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World's Fairs: A Global History of Expositions

Sources from over 200 world's fairs and expositions, with emphasis on 9: the 1851 Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations (London); the 1876 Centennial International Exhibition (Philadelphia); the 1889 Exposition Universelle (Paris); the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition (Chicago); the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition (St. Louis); the 1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition (San Francisco); the 1933/1934 Century of Progress International Exposition (Chicago); the 1939/1940 New York World's Fair; and the 1967 Expo '67 (Montreal). Includes a wide range of document types, such as posters, books, scrapbooks, maps, pamphlets, periodicals, correspondence, diaries, photographs, postcards, sheet music, sound recordings, catalogs, souvenirs, organizational records, and more.

Digitized Historical Women's Magazines

Two new collections featuring full color, digitized reproductions of historically significant women's magazines: The Women's Magazine Archive includes extensive runs of 5 major women's magazines: Better Homes and Gardens (1925-1961), Good Housekeeping, (1887-1912), Ladies' Home Journal (1887-1919), Parents (1949-1972), and Chatelaine (1940-2005). We also now have the complete Harper's Bazaar Archive, full color reproductions of every issue from the very first in 1867 to the most recent.

Foreign Office Files from the Middle East, 1971-1981

When complete, will contain all files for the time period 1971-1981 from British National Archives Record Series FCO 8 (Foreign Office and Foreign and Commonwealth Office: Arabian Department and Middle East Department: Registered Files); FCO 9 (Foreign Office, Central Department and Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Southern European Department: Registered Files); FCO 17 (Foreign Office, Eastern Department and successors: Registered Files); FCO 39 (Foreign Office, North and East African Department and successors: Registered Files); FCO 67 (Foreign and Commonwealth Office: Commodities and Oil Department and successors: Registered Files); and FCO 93 (Foreign and Commonwealth Office: Near East and North Africa Department: Registered Files). Also includes selections from British National Archives Record Series PREM (Records of the Prime Minister's Office) and DEFE (Records of the Ministry of Defence).

Kanopy Films (Trial)

Thousands of documentaries--both feature length films and television programs--about history, religion, philosophy, and many other subjects. The collection also includes entertainment films and television series. To find history documentaries, browse under Subjects > Social Sciences.

HPNL's New Head Speaks with Scott Beatty on WDWS News Hour

Our new unit head, Celestina Savonius-Wroth, sat down with Scott Beatty on the WDWS News Hour to talk about history and newspapers and why someone might want to visit the History, Philosophy, and Newspaper Library:

Migration to New Worlds: The Century of Immigration, 1800-1924

Records documenting the emigration of people from Europe and Asia to the United States, Canada, and Australasia. Document types include letters, diaries, scrapbooks, artwork, photographs, maps, oral histories, pamphlets, ship logbooks, realia, legal papers, and government documents, including all 195 volumes of the British National Archives Record Series CO 384 (War and Colonial Department and Colonial Office: Emigration Original Correspondence).

African American Communities

Newspapers, periodicals, oral histories, organizational records, personal papers, pamphlets, and ephemera that document the history of African American communities in Chicago, St. Louis, Atlanta, New York, and North Carolina. Highlights of the collection include the Chicago Urban League records (1917-1985), the Town of Pullman records (1876-1919), the Lea Demarest Taylor papers on housing and race relations (1893-1966), the Urban League of St. Louis records, and an extensive oral history collection. Collection is organized around five broad themes: Desegregation, Urban renewal and housing problems, Civil rights activities and protests, Race relations and community integration, and African American culture.

Brazilian and Portuguese History and Culture

Over 4,000 Luso-Brazilian pamphlets, mostly from the 19th century.

