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Search for books and articles related to the subject you are interested in learning more about. Consider using a variety of terms such as development, specialized agencies, united nations, millennium development goals, etc.

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Citing Your Sources

Find out about the wide variety of citation styles for both print and electronic resources.

RefWorks is a wonderful bibliographic collection and production tool. To learn more about RefWorks, attend a Savvy Researcher Session at the University Library.  

Media Sources

Newspapers (online)

News resources can be very helpful and provide a good basis for your understanding of global issues. We frequently forget that these reports are written from a particular point of view. We have provided a number of sources for you to explore that include the New York Times, sometimes known as the paper of record for the United States, as well as various other resources from the U.S. and around the world.

Other world news media resources Phnom Penh

General Magazines

To search for general magazines and opinion journals, you might want to try EBSCO or  InfoTrac. These resources will lead you to a large number of resources, many with full-text. Some of the titles you will find here include U.S. News and World Report, Time, Newsweek, New Republic, National Review, Commentary, Nation, and the Economist. Most of these magazines can also be accessed individually through the  Online Research Resourcespage.

If you feel adventurous, try the new  Library Search Assistant. This searches many different general online resources.

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Governmental Resources

The governments of the world do a lot of publishing related to policy areas. In the United States there are laws, hearings, regulations, and policy speeches that are made freely available to the world. The University Library is a depository for U.S. government documents and has a huge collection going back to the founding of our nation. You can search for specific titles through theonline catalog or for more current items you can go to the following electronic resources.

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Intergovernmental Organizations

Intergovernmental organizations (IOs) are bodies that promote voluntary cooperation in and among their members, or coordination between these members. The membership is comprised of sovereign states and these states remain autonomous. Examples of these are listed below and many of these organizations provide helpful reports and statistics related to the study of globalization.

Other Programs, Subsidiary Bodies and Autonomous Organizations of the UN

Other Major Intergovernmental Organizations

Regional IGOs

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Find Conference Proceedings


Conference Proceedings are sometimes very difficult to find, and even more difficult to assess.  They make up part of the body of "grey" literature, meaning writings that are not regularly distributed in the same way as other works.  Sometimes they are published like books, sometimes they only exist on the website of the conference.  The following databases should be of some help in finding the papers from a variety of proceedings.