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About the International and Area Studies Library

A snapshot of IAS staff and location

About the International and Area Studies Library

In 2012, the University of Illinois Library formed the International and Area Studies Library (IASL) to coordinate patron and research focused services while continuing to build nationally prominent collections of materials from outside of the United States. This created for the first time at Illinois, one unit that combined the library’s strong faculty, services, and collections focused on African Studies; East Asian Studies; European Union Studies; Global Studies; Latin American and Caribbean Studies; Middle East and North African Studies; Russian East European, and Eurasian Studies; and South Asian Studies. The combined expertise and research collections of the IASL constitutes one of the campus’ gateways to information and scholarship related to area, international, and global studies, connecting students and scholars to the knowledge crucial to developing global competencies through the study of distinct nations and regions, as well as transnational issues and global concerns. The IASL faculty and staff marshal their expertise and the resources of the Library to support its mission by delivering international reference services; engaging the campus community; publishing original research, developing resources and media; teaching; and developing world class collections.

Engaging Librarianship

The IASL supports interdisciplinary research that informs and draws upon both area knowledge and transnational connections.  To this aim, the IASL faculty teaches and promotes knowledge related to the societies, cultures, and intellectual output of the countries and regions supported by its expert services and research collections. A core service initiative of the IASL is to expand teaching opportunities beyond the traditional classroom setting by drawing upon the expertise of the library’s faculty to make international and area studies knowledge accessible, engaging, and relevant to the campus’ research, teaching, and engagement efforts.  These activities also support key campus research and teaching missions to promote cultural and international understanding while engaging in dialogue focused on tolerance and diversity within a pluralistic society.  


In total, the IASL faculty curates a collection of materials that consist of nearly 2 million volumes in over 150 languages.  Specific collections include:

Collection Name                    

Current Collection Development Statement              


African Studies 

African Studies Collection Development Statement

Atoma Batoma, Laila Hussein

Global Studies

Global Studies Collection Development Statement (Under Development)

Lynne Rudasill

Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Latin American and Caribbean Studies Collection Development Statement

Antonio Sotomayor

Middle East Studies

Middle East Studies Collection Development Statement (Under Development)

Laila Hussein

East Asian Studies

East Asian Studies Collection Development Statement

Steve Witt, Shuyong Jiang, Yoo-Seong Song

South Asian Studies

South Asian Studies Collection Development Statement

Mara Thacker

Slavic and East European

Slavic and East European Collection Development Statement

Kit Condill, Joe Lenkart, Marek Sroka