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Online Resources for Religious Studies

Find Articles

To find articles about religion, begin with:

  • Religion Database: Identifies journal articles and book chapters on all aspects of religion.

Other, more specialized article databases to consider:

  • Index Islamicus: Identifies journal articles, books, book chapters, and conference proceedings on all aspects of Islam and the Muslim world.
  • Index to Jewish Periodicals: Identifies English-language journal and magazine articles on Jewish religion, history, and life.
  • Oxford Bibliography of Jewish Studies: Selected, extensively annotated bibliographies, arranged by both broad and specific topic.
  • Catholic Periodical and Literature Index: Identifies journal articles, magazine articles, book chapters, church documents, and electronic resources on all aspects of Catholic religion, history, and life.
  • Old Testament Abstracts: Identifies journal articles, books, and electronic resources on all aspects of Old Testament studies.
  • New Testament Abstracts: Identifies journal articles, books, and electronic resources on all aspects of New Testament studies.

Other Online Sources

  • Bible in English: 20 translations of the Bible into English, from the West Saxon I gospels, ca.990, to the New English Bible, 1970.
  • Patrologia Latina: Works of the Church Fathers from Tertullian in 200 AD to the death of Pope Innocent III in 1216.
  • Acta Sacntorum: Digitized version of a 68 volume collection of saints' lives originally published from 1643 to 1940.
  • Luthers Werke: All 127 volumes of the Weimar edition of the works of Martin Luther.
  • Oxford Islamic Studies Center: Collection of reference works, with some supplementary primary source material.
  • More. . .

Why Use Anything Other Than Google?

A frequently asked question! This brief video explains why you would want to use the specialized resources listed on the left, instead of relying on Google to find scholarly articles.

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There are many more sources, both online and in print, for researching religion. For more information on researching a specific topic, contact us!