Indigenous Peoples: North America

Books, newspapers, periodicals, manuscript sources, and photographs that document American Indian experience in North America, based on 13 previously published microfilm collections: Oregon Province Archives of the Society of Jesus Indian Language Collection: The Alaska Native Languages; Pacific Northwest Tribes Missions Collection of the Oregon Province Archives of the Society of Jesus; Association on American Indian Archives; Records of the Creek Factory of the Office of Indian Trade of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, 1795‐1 821; Citizenship Case Files of the U.S. Court in Indian Territory, 1896‐1897; Great Nemaha Agency Collection, 1866‐1873; The Indian School Journal; The Javitch Collection at University of Alberta; Letters Sent by the Indian Division of the Office of the Secretary of the Interior, 1849‐1903; Moravian Mission among the Indians of North America; Papers of Henry Rowe Schoolcraft; Papers of the Society of American Indians, 1906‐1946; and the W. S. Prettyman Photograph Collection.

Associated Press Archives

Documents selected from the Associated Press Corporate Archives. Collection includes 26 Associated Press Directories from the period 1894-1944; almost 2,000 issues of the Associated Press's internal staff bulletin from the period 1942-2005; Over 200 issues of the A.P. Log, an irregularly published bulletin that described the activities of the A.P., and distributed to member newspapers from the period 1935-2002; over 1,000 issues of miscellaneous serial publications that were distributed internally from the period 1945-2004; 89 issues of the Service Bulletin, an in-house periodical from the period 1904-1927; the Angus M. Thuermer Papers, 1938-1947; the Conrad C. Fink Papers, 1957-1967; the George Bria Papers, 1945-2002; the Haldore Hanson Papers, 1934-1944; the Moses Sperry Beach Papers, 1848-1914; records of the Washington, D.C. bureau from the period 1938-2009; 22 editions of the A.P. Stylebook, from the earliest edition 1953 to 2000; News Eepartment Circulars communicating A.P. policy to field reporters, from the period 1928-1990; the A.P. News Features collection from the period 1944-1993; the News in Pictures collection from the period 1939-1944; miscellaneous publications from 1894-1955; miscellaneous writings about the Associated Press from the period 1874-1985; and wire copy from the following city bureaus: Atlanta, 1949-1994; Austin, 1959-1996; Birmingham, 1959-1988; Chicago, 1931-1991; Dallas, 1946-1993; Miami, 1952-2004; New Orleans, 1957-1995; Pittsburgh, 1961-2000; and San Francisco, 1934-1999.

Smithsonian Collections Online

A collection of books from both world's fairs and state fairs during the period 1834-1918, digitized from a 174 reel microfilm set; records from the Smithsonian Institution and the United States National Museum documenting its in world's fairs and international expositions during the period 1867-1940; two collections of world's fair memorabilia from the period 1851-1940; two collections of publications by and about world's fairs during the period 1843-1922; a collection of agricultural trade literature from the period 1820-1926; and a collection of trade catalogs and miscellaneous trade literature from the period 1850-1926.

TRIAL: NAACP Papers: Branch Department, Branch Files, and Youth Department Files

Online access to 24 previously-microfilmed archival collections. The Branch Files are selected from the archives of the NAACP's regional branch offices, and cover the years 1913 to 1972. The Youth Files were selected from the NAACP's Youth Department, and cover the years 1919 to 1965. More information. TRIAL OVER.

TRIAL: Selections from the NAACP "Special Subjects" Files

Online access to 11 previously-microfilmed archival collections, from the NAACP's "Special Subject Files" series. Covers the years 1912 to 1972. More information. TRIAL OVER.

Black Freedom Struggle in the 20th Century: Federal Government Records

Online access to 37 previously-microfilmed archival collections, including East St. Louis Riot of 1917; Martin Luther King Jr. FBI Files, Parts I and II; Black Workers in the Era of the Great Migration, 1916-1929; Several series of records on civil rights during the Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon Carter, and Bush administrations; and more. More information.

The Old Soldier Digitized

Now available online: every issue, reproduced in full color, of the Old Soldier , an 1840 Springfield campaign newspaper that promoted William Henry Harrison's successful run for president. The Old Soldier is notable among campaign newspapers for the fact that it was co-edited by Abraham Lincoln.

