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Digital Collections for Historical Research

Digital Collections Licensed by the University Library

  1. Books
  2. Periodicals
  3. Radio and Television
  4. Newspapers
  5. Philosophy
  6. Religious Studies
  7. History
    1. Social History: Here are entered collections about social groups (e.g., race, class, gender) and popular culture.
    2. Slavery
    3. Statistics
    4. Political and Economic Systems
    5. Time Periods and Regions

I. Books

ACLS Humanities E-Book: Almost 4,000 book-length works of scholarship in the humanities, with an emphasis on history. (002.074)

Perseus: Ancient Greek and Roman texts. (002.0740901)

ARTFL-FRANTEXT: More than 3,500 books (in French) printed from the 12th century to the present. (002.07409022)

Early English Books Online: Almost every book printed between 1473 and 1700 in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and British North America, regardless of language, and English-language books printed elsewhere in the same time period. (002.074094106)

Eighteenth Century Collections Online: Almost every book printed in England,Ireland, Scotland, and Wales during the 18th century, regardless of language, along with thousands of English-language books printed elsewhere in the same time period. Includes some serials. (002.074094107)

Sabin Americana Digital Archive: Based on Joseph Sabin's Bibliotheca Americana, this collection includes books, pamphlets, and periodicals about the Americas from 1492 to 1868. Includes publications both from the Americas and from elsewhere. (002.074097)

Early American Imprints, Series I: 1639-1800: Based on Charles Evans's American Bibliography, includes almost every book printed in the United States between 1639-1800. Part of the Archive of Americana. (002.07409732)

Early American Imprints, Series II: 1801-1819: Based on Ralph Shaw and Richard Shoemaker's American Bibliography: A Preliminary Checklist for 1801-1819, includes almost every book printed in the United States between 1801-1819. Part of the Archive of Americana. (002.07409734)

Afro-American Imprints, 1535-1922: From the Library Company of Philadelphia: Over 12,000 printed works, including books, pamphlets, and broadsides. Part of the Archive of Americana.(002.0896073)

Annual Register: 1758-present. A standard almanac of world events, valuable for its historical breadth. (030)

Encyclopédie ou Dictionnaire raisonné des sciences, des arts et des métiers, par une Société de Gens de lettres: Denis Diderot and Jean le Rond d'Alembert's famous 28 volume encyclopedia, along with Douglas Gordon's "18th Volume". (034)

II. Periodicals

Periodicals Archive Online: Over 700 European and American periodicals in the humanities and social sciences, with coverage back to 1665. (050)

JSTOR: Over 1,500 scholarly journals, with coverage back to the first issue for each, in some cases as far back as the 17th century. (050)

Vogue Archive, 1892-Present: Full color, searchable facsimiles of every issue, with garment type, designer and brand name indexes. (050.908874692)

Entertainment Industry Magazine Archive, 1880-2000: When completed, it will contain full runs of 26 major consumer and trade magazines, from their inception to 2000. (050.908879)

African American Periodicals, 1825-1995: About 170 serials published by, for, or about African Americans. Part of the Archive of Americana.(051.0896073)

American Periodicals Series Online: Popular American periodicals published between 1740-1940. Includes the sub-collection American Periodicals from the Center for Research Libraries, which is particularly strong in trade and labor periodicals. (051.09034)

Harper's Weekly, 1857-1912: The popular, American illustrated weekly magazine. Includes searchable subject indexes, with separate subject access to the illustrations. (051.09034)

The Nation Archive, 1865-Present: Facsimile edition of the influential, American news weekly. (051.0904)

Liberty Magazine Historical Archive, 1924-1950: Full color reproductions of the popular, American weekly magazine. (051.09045)

18th Century Journals: A Portal to Newspapers and Periodicals, 1685-1835: Over 270 newspapers and periodicals from across the British Empire, but mostly from Britain. (052.09033)

British Periodicals: Hundreds of influential British periodicals (literary, political, religious, and more) published between 1680 and 1940. (052.09033)

19th Century UK Periodicals: Periodicals published in Great Britain from 1800-1900, many reproduced in full color. It includes publications on women, children, leisure, sport, and humor. Series 1. New readerships -- Series 2. Empire. (052.09034)

The Economist Historical Archive, 1843-2008: Full color, searchable reproductions of the influential, British news weekly. (052.0904)

The Punch Historical Archive, 1841-1992: Famous and influential humor magazine. (052.0904)

The Picture Post Historical Archive, 1938-1957: Full color reproductions of the popular, and influential British magazine. (052.09045)

Keesing's World News Archive, 1931-present: Daily news reports collected from around the world, originally compiled in the monthly Keesing’s Record of World Events. (052.09045)

III. Radio and Television

The Listener Historical Archive, 1929-1991: Published transcripts of BBC radio and television broadcasts. (070.1940941)

American History in Video: Newsreels (commercial and governmental), archival footage, public affairs footage, and documentary films. Includes global coverage of the 20th century, though from an American perspective. Videos were sourced from the Works Progress Administration, the Black Panther Party Library, the Library of Congress, United Newsreel, Universal Newsreel, Chronoscope, United States Information Agency, National Archives and Records Administration, and more. (070.1950973)

World Newsreels Online, 1929-1966. (070.18)

Meet the Press Video Archive: All extant episodes from 1949 through 2013. (070.1950973)

Vanderbilt Television News Archive: A collection of national network television news broadcasts since 1968. (070.1950973)

IV. Newspapers

For the most complete guide to digitized historical newspapers and historical newspaper collections, visit our page, Historical Newspapers.

