggregation of news articles in English from around the world.
  • Watching America – This is an independent web site that translates a wide variety of newspaper articles.

Other world news media resources

General Magazines

To search for general magazines and opinion journals, you might want to try EBSCO or InfoTrac. These resources will lead you to a large number of resources, many with full-text. Some of the titles you will find here include U.S. News and World Report, Time, Newsweek, New Republic, National Review, Commentary, Nation, and the Economist. Most of these magazines can also be accessed individually through the Online Research Resources page.

If you feel adventurous, try the new Library Search Assistant. This searches many different general online resources.

Opinion Journals

Some opinion journals exist that are directly related to international politics and global studies. You can try searching for these through the Library Search Assistant or through an index called PAIS. You can also go directly to the full-text of the following titles.

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Governmental Resources

The governments of the world do a lot of publishing related to policy areas. In the United States there are laws, hearings, regulations, and policy speeches that are made freely available to the world. The University Library is a depository for U.S. government documents and has a huge collection going back to the founding of our nation. You can search for specific titles through theonline catalog or for more current items you can go to the following electronic resources.

  • GPOAccess – This site leads to free public access to full-text, official Federal information; Federal information finding aids and much more. Information is broken up into the three branches of government – legislative, executive, and judicial. You can find everything from Congressional bills to State of the Union speeches to the Supreme Court website.
  • THOMAS – A website supported by the Library of Congress is a wealth of information about this branch of government and provides direct access to the Congressional Record, Presidential Nominations, and much, much more.
  • Presidential Speeches – The official White House site provides access to the most recent speeches of the President as well as other interesting links.
  • Vital Speeches of the Day – The resource contains speeches by the President and many, many other politicians and major figures. The resource extends back to 1931 for an historical perspective.

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Intergovernmental Organizations

Intergovernmental organizations (IOs) are bodies that promote voluntary cooperation in and among their members, or coordination between these members. The membership is comprised of sovereign states and these states remain autonomous. Examples of these are listed below and many of these organizations provide helpful reports and statistics related to the study of globalization.

  • United Nations – As you will see if you choose this link, the United Nations provides a wide variety of information about itself and its constituent units. Choose any of the headings such as Peace and Security,Development, Human Rights, Humanitarian Affairs, or International Law to find information in these distinct areas. Most of these links provide a section on documents and research guides to help you learn more about this organization and the work that it does.
  • AccessUN (1946-) – This is an index to the UN microfiche/microprint collection that includes documents, Official Records, periodicals, periodical articles, and sales publications of the General Assembly, Security Council, Economic and Social Council, Trusteeship Council, International Court of Justice and the Secretariat.
  • United Nations Documents Index (UN.ST/LIB/Ser.N – Documents Library) – The main print index to the documents and publications of the UN and its subsidiary bodies. While you are using these in the Documents Library, ask the reference librarian about the changes that have occurred over the years if you are interested in pre-1998 items. While you are there, ask them about the Index to Proceedings of the General Assembly, Index to the Proceedings of the Security Council, Index to the Proceedings of the Trusteeship Council, and Index to the Proceedings of the Economic and Social Council.
  • UN-I-QUE – This is a database created by the United Nations/Specialized Agencies Reference Desk of the Dag Hammarskjold Library in response to frequently asked questions. It emphasizes access to special documents that are sold by the UN.

Other Programs, Subsidiary Bodies and Autonomous Organizations of the UN

Other Major Intergovernmental Organizations

Regional IGOs

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Non-Governmental Organizations

These organizations are either bodies that work internationally outside of sovereign nations, or consist of groups of national non-governmental organizations. We have not included multi-national corporations in our list of access points below. NGOs also provide a wide variety of resources that relate to the study of globalization, but they tend to speak to us from a specific viewpoint.

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