Picture Post Historical Archive, 1938-1957

British magazine founded in 1938 by a group of mainland European photographers who had fled Europe to escape fascism, the Picture Post had an influence that far outlived its brief and tumultuous history. In her entry on the magazine for the Oxford Companion to the Photograph (New York: Oxford University Press, 2005), historian Amanda Hopkinson describes the magazine's back issues as a "social history of Britain over two decades".

Daily Mail Historical Archive, 1896-2004

One of the most popular, "middle market" tabloid newspapers in Britain, the Daily Mail is now available in a digitized historical archive of searchable, facsimile reproductions. The Daily Mail Historical Archive also includes issues from the Atlantic Edition (1923-1931), which was published for cruise ship passengers.

Meet the Press Video Archive

Meet the Press is the longest running Sunday news program in the United States (and the longest running television show in history), providing in-depth interviews with each week's biggest news-makers, from King Peter II of Yugoslavia on January 2nd, 1949, to Edward Snowden's attorney on December 29th, 2013 . The Meet the Press Video Archive provides online access to all extant episodes, from 1949 through 2013.

British Records on the Atlantic World, 1700-1900

Previously available only on microfilm, this collection provides online access to 20 record series from multiple repositories in Britain: Series 1, Records Relating to the Slave Trade at the Liverpool Record Office; Series 2, American Material in the Archives of the USPG (United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel); Series 3, Papers of William Davenport & Co., 1745-1797; Series 4, Jamaican Materials in the Slebech Papers; Series 5, Papers Relating to the Jamaican Estates of the Goulburn Family of Betchworth; Series 6, Papers of the Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies, 1694- ; Series 7, Journal, Annual Sermons and Reports of the SPG (Society for the Propagation of the Gospel), 1701-1870; Series 8, South American Missionary Society Records, 1844-1919; Series 9, Liverpool Street and Trade Directories, 1766-1900; Series 10, Early Colonial and Missionary Records for West Africa; Series 11, West Indies Material in the Archives of the USPG, 1710-1950; Series 12, Archives of the Associates of Dr. Bray to 1900; Series 13, Collected Papers of the Bolton Whitman Fellowship; Series 14, Canadian Papers of the 4th Earl of Minto; Series 15, American Material from the Tarleton Papers; Series 16, Liverpool Customs Bills of Entry, 1820-1900; Series 17, Tudway of Wells Antiguan Estate Papers, 1689-1907; Series 18, Bristol Presentments, 1770-1917; Series 19, Annual British Army Lists, 1740-1784; and Series 20, American Prisoners of War, 1812-1815.

Ralph T. Fisher (1920-2015)

Ralph T. Fisher, 94, historian of modern Russia and the founder of the Russian and East European Center at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, passed away on April 4th, 2015. Professor Fisher was instrumental in developing world class research library in the Russian and East European field at the University of Illinois Library. The annual conference, Ralph and Ruth Fisher Forum, organized thanks to his generous support, attracts scholars from all over the world to debate topics relating to Russian and East European history.

Archives of the Church of Uganda (Online)

Previously available only on microfilm or on site at the Uganda Christian University, Mukono, this collection provides online access to 8 series of records from the Church of Uganda archives: Series 1, Office of the Bishop of Uganda (1882-1961); Series 2, Education Secretary General (1936-1964); Series 3, General Secretary (1924-1963); Series 4,  Financial Secretary (1929-1963); Series 5,  Archbishop's Office (1960-1993); Series 6, Provincial Secretary (1960-1995); Series 7, Mother’s Union (1960-1991); and Series 8, Provincial Treasurer (1960-1991). The records in this collection document the activity of the Anglican Church in Uganda from 1882 through 1995.