ProQuest Historical Newspapers: Major newspapers, mostly U.S., with especially good coverage of the 20th century. Click here to see complete list. (070.4)

Gale NewsVault: Major newspapers and periodicals, mostly British. Click here to see a complete list. (070.45)

America's Historical Newspapers: Hundreds of titles, with especially strong coverage of the earliest American newspapers. Part of the Archive of Americana. (071.3)

African American Newspapers: The 19th Century: 8 major African American newspapers of the 19th Century. (071.30896073)

African American Newspapers, 1827-1998: A wide ranging collection that complements our largest collection of digitized African American newspapers, ProQuest Historical Black Newspapers. While ProQuest Historical Black Newspapers covers the major, metropolitan black newspapers of the 20th century, African American Newspapers, 1827-1998 provides access to a broader range of publications, especially the black press of America's smaller cities, and the few extant issues of the earliest black newspapers, most of which were previously available only on microfilm or in smaller digital collections scattered around the Internet. (071.30896073)

Hispanic American Newspapers, 1808-1980: Mostly scattered issues of over 300 Hispanic-American newspapers. (071.308968)

19th Century U.S. Newspapers: Hundreds of newspapers. (071.309034)

British Newspapers, 1600-1950: (072)

Financial Times Historical Archive, 1888-2009: (072)

Times (London) Digital Archive, 1785-1985: (072.1)

Sunday Times (London) Digital Archive, 1822-2006: (072.1)

Daily Mail (London) Digital Archive, 1896-2004: (072.1)

The Illustrated London News Archive, 1842-2003: Full color reproductions of the first, pictorial news weekly. (072.1)

Irish Newspaper Archive: Currently comprises 33 newspapers covering 1763-present. (072.95)

ProQuest Historical Chinese Newspapers: 12 English language, Chinese newspapers and periodicals: Canton Times (1919-1920); China Critic (1939-1940, 1946); China Press (1925-1938); Chinese Repository (1832-1851); Millard's Review of the Far East (1917-1953); Missionary Recorder (1868-1940); North-China Herald (1850-1941); Peking Daily News (1914-1917); Peking Gazette (1915-1917); Peking Leader (1918-1919); Shanghai Gazette (1919-1920); and Shanghai Times (1914-1921). (079.51)

South Asian Newspapers: Part of the World Newspaper Archive, currently includes 9 newspapers from south Asia, covering late 19th and early 20th centuries.(079.54)

Times of India, 1838-2005: (079.5456)

African Newspapers: Part of the World Newspaper Archive, currently includes about 65 newspapers from Africa, covering late 19th and early 20th centuries.(079.6)

Latin American Newspapers: Part of the World Newspaper Archive, currently includes about 50 Latin American newspapers, covering the late 19th and early 20th centuries.(079.728)

Caribbean Newspapers, 1718-1876: Part of America's Historical Newspapers, currently includes 81 newspapers from 22 countries: Antigua, Bahamas, Barbados, Cuba, Curaçao, Dominica, Grenada, Guadaloupe, Haiti, Jamaica, Martinique, Montserrat, Nevis, Puerto Rico, St. Bartholomew, St. Christopher, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Tobago, Trinidad, the Virgin Islands, and also Bermuda. All newspapers are in Western European languages: English, Spanish, French, and Danish. (079.729)

V. Philosophy

Past Masters: A small collection of canonical works (European civilization), mostly philosophy and mostly in English or English translation. (100)

Les Essais de Michel de Montaigne: the Villey-Saulnier edition. (149.73)

VI. Religious Studies

Bible in English: 20 translations of the Bible into English, from the West Saxon I gospels, ca.990, to the New English Bible, 1970. (220)

Patrologia Latina: Works of the Church Fathers from Tertullian in 200 AD to the death of Pope Innocent III in 1216. (270.3)

Acta Sanctorum: Digitized version of a 68 volume collection of saints' lives originally published from 1643 to 1940. (270.30922)

Archives of the Church of Uganda: Previously available only on microfilm or on site at the Uganda Christian University, Mukono, this collection provides online access to 8 series of records from the Church of Uganda archives: Series 1, Office of the Bishop of Uganda (1882-1961); Series 2, Education Secretary General (1936-1964); Series 3, General Secretary (1924-1963); Series 4,  Financial Secretary (1929-1963); Series 5,  Archbishop's Office (1960-1993); Series 6, Provincial Secretary (1960-1995); Series 7, Mother’s Union (1960-1991); and Series 8, Provincial Treasurer (1960-1991). The records in this collection document the activity of the Anglican Church in Uganda from 1882 through 1995. (283.096761)

Luthers Werke: All 127 volumes of the Weimar edition of the works of Martin Luther. (284.143)

Oxford Islamic Studies Online: Collection of reference works, with some supplementary primary source material. (297)

VII. History

A. Social History

Roper Center for Public Opinion Archives: Survey data from about 150 polling organizations. Emphasis on the United States, with some international polls. Coverage back to the 1930s. (303.3809045)

Gallup Brain: Gallup (public opinion) polls, 1935-present. Subscription Canceled. Click here to learn more about Gallup Brain. (303.38090450973)

Perdita Manuscripts: Over 230 manuscripts, authored by women, that document life in Early Modern England. (305.409030941)

Defining Gender, 1450-1910: Ephemera, pamphlets, college records, exam papers, commonplace books, diaries, periodicals, letters, ledgers, account books, pedagogical treatises, government documents, anatomy books, midwifery texts, manuscript journals, poetry, novels, ballads, drama, receipt books, literary manuscripts, travel writing, and conduct and advice literature.Comprises five sections: Conduct and Politeness, Domesticity and Family, Consumption and Leisure, Education and Sensibility, and The Body. (305.409031094)

Gerritsen Collection of Women's History, 1543-1945: Books, pamphlets, and periodicals that document women's history. (305.409032)

British and Irish Women's Letters and Diaries, 1500 to 1950: Diaries and letters of approximately 500 women. (305.4090320941)

North American Women's Letters and Diaries, Colonial to 1950: Letters and diaries from 1,325 women. Based on seven published bibliographies: The Published Diaries and Letters of American Women: an annotated bibliography, Joyce D. Goodfriend, G.K. Hall, 1987; American Diaries: An Annotated Bibliography of Published American Diaries and Journals. Laura Arksey, Nancy Pries and Marcia Reed, Detroit: Gale Research Co., 1983; Women's Diaries, Journals, and Letters: an annotated bibliography, Cheryl Cline, Garland, 1989; American Diaries in Manuscript, 1580-1954: a descriptive bibliography. Athens, Ga.: University of Georgia Press, 1974; Canadian Diaries and Autobiographies, by William Matthews. Berkeley, CA., University of California Press, 1950; And So to Bed: a bibliography of diaries published in English. Metuchen, N.J.: Scarecrow Press, 1987; and New England Diaries, 1602-1800. A descriptive catalogue of diaries, orderly books and sea journals. Topsfield, Mass: Privately Printed, 1923. (305.409032097)

Women and Social Movements in the United States, 1600-2000: Books, brochures, audio recordings, cartoons, diaries, court reports, interviews, letters, speeches, videos, and more. (305.4090330973)

Travel Writing, Spectacle, and World History: World travel accounts by women from the early 19th century to the late 20th century. Comprises manuscripts, diaries, correspondence, drawings, guidebooks and photographs. (305.409034)

Everyday Life and Women in America, 1800-1920: Books, periodicals, pamphlets, and broadsides.(305.4090340973)

Women in the National Archives: Documents from the British National Archives, with emphasis on the period 1903-1963. (305.409040941)

Hispanic American Newspapers: About 300 Hispanic American newspapers from the period 1808-1980. Part of the Archive of Americana. (305.8680973)

Jewish Life in America, 1654-1954: Letters, scrapbooks, autobiographies, notebooks and other materials from the American Jewish Historical Society in New York City. (305.8924073)

Black Studies Center: International Index to Black Periodicals (1902-present), the Marshall Index to Black Periodicals (1940-1946), Black Literature Index (1827-1940), the Schomburg Studies on the Black Experience, and 6 major African-American newspapers. The 6 newspapers are also included in ProQuest Historical Black Newspapers. Note that ProQuest Historical Black Newspapers has even more African American newspapers than can be found here. (305.896)

Oxford African American Studies Center: Major reference works, along with supplementary primary source material.(305.896073)

Black Thought and Culture: Non-fiction works, including interviews, journal articles, speeches, essays, pamphlets, and letters. Supports browsing by date, event, and other subjects. Colonial times to the present. (305.896073)

Afro-American Imprints, 1535-1922: From the Library Company of Philadelphia: Over 12,000 printed works, including books, pamphlets, and broadsides. Part of the Archive of Americana.(305.89607309032)

Black Abolitionist Papers: Approximately 15,000 articles, documents, correspondence, proceedings, manuscripts, and literary works of almost 300 Black abolitionists (305.89607309034)

African American Newspapers: The 19th Century: 8 major African American newspapers of the 19th Century. (305.8960730903405)

African American Newspapers, 1827-1998: A wide ranging collection that complements our largest collection of digitized African American newspapers, ProQuest Historical Black Newspapers. While ProQuest Historical Black Newspapers covers the major, metropolitan black newspapers of the 20th century, African American Newspapers, 1827-1998 provides access to a broader range of publications, especially the black press of America's smaller cities, and the few extant issues of the earliest black newspapers, most of which were previously available only on microfilm or in smaller digital collections scattered around the Internet. (305.8960730903405)

African American Periodicals, 1825-1995: About 170 serials published by, for, or about African Americans. Part of the Archive of Americana.(305.8960730903405)

Black Freedom Struggle in the 20th Century: Organizational Records and Personal Papers, Part 1: 36 previously-microfilmed archival collections, including the Records of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the Bayard Rustin Papers, the Mary McLeod Bethune Papers, the Papers of A. Philip Randolph, the Records of the American Committee on Africa, the Records of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters, the Records of the National Association of Colored Women's Clubs, the Claude A. Barnett Papers, and more. More information. (305.8960730904)

History Makers: Filmed, oral history interviews of contemporary African Americans. (305.8960730905)

Victorian Popular Culture: Comprises four sub-collections: Moving Pictures, Optical Entertainments and the Advent of Cinema; Music Hall, Theatre and Popular Entertainment; Circuses, Sideshows and Freaks; and Spiritualism, Sensation and Magic. (306.094109034)

Mass Observation Online: Papers from the Mass Observation Archive at the University of Sussex. Mass Observation was an organization that existed between 1937 and the 1950s, and attempted to document everyday life in Britain using diaries, surveys, reports, and photograph. (306.09410904)

Bibliothèque Bleue: Popular printed works from the 17th to the mid-19th centuries, including recipe books, almanacs, how-to books, hagiographies, prayer books, popular fiction, romans de chevalerie, songbooks, burlesques, and more. (306.0944)

Rock & Roll, Counterculture, Peace and Protest: Popular Culture in Britain and America, 1950-1975: Archival material from the Browne Popular Culture Library (Bowling Green State University), the Bancroft Library (University of California, Berkeley), the British National Archives, the University of Sussex Library, and the Rock Source Archive. (306.109045)