African American Newspapers, 1827-1998

A wide-ranging collection, African American Newspapers, 1827-1998 complements our largest collection of digitized African American newspapers, ProQuest Historical Black Newspapers. While ProQuest Historical Black Newspapers covers the major, metropolitan black newspapers of the 20th century, African American Newspapers, 1827-1998 provides access to a broader range of publications, especially the black press of America's smaller cities, and the few extant issues of the earliest black newspapers, most of which were previously available only on microfilm or in smaller digital collections scattered around the Internet. Highlights of the collection include the Huntsville, Alabama Gazette (1881-1894); the Indianapolis Freeman (1888-1916); the Savannah, Georgia Tribune (1875-1922); the Kansas City Advocate (1916-1926); the Topeka Plaindealer (1899-1931); the Cleveland Gazette (1883-1945); the Wichita Negro Star (1920-1952); the Kansas City Plaindealer (1932-1958); the Arkansas State Press (1941-1959); the Mississippi Free Press (1961-1964); the Rockford, Illinois Crusader (1952-1971), the Wichita Times and Kansas Weekly Journal (1972-1981); the Milwaukee Star (1967-1977); the Chicago Metro News (1973-1990); the Racine, Wisconsin Courier (1976-1992); and the Grand Rapids, Michigan Afro-American Gazette (1991-1995). Click here to see a complete list of titles.

Joint Publications Research Service (JPRS) Reports, 1957-1995

Cold War era open source intelligence. The bulk of the collection comprises translations of technical reports from around the world, with an emphasis on publications of Communist and Third World nations. In addition to technical reports, the collection includes translated television and radio transcripts, translated newspaper and periodical articles, translated government documents, translated speeches, and translated books. Topics range from science, economics, the military, sociology and the environment to specific events like conferences, congresses, and symposia. For more information on the JPRS, see David Y. Allen's article, " Buried Treasure: The Translations of the Joint Publications Research Service" in Government Publications Review, March/April 1982.

Full Access to New York Times Website Now Available Through the Library

For the first time ever, the Library is able to provide access to all articles, images, videos, audio files, blogs, and user-generated content from the New York Times website ( Explore 19 sections, 35 blogs, 15 video channels, full-color facsimiles of today's front page from every New York Times print edition (New York, National, Europe, and Asia), as well as a host of additional content, most of which was was previously unavailable through the Library's subscription. Users must first register from a campus computer, using a valid email address. If you're on campus now, click here to claim your free Pass, or Contact us if you have any questions. The video to the left demos some of the features of this new resource, and provides step-by-step instructions for claiming a Pass.


Quickly becoming a hub for philosophers, and of philosophy research, PhilPapers indexes philosophy journals, books, websites, and other kinds of publications found on the Internet. It is also a digital repository, to which scholars can upload articles and preprints. Users can create accounts and submit content to the database. Includes calls for papers and presentations, as well as  job announcements.

Spring 2015 Course: Researching the African American Experience

Explore and learn about new digital resources in the Library that support the field of African American studies. Learn also about historical personalities and precedents for the development of such products. AFRO 102 will focus on research and documentation of the African American experience. The course examines significant repositories of African American culture in public libraries, historically black colleges, and predominantly white universities. The course also acknowledged the associations of influential bibliophiles (book collectors) and their contributions in establishing unique and rare collections of African American literature and history. These bibliophiles were pivotal in establishing major Black heritage collections at Howard University, the New York Public Library, the Library of Congress, Atlanta University, and Fisk University, to name a few. Although primarily about African American life and culture, the personal libraries of black bibliophiles included material about Africa and the African Diaspora.

Black Freedom Struggle in the 20th Century: Organizational Records and Personal Papers, Part 1

Online access to the 36 previously-microfilmed archival collections, including the Records of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the Bayard Rustin Papers, the Mary McLeod Bethune Papers, the Papers of A. Philip Randolph, the Records of the American Committee on Africa, the Records of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters, the Records of the National Association of Colored Women's Clubs, the Claude A. Barnett Papers, and more. More information.