The Sixties: Primary Documents and Personal Narratives, 1960-1974: Diaries, letters, autobiographies, memoirs, written and oral histories, manifestos, government documents, memorabilia, alternative press periodicals, and scholarly commentary. (306.109046)

B. Slavery

Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade: Shipping manifests from nearly 35,000 individual slaving expeditions between 1514 and 1866. (306.3620903)

Slavery, Abolition, and Social Justice: Manuscripts, pamphlets, books, paintings, and maps covering the period 1490 to 2007. (306.3620903)

Slavery and Anti-Slavery: A Trans-National Archive: Books, periodicals, manuscripts, court records, and reference works documenting world slavery and the slave trade from the 16th century through the 19th. (306.3620903)

Registers of Signatures of Depositors in Branches of the Freedman's Savings and Trust Company, 1865-1874. Signatures of, and personal information about, depositors in the Freedman's Saving and Trust Company, which was established by Congress for the benefit of freed slaves. (306.3620973)

C. Statistics

Historical Statistics of the United States: (317.3)

Social Explorer: Data on over 20,000 socio-economic indicators from 1790-present. Capable of using these statistical data to generate custom, interactive maps. (317.3)

United States Census of Population and Housing, 1790-Present: Compiled statistics derived from the Decennial Census long forms and short forms. (317.3)

United States Census Enumeration Forms, 1790-1940: Part of Heritage Quest, a genealogy resource. (317.3)

ProQuest Statistical Insight: Access to over 5,000 annual statistical publications of the United States Federal Government, with coverage back to 1973; over 2,200 annual statistical publications of American states and businesses; and over 2,500 annual statistical publications from International governmental and non-governmental organizations, like the United Nations, the European Union, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, and more. (317.3)

D. Political and Economic Systems

Empire Online: Primary and secondary sources that document imperialism, with emphasis on the British empire, including decolonization. (325.32)

India, Raj, and Empire: Diaries, journals, official papers, letters, sketches, paintings, histories and literary works documenting the British presence in India. (325.3410954)

Colonial State Papers: The Privy Council and Related Bodies: America and West Indies, Colonial Papers, a collection of papers presented to the Privy Council and the Board of Trade between 1574-1757, and The Calendar of State Papers, Colonial: North America and the West Indies 1574-1739, an essential guide to those papers. (325.341097)

Virginia Company Archives: The Ferrar Papers (Magdalene College, Cambridge), along with transcripts of select documents. Also includes the four volumes of The Records of the Virginia Company of London. Does not include items that were once part of the collection but are so no longer; nor does it record any of those volumes from the Ferrars' library which are to be found in the Old Library at Magdalene. (325.34109755)

Declassified Documents Reference System: Recently declassified documents from United States agencies, but also from some international organizations like the United Nations. (327)

Confidential Print: Africa, 1834-1966; North America, 1839-1961; Latin America, 1833-1969; Middle East, 1839-1969: Digital collection of British government documents, mostly from the Foreign Office, but also from the Colonial Office, the Dominions Office, and the War Office. "Confidential Prints" were diplomatic dispatches and related documents deemed sufficiently important to be printed and then circulated among government officials. The prints were grouped into series by geographical region, and then numbered consecutively, but after being transferred to the Public Records Office, the prints were organized according to the National Archives' system of provenance. (327.41)

Foreign Office Files for China, 1949-1980: Complete British Foreign Office Files dealing with China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, from 1949-1980. (327.4105109045)

Foreign Office Files for India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, 1947-1980: Record series DO (Dominions Office) 133, DO 134, FO (Foreign Office) 371, and FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) 37 from the British National Archives. (327.4105409045)

The Nixon Years, 1969-1974: Record Series FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) 7 and 82 from the British National Archives. (327.4107309047)

Documents on British Policy Overseas: Diplomacy in the Twentieth Century: Documents from Britain's Foreign and Commonwealth Office. (327.410904)

House of Commons Parliamentary Papers: 1688-2004: Over 200,000 House of Commons sessional papers from 1715 to the present, with supplementary material back to 1688. (328.41)

Making of the Modern World, 1450-1914: Books and periodicals that document economic history, ranging from political writings, works on international relations, international trade and commerce, and slavery, to travel narratives, legal cases, and foreign government publications. (330.0903)

Global Commodities: Trade, Exploration, and Cultural Exchange: Business records, shipping manifests, correspondence, government reports, pamphlets, statistical records, maps, photographs, paintings, prints, advertising, and other artifacts, thematically arranged by the following commodities: chocolate, coffee, cotton, fur, opium, oil, porcelain, silver, spices, sugar, tea, timber, wheat, wine, and spirits. Covers 1500 to the present.(337.0903)

China, America, and the Pacific: Trade and Cultural Exchange: Ship logs, manuscripts, business records, newspapers, books, maps, realia, ephemera, paintings, photographs, and other illustrative documents, organized around 18 research themes: Cultural Exchange; Arts and Artifacts; Religion, Faith, and Philosophy; Social Life; Education; Crime; Employment and Labor; Health and Welfare; Race Relations; Travel and Tourism; Exploration and Discovery; The Natural World; Migration and Immigration; Politics, War, and Diplomacy; Trade and Commerce; Regulation and Legislation; Transport and Communication; and Advertising and Consumption. (337.7305)

ProQuest Historical Annual Reports: Over 800 companies, mostly American, 1844-current. (338.70904)

Making of Modern Law: Foreign, Comparative, and International Law, 1600-1926: Treatises and monographs, from the collections of Yale, George Washington University, and Columbia. Covers international law, comparative law, foreign law, Roman law, Islamic law, Jewish law, and ancient law.(340)

Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources, 1620-1926: Published records of the American colonies, documents published by state constitutional conventions, state codes, city charters, law dictionaries, digests and more. (340.09730903)

Making of Modern Law: Legal Treatises, 1800-1926: Covers American and British law. (340.109)

LLMC (Law Library Microform Consortium) Digital Library: Historical record of statutory, administrative, and case law for U.S. federal government, states, and territories. (342.73)

American Indian Law Collection: In HeinOnline. Treaties, federal statutes and regulations, federal case law, tribal codes, constitutions, and jurisprudence, much of it historical. Includes rare compilations edited by Felix S. Cohen that have never before been accessible online. (342.73087)

Making of Modern Law: U.S. Supreme Court Records and Briefs, 1832-1978: Almost 150,000 Supreme Court cases are featured, the majority consisting of those for which the Court did not give a full opinion. Digitized from the holdings of the Jenkins Memorial Law Library, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and the the Library of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York. (347.0350973)

Making of Modern Law: Trials, 1600-1926: Unofficially published accounts of trials; official trial documents, briefs and arguments; and official records of legislative proceedings, administrative proceedings and arbitrations that document Anglo-American trials, with coverage of the British Empire. (347.0709032)

Congressional Record and Its Predecessors Permanent Digital Collection (1789-1997): In ProQuest Congressional (for best results, choose the "Congressional Record Only" search tab). The Congressional Record, which began publication in 1873, is the official record of the proceedings and debates of the United States Congress. Its predecessors were the Annals of Congress (1789-1824), the  Register of Debates (1824-1837), and the Congressional Globe (1833-1873). For more information, consult ProQuest's Guide to the Congressional Record Permanent Collection. The HeinOnline Congressional Documents Library has a slightly more-extensive collection: the Journals of the Continental Congress (1774-1789), the Annals of the Congress of the United States (1789-1824), the Register of Debates in Congress (1825-1837), the Congressional Globe (1833-1873), the Congressional Record (1873-present), and the Congressional Record Daily (1980-present, updated daily). (348.731)

U.S. Congressional Hearings Digital Collection, 1824-1979: Both the published and unpublished hearings, which includes transcripts of spoken testimony, written statements of witnesses, reports, exhibits, correspondence, or other material submitted by interested parties.  Hearings are held by Congressional committees as a way of collecting the information needed to inform decision making. For more information, consult ProQuest's Guide to the Congressional Hearings Digital Collection. (348.731)

Congressional Research Service Digital Collection (1915-Present): Publications of the Congressional Research Service, which is the reference arm of the Library of Congress that directly serves Congress. For more information, consult ProQuest's Guide to the Congressional Research Digital Collection. (348.731)

State Papers Online, 1509-1782: British State Papers Domestic, Foreign, Scotland, Ireland and Registers of the Privy Council for research and teaching projects in politics, government, and social, economic, and religious history, each keyed to its entry in the Calendar of State Papers. (351.4109031)

MacMillan Cabinet Papers: Complete minutes and memorandum of the cabinet of British Prime Minister Harold MacMillan, 1957-1963. (351.4109045)

ProQuest Executive Branch Documents, 1789-1932: Issued in two modules, the first module covers United States Executive Branch publications from 1789 to 1909 (not already printed in the U.S. Serial Set), issued by the following Executive Branch departments: Agriculture Department; American Republics Bureau; Civil Service Commission; District of Columbia; Fish Commission; Freedman's Savings and Trust Company; Geographic Board; Government Printing Office; General Supply Committee; Navy Department; War Department; Interior Department; Justice Department; Labor Department; Interstate Commerce Commission; Library of Congress; State Department; National Academy of Sciences; National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers; Post Office Department; President of United States; Smithsonian Institution; Treasury Department; Commerce and Labor Department; and Labor Department. The second module extends coverage to 1932, and includes publications from Treasury Department; Smithsonian Institution; Tariff Commission; Veterans Administration; Veterans Bureau; Vocational Education Board; Commerce Department; War Department; War Trade Board; Interior Department; Justice Department; Labor Department; General Accounting Office; Government Printing Office; Interstate Commerce Commission; Agriculture Department; American Republics Bureau; Civil Service Commission; Navy Department; Library of Congress; Mediation Board; National Academy of Sciences; National Capital Park and Planning Commission; National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers; Post Office Department; State Department; Pan American Union; Pan American Sanitary Bureau; Public Buildings and Public Parks of the National Capital; Personnel Classification Board; Philippine Government; President of United States; Postal Savings System; Reserve Bank Organization Committee; Radio Commission; Railroad Labor Board; and Shipping Board. All documents are indexed and are searchable by publication title, issuing agency, subject heading, and SuDoc classification code. A PDF facsimile of each document accompanies its index record, and users can also search these PDFs, though search precision and recall are lower for the PDFs than for the index records. Access the database through the ProQuest Congressional Advanced Search. (351.73)

Digital National Security Archives: Declassified government documents that cover U.S. policy decisions from post World War II through the 21st century. (355.03307309045)

Joint Publications Research Service (JPRS) Reports, 1957-1995: Cold War era open source intelligence. The bulk of the collection comprises translations of technical reports from around the world, with an emphasis on publications of Communist and Third World nations. In addition to technical reports, the collection includes translated television and radio transcripts, translated newspaper and periodical articles, translated government documents, translated speeches, and translated books. Topics range from science, economics, the military, sociology and the environment to specific events like conferences, congresses, and symposia. For more information on the JPRS, see David Y. Allen's article, " Buried Treasure: The Translations of the Joint Publications Research Service" in Government Publications Review, March/April 1982. (355.03307309045)