South Asia Archive

We have a 30 Day Trial to a new digital collection of books, journals, reports, government documents, and other print publications from South Asia. Strongest in its coverage of the 19th and 20th centuries. Most publications in English, with some Bengali and Sanskrit. Trial ends October 1st. Please send feedback on this digital collection to .

New Illinois Digital Newspaper Collection

The History, Philosophy, and Newspaper Library introduces the new Illinois Digital Newspaper Collection, powered by Veridian. The Illinois Digital Newspaper Collection combines 1.2 million pages of digitized newspapers in one freely accessible location. Using Veridian Digital Library software, the IDNC offers a modern and user-friendly way to access unique research tools and engage with the past. The site includes interactive features allowing users to tag articles, correct OCR text, and share on social media. A text correction contest will be announced next month.The Illinois Digital Newspaper Collection is available online at

Library Acquires Last Extant Copies of 8 Illinois Newspapers

The History, Philosophy, and Newspaper Library has acquired, through a gift from the Swearingen Memorial Library in Saint Joseph, Illinois, the final, extant copies of 8 local newspapers: the St. Joseph Record, the Olive and Gold, the Ogden Courier, Oakwood Township News, the Homer Herald, the Homer Enterprise, the Homer Chamilion, and the Fairmount Star. The Olive and Gold was the student newspaper of Saint Joseph Community High School. More information.

China, America, and the Pacific: Trade and Cultural Exchange

Ship logs, manuscripts, business records, newspapers, books, maps, realia, ephemera, paintings, photographs, and other illustrative documents, organized around 18 research themes:  Cultural Exchange; Arts and Artifacts; Religion, Faith, and Philosophy; Social Life; Education; Crime; Employment and Labor; Health and Welfare; Race Relations; Travel and Tourism; Exploration and Discovery; The Natural World; Migration and Immigration; Politics, War, and Diplomacy; Trade and Commerce; Regulation and Legislation; Transport and Communication; and Advertising and Consumption.

ProQuest Historical Chinese Newspapers

12 English language, Chinese newspapers and periodicals: Canton Times (1919-1920); China Critic (1939-1940, 1946); China Press (1925-1938); Chinese Repository (1832-1851); Millard's Review of the Far East (1917-1953); Missionary Recorder (1868-1940); North-China Herald (1850-1941); Peking Daily News (1914-1917); Peking Gazette (1915-1917); Peking Leader (1918-1919); Shanghai Gazette (1919-1920); and Shanghai Times (1914-1921).

First World War

The first module, Personal Experiences comprises diaries, letters, postcards, personal narratives, trench literature, maps, scrapbooks, albums, photographs, sketches, paintings, sheet music, cartoons, propaganda, and other ephemera. The second module, Propaganda and Recruitment, comprises posters, postcards, diaries, cartoons, photographs, leaflets, pamphlets, instructions for the distribution of propaganda, instructions to military units, extracts from local newspapers, printed reports, minute books, papers of the Ministry of Information, papers of the Kriegspresseamt, newsletters, and tribunal case files. Both modules document the war from a global perspective, covering multiple war fronts (Western Front, Ireland, Italian Front, Eastern Front, Balkans, Gallipoli, Middle East, Africa, Asia, the Pacific, neutral countries), and including documents in over 30 different languages (Afrikaans, Arabic, Belgian, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Flemish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Malay, Maori, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Tamil, Turkish, Ukrainian, Welsh, and Yiddish).