E. Time Periods and Regions

Archives Unbound: Previously unpublished primary sources from archives, organized into thematic research collections. Also includes several non-archival collection. (900)

World History in Video: Over 1,750 documentaries on world history. (909)

Library of Latin Texts. (909.07)

Medieval Travel Writing: Manuscripts that document journeys by European travelers to the Holy Land, India, and China during the 13th through the 16th centuries. (909.07)

The Grand Tour, 1550-1850: Letters, diaries, journals, account books, printed guidebooks, published travel writing, paintings, sketches, and maps that document the experiences of Englishmen and Englishwomen who took the Grand Tour in the Early Modern period. (909.6)

Electronic Enlightenment: Correspondence between "Enlightenment" figures from Europe, Asia, and the Americas, covering the 17th to the early 19th centuries. (909.7)

Travel Writing, Spectacle, and World History: World travel accounts by women from the early 19th century to the late 20th century. Comprises manuscripts, diaries, correspondence, drawings, guidebooks and photographs. (909.8)

19th Century Collections Online: Thematically organized collections of books, newspapers, pamphlets, manuscripts, ephemera, maps, and statistics that document the global history of the 19th century. Currently, the database includes the following collections: Asia and the West: Diplomacy and Cultural Exchange; British Politics and Society; British Theatre, Music, and Literature: High and Popular Culture; and European Literature, 1790–1840: The Corvey Collection. (909.81)

First World War: Issued in two modules, the first module, Personal Experiences comprises diaries, letters, postcards, personal narratives, trench literature, maps, scrapbooks, albums, photographs, sketches, paintings, sheet music, cartoons, propaganda, and other ephemera. The second module, Propaganda and Recruitment, comprises posters, postcards, diaries, cartoons, photographs, leaflets, pamphlets, instructions for the distribution of propaganda, instructions to military units, extracts from local newspapers, printed reports, minute books, papers of the Ministry of Information, papers of the Kriegspresseamt, newsletters, and tribunal case files. Both modules document the war from a global perspective, covering multiple war fronts (Western Front, Ireland, Italian Front, Eastern Front, Balkans, Gallipoli, Middle East, Africa, Asia, the Pacific, neutral countries), and including documents in over 30 different languages (Afrikaans, Arabic, Belgian, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Flemish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Malay, Maori, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slavic, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Tamil, Turkish, Ukrainian, Welsh, and Yiddish). (940.3)

British Literary Manuscripts, 1120-1900: In addition to strictly literary works, contains letters, chronicles, and religious writings. (941.02)

Medieval Family Life: Five major letter collections from 15th century England. (941.04)

Medieval and Early Modern Sources Online (MEMSO): Manuscripts, state papers, chronicles, accounts and correspondence from the archives of Britain, Ireland and continental Europe. Covers Britain, 1100-1800. (941.05)

John Johnson Collection: An Archive of Printed Ephemera: Selections from the John Johnson Collection of Printed Ephemera. Documents Britain in the eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. (941.08)

London Low Life: Street Culture, Social Reform, and the Victorian Underworld: Rare books, maps, guidebooks, and ephemera that document street life in 19th and early 20th century London. (942.109034)

Monumenta Germaniae Historica: Over 1,400 edited texts originally published in 33 series that document the history of Germany from the end of the Roman Empire to 1500 CE. (943.02)

China: Culture and Society: Collection of pamphlets from the Charles W. Wason Collection at Cornell University Library. Covers the period 1750-1929. (951.03)

China: Trade, Politics, and Culture, 1793-1980: English-language documents from London University's School of Oriental and African Studies, and from the British Library. Includes diaries, journals, correspondence, atlases, travel narratives, missionary periodicals, government documents, scrapbooks, and more. (951.03)

Meiji Japan: Documents (diaries, correspondence, research files, drawings, lecture notes, publications, scrapbooks and manuscripts) from the Edward Sylvester Morse Collection in the Peabody Essex Museum's Phillips Library. (952.031)

Church of Uganda Archives: Previously available only on microfilm or on site at the Uganda Christian University, Mukono, this collection provides online access to 8 series of records from the Church of Uganda archives: Series 1, Office of the Bishop of Uganda (1882-1961); Series 2, Education Secretary General (1936-1964); Series 3, General Secretary (1924-1963); Series 4,  Financial Secretary (1929-1963); Series 5,  Archbishop's Office (1960-1993); Series 6, Provincial Secretary (1960-1995); Series 7, Mother’s Union (1960-1991); and Series 8, Provincial Treasurer (1960-1991). The records in this collection document the activity of the Anglican Church in Uganda from 1882 through 1995. (967.61)

American Indian Histories and Cultures: Digitized from the Newberry Library's Edward E. Ayer Collection, American Indian Histories and Cultures contains both published and unpublished primary sources that document the American Indian experience from first contact with Europeans through the mid-20th century. (970.00497)

Archive of Americana: Includes Early American Imprints, Series I (1639-1800) and Early American Imprints, Series II (1801-1819), Afro-American Imprints (1535-1922), the U.S. Congressional Serial Set (1817-1980), the Serial Set Maps (1872-1939), American State Papers (1789-1838), America's Historical Newspapers (1690-1993), African American Periodicals (1825-1989), and Hispanic American Newspapers . ProQuest Congressional has a slightly more extensive collection: American State Papers (1789-1838), the Serial Set (1817-present), and the Serial Set Maps (1789-present). For more information on the ProQuest versions, see their Guide to the U.S. Serial Set Digital Collection, and Guide to the Serial Set Maps. The HeinOnline Congressional Documents Collection also includes a version of the American State Papers. (973)

Early Encounters in North America: Peoples, Cultures, and the Environment: Documents the relationships among peoples in North America from 1534 to 1850. (973.1)

The American West: Sources from the Graff Collection at the Newberry Library: Tavel narratives, manuscripts, personal papers, printed books, maps, city directories, store catalogs, newspapers, company records, and ephemera (e.g. trade cards, posters, photos, claim certificates, city prospectuses, and more) that document the American west in its frontier period. (973.5)

ProQuest Civil War Era: 166 pamphlets, speeches, reports, legal opinions, and convention proceedings from the Salmon P. Chase & John P. Hale Slavery and Anti-Slavery Pamphlets Collections; 1,785 pamphlets from the Civil War Pamphlet Collection; and 9 major newspapers-- Daily Dispatch (Richmond, Va., 1852-1865), Charleston Mercury (Charleston, SC, 1840-1865), Columbus Gazette (Columbus, Ohio, 1856-1865), Daily Picayune (New Orleans, La., 1840-1865), Boston Herald (Boston, MA, 1848-1865), New York Herald (New York, NY, 1840-1865), Louisville Daily Journal (Louisville, Ky., 1840-1865), Memphis Daily Appeal (Memphis, Tenn., 1847-1865), and Ohio State Journal (Columbus, Ohio, 1840-1853). (973.7)

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps (Illinois): Detailed descriptions of urban areas. The original maps were printed in color, and the digitized versions are low resolution black-and-white, resulting in significant loss of information. Full-color print originals are available in the Map and Geography Library. (977.3)

Catalogs of Digital Collections

OAIster. A union catalog of digital resources from nearly one thousand data providers.

Illinois Harvest. Provides organized and thematic access to digitized and born-digital resources about Illinois, created by Illinois scholars, or included among the digital collections of The University of Illinois Library.

Digital Library Federation's Digital Collections Registry. Identifies digital collections by broad subject areas. You can also search the registry.

CONTENTdm Collection of Collections. A registry of digital collections using ContentDM (software for managing digital collections). Currently lists about 800 digital collections.

More Digital Collections (Freely Available)

Illinois Digital Newspaper Collections: The Illinois Digital Newspaper Collections (IDNC) contain digital facsimiles of historic Illinois newspapers. You can browse the newspapers by date or search by keyword across articles, advertisements and photo captions. (071.73)

Islamic Heritage Project: 280 manuscripts, 275 printed texts, and 50 maps from Harvard University's library and museum collections. (297)

Women Working, 1800-1930: Over 3,100 books, pamphlets, magazines, trade catalogs, diaries, memoirs, and institutional archives, as well as 1,400 photographs, all from Harvard University's library and museum collections, documenting women's work in the United States. (305.40973)

Immigration to the United States, 1789-1930: Over 2,000 books, pamphlets, serials, diaries, biographies, manuscripts, and archival materials, as well as over 7,800 photographs from Harvard University's library and museum collections. (325.73)

Chicago Foreign Language Press Survey: The Chicago Foreign Language Press Survey was published in 1942 by the Chicago Public Library Omnibus Project of the Work Projects Administration of Illinois. Its purpose was to translate into English and classify selected news articles appearing in the Chicago area foreign language press from 1861 to 1938. The project consists of a file of 120,000 typewritten pages translated from newspapers of 22 different foreign language communities in Chicago. UIUC Library has digitized this collection. An easier-to-use version has recently been published by the Newberry Library as the Foreign Language Press Survey. (325.77311)

Farm Security Administration Photo-Archive: Over 175,000 photographs from the golden age of American documentary photography. These pictures were taken as part of the Farm Security Administration's attempt to document the real life impact of the Great Depression and Dust Bowl. Includes the work of Walker Evans, Dorothea Lange, Marion Post Wolcott, Ben Shahn, Theodor Jung, and Arthur Rothstein. For a different way to explore this collection, see Yale University's Photogrammar.  (338.5420973)

Proceedings of the Old Bailey, London, 1674-1834: The largest body of texts ever published detailing the lives of ordinary people, containing 197,745 criminal trials held at London's central criminal court. (345.42)

19th Century English Poor Law Union and Workhouse Records: Correspondence between Poor Law unions and the central administration in London. Correspondence includes letters, memos, reports, and other accounts of activities within the region covered by the union. Includes source material for the study of education, local politics, labor movements, and public health. Covers 1834- 1871. (362.5830941)

Homicide in Chicago, 1870-1930: A database version of the Chicago Police Department's Homicide Record Index, which chronicles 11,000  homicides in the city between 1870 and 1930. (364.15209773)

Collegiate Chronicle: American College newspapers. Included are the Eagle from American University and the Hoya from Georgetown University, both in Washington D.C.; the F&M College Reporter from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the Lincolnian from Oxford, Pennsylvania, and the Weekly Gettysburgian from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania; the Ithacan from Ithaca College in New York; and the Daily Illini from the University of Illinois. (378.198975)

Ad*Access. Advertisements from 1911-1955: (380.10294)

Emergence of Advertising in America, 1850-1920: (380.10294)

AdViews: Thousands of television commercials from the firm D'Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles (DMB&B), ca. 1950s-1980s. (380.10294)