ProQuest Executive Branch Documents, 1789-1932

Issued in two modules, the first module covers United States Executive Branch publications from 1789 to 1909 (not already printed in the U.S. Serial Set), issued by the following Executive Branch departments:  Agriculture Department; American Republics Bureau; Civil Service Commission; District of Columbia; Fish Commission; Freedman's Savings and Trust Company; Geographic Board; Government Printing Office; General Supply Committee; Navy Department; War Department; Interior Department; Justice Department; Labor Department; Interstate Commerce Commission; Library of Congress; State Department; National Academy of Sciences; National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers; Post Office Department; President of United States; Smithsonian Institution; Treasury Department; Commerce and Labor Department; and Labor Department. The second module extends coverage to 1932, and includes publications from Treasury Department; Smithsonian Institution; Tariff Commission; Veterans Administration; Veterans Bureau; Vocational Education Board; Commerce Department; War Department; War Trade Board; Interior Department; Justice Department; Labor Department; General Accounting Office; Government Printing Office; Interstate Commerce Commission; Agriculture Department; American Republics Bureau; Civil Service Commission; Navy Department; Library of Congress; Mediation Board; National Academy of Sciences; National Capital Park and Planning Commission; National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers; Post Office Department; State Department; Pan American Union; Pan American Sanitary Bureau; Public Buildings and Public Parks of the National Capital; Personnel Classification Board; Philippine Government; President of United States; Postal Savings System; Reserve Bank Organization Committee; Radio Commission; Railroad Labor Board; and Shipping Board. All documents are indexed and are searchable by publication title, issuing agency, subject heading, and SuDoc classification code. A PDF facsimile of each document accompanies its index record, and users can also search these PDFs, though search precision and recall are lower for the PDFs than for the index records. Access the database through the ProQuest Congressional Advanced Search.

Caribbean Newspapers, Series 1, 1718-1876: From the American Antiquarian Society

Newspapers from 22 countries: Antigua, Bahamas, Barbados, Cuba, Curaçao, Dominica, Grenada, Guadaloupe, Haiti, Jamaica, Martinique, Montserrat, Nevis, Puerto Rico, St. Bartholomew, St. Christopher, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Tobago, Trinidad, the Virgin Islands, and also Bermuda. All newspapers are in Western European languages: English, Spanish, French, and Danish.

American Indian Histories and Cultures Digital Collection

Digitized from the Newberry Library's Edward E. Ayer Collection, American Indian Histories and Cultures contains both published and unpublished primary sources that document the American Indian experience from first contact with Europeans through the mid-20th century.

House of Commons Parliamentary Papers

The Sessional Papers of the British House of Commons. Until now, these Sessional Papers have been available at University of Illinois only in uncataloged print volumes and microforms. The House of Commons Parliamentary Papers Digital Collection comprises the Sessional Papers from 1715 to the present. The Sessional Papers were documents printed by order of the House, and include Bills (public and private), committee reports, reports of the ministries and non-Parliamentary government organizations, and any other document submitted by order of the House. The collection does not include the debates of the House ("Hansards") or the proceedings of the House (House of Commons Journal).

New Illinois Digital Newspaper Collection

The History, Philosophy, and Newspaper Library introduces the new Illinois Digital Newspaper Collection, powered by Veridian. The Illinois Digital Newspaper Collection combines 1.2 million pages of digitized newspapers in one freely accessible location. Using Veridian Digital Library software, the IDNP offers a modern and user-friendly way to access unique research tools and engage with the past.

The site includes interactive features allowing users to tag articles, correct OCR text, and share on social media. A text correction contest will be announced next month.

The Illinois Digital Newspaper Project is available online at

Oklahoma Digital Newspaper Collection

Over 60 newspapers that document a key moment in the history of American westward expansion: the forced allotment of Indian tribal lands in Indian Territory, the abolition of tribal governments, the opening of unreserved lands for American settlement, and the transition of Indian Territory to Oklahoma Territory and then statehood. Many of the collection's newspapers appear here in digitized form for the first time ever.