Contagion: Historical Views of Diseases and Epidemics: Books, serials, pamphlets, incunabula, and manuscripts from Harvard University's library and museum collections, documenting nine major themes in the history of medicine: Cholera Epidemics in the 19th Century; the Great Plague of London, 1665; the Boston Smallpox Epidemic, 1721; "Pestilence" and the Printed Books of the Late 15th Century; Spanish Influenza in North America, 1918–1919; Syphilis, 1494–1923; Tropical Diseases and the Construction of the Panama Canal, 1904–1914; Tuberculosis in Europe and North America, 1800–1922; the Yellow Fever Epidemic in Philadelphia, 1793.  (610.9)

Farm, Field and Fireside: Agricultural Newspaper Collection: Historically significant U.S. farm weeklies, predominantly published in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, but including some through the Twentieth Century. Together with the introduction of rural mail delivery, the telephone, and the automobile, farm newspapers played a key role in the modernization of rural America. (630.5)

What's on the Menu?: Restaurant menus, ca. 1840s-present. (647.95)

American Popular Entertainment Collection: Newspapers and trade journals published for the entertainment industry in the United States between 1853 and 1922, with a focus on vaudeville. (792.705)

Lantern: Fifty periodicals covering the early twentieth century American entertainment industry, including radio, television, and motion pictures. (792.705)

Expeditions and Discoveries: Sponsored Explorations and Scientific Discovery in the Modern Era: Maps, photographs, field notes, letters, manuscript materials, and publications from Harvard University's library and museum collections, documenting 34 expeditions from 1626-1953.  (910.9033)

Digital Atlas of Roman and Medieval Civilizations: Integrates GIS technologies to support spatial and temporal analyses of the Roman and medieval world. (911.0902)

Lincoln Highway Digital Collection: Letters, manuscript trip logs, minutes of meetings of the Board of Directors, reports, contracts, membership sales and subscriptions records, planning documents, financial statements, press releases, publications, guides, including the 1928 logbook of Lincoln Highway markers made by local Boy Scouts, and strip maps. The collection includes images of the Lincoln Highway. (917.3)

Atlas of Historical County Borders: Complete data about the creation and all subsequent changes in the size, shape, and location of every county in the fifty United States and the District of Columbia, from 1629 to 2000. (911.73)

World War I Trench Maps and Aerial Photographs: McMaster University's famous collection of trench maps. Emphasis on France and Belgium, but includes maps and photographs from other theaters of war as well (Eastern front, Middle East, and Africa). (940.3)

Europeana, 1914-1918: Untold Stories and Official Histories of World War I: (940.34)

First World War Poetry Digital Archive: A collection of over 7,000 artifacts--including text, images, audio, and video--drawn from the personal collections of ten British poets of the War. Though the poets and their poetry are the central, organizing principle of the collection, the collection is far more than an archive of literary artifacts. From Oxford University. (940.341)

Lethbridge Cenotaph Collection: Biographies of 262 Canadian soldiers who are commemorated by a cenotaph in Lethbridge, Alberta. (940.371)

Newspaper Pictorials: World War I Rotogravures: Photographs from the rotogravure sections of the New York Times and the New York Tribune. This collection presents higher-quality reproductions than you'll find in the digitized versions of these two newspapers. (940.373)

Stars and Stripes: The American Soldiers' Newspaper of World War I:  (940.373)

American Leaders Speak: Recordings from World War I and the 1920 Election: Audio recordings of speeches by Warren G. Harding, James Cox, Calvin Coolidge, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Samuel Gompers, Henry Cabot Lodge, and John J. Pershing. (940.373)

World War I Collection: letters, postcards, and memorabilia from the Musselman Library at Gettysburg College. (940.373)

New York State Archives Military Collections: World War I, 1917-1938: Abstracts of National Guard service, National Guard muster rolls, veterans' service data and photographs, Proclamations by the governor, posters, instructional lantern slides, and more.  (940.3747)

Pennsylvania State Library World War I Collection: Regimental histories, posters, government reports, and more, from the State Library of Pennsylvania. (940.3748)

North Carolina State Library World War I Collection: Regimental histories, personal narratives, letters, posters, and photographs. (940.3756)

World War I Collection: Documents from the Special Collections of the Memorial Library at the University of Madison. Emphasis on rescue and relief efforts, but includes propaganda and other aspects of the war as well. (940.414)

War Poster Collection: Selection of World War I and World War II propaganda posters from the University of Washington Libraries Special Collections. (940.488)

Propaganda Posters: Over 500 posters from World War I and World War II, from Washington State University Library. (940.488)

World War I & II Poster Collection: Over 500 posters, mostly American, but also some British and French. From the University of North Texas Digital Library.  (940.488)

World War I & II Posters and Postcards: From the University of Minnesota Libraries. (940.488)

World War I Postcards from the Bowman Gray Collection (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill): Over 6,000 war-themed cards printed in Great Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Russia, and the U.S. during the war. (940.488)

World War I Pamphlets: Over 400 war-related pamphlets, from the Special Collections of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. (940.488)

World War I Collection: War-related pamphlets, from the University of Colorado Library. (940.488)

Posters from the First World War, 1914-1918: Over 100 posters, printed in the United States, Russia, France, Britain, Germany, and more. From the Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas at Austin. (940.488)

Allied Posters of World War I: Over 1,500 propaganda posters from the Special Collections of the Temple University Library. (940.488)

French World War I Posters Collection: 105 posters published in France during the First World War. (940.488944)

World War I Poster Collection: American propaganda posters from the Indianapolis Public Library. (940.488973)

World War I Posters: Almost 2,000 posters, mostly from the United States, but from other countries as well. From the Library of Congress (940.488973)

World War I Sheet Music: Almost 2,000 pieces of war-related sheet music from the Brown University Library. (940.488973)

Chuck Olin Digital Film Archive. First-hand accounts from the Jewish Brigade. (940.54125694)