Two New Digital Collections on American Popular Culture

The Library has two new new digital collections supporting the study of American popular culture. The first, titled The Entertainment Industry Magazine Archive, will, when complete, include complete runs of 26 American and British consumer and trade magazines, from their inception to the year 2000. Influential trade titles include Variety and Billboard. The second collection, titled American Popular Entertainment, is a project of the History, Philosophy, and Newspaper Library, and will include entertainment industry newspapers and trade journals published between 1853 and 1929. The collection currently contains the Vaudeville News, the Player, and the New York Clipper, with the Dramatic Mirror soon-to-be-added.

4 New Digitized Historical Newspapers

Now available: New York Tribune, 1923-1962 (supplementing the already existing file covering 1841-1922); Newsday, 1940-1984; the Louisville Courier-Journal, 1830-1922; the Nashville Tennessean, 1812-1922; and the Arizona Republican, 1890-1922.

India, Raj, and Empire

Digital collection of diaries, journals, official papers, letters, sketches, paintings, histories and literary works documenting the British presence in India.

China: Trade, Politics, and Culture, 1793-1980

Digital collection of English-language documents from London University's School of Oriental and African Studies, and from the British Library. Includes diaries, journals, correspondence, atlases, travel narratives, missionary periodicals, government documents, scrapbooks, and more.

China: Culture and Society

Digital collection of pamphlets from the Charles W. Wason Collection at Cornell University Library. Covers the period 1750-1929.

Foreign Office Files for China, 1949-1980

Complete British Foreign Office Files dealing with China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, from 1949-1980.

Foreign Office Files for India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, 1947-1980

Record series DO (Dominions Office) 133, DO 134, FO (Foreign Office) 371, and FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) 37 from the British National Archives.

The Nixon Years, 1969-1974

Record Series FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) 7 and 82 from the British National Archives.

Rock & Roll, Counterculture, Peace and Protest: Popular Culture in Britain and America, 1950-1975

Digitized collection of archival material from the Browne Popular Culture Library (Bowling Green State University), the Bancroft Library (University of California, Berkeley), the British National Archives, the University of Sussex Library, and the Rock Source Archive.

Trial: Arte Público Hispanic Historical Collection: Series 1

Trial over. The Arte Público Hispanic Historical Collection comprises books, newspapers, periodicals, pamphlets, broadsides, and other historical records that document the Latino/Latina experience in the United States from colonial times to 1960. More information. Please send feedback to Professor Lisa Romero, subject specialist for Latino/Latina studies.

The American West: Sources from the Graff Collection at the Newberry Library

Digital collection of travel narratives, manuscripts, personal papers, printed books, maps, city directories, store catalogs, newspapers, company records, and ephemera (e.g. trade cards, posters, photos, claim certificates, city prospectuses, and more) that document the American west in its frontier period.

Slavery, Abolition, and Social Justice

Digital collection of manuscripts, pamphlets, books, paintings, and maps covering the period 1490 to 2007.

Defining Gender, 1450-1910

Digital collection of ephemera, pamphlets, college records, exam papers, commonplace books, diaries, periodicals, letters, ledgers, account books, pedagogical treatises, government documents, anatomy books, midwifery texts, manuscript journals, poetry, novels, ballads, drama, receipt books, literary manuscripts, travel writing, and conduct and advice literature.Comprises five sections: Conduct and Politeness, Domesticity and Family, Consumption and Leisure, Education and Sensibility, and The Body.

Perdita Manuscripts

Over 230 manuscripts, authored by women, that document life in Early Modern England.

Everyday Life and Women in America, 1800-1920

Digital collection of books, periodicals, pamphlets, and broadsides.

Jewish Life in America, 1654-1954

Letters, scrapbooks, autobiographies, notebooks and other materials from the American Jewish Historical Society in New York City.

Meiji Japan

Digitized collection of documents (diaries, correspondence, research files, drawings, lecture notes, publications, scrapbooks and manuscripts) from the Edward Sylvester Morse Collection in the Peabody Essex Museum's Phillips Library.

18th Century Journals: A Portal to Newspapers and Periodicals, 1685-1835

Over 270 newspapers and periodicals from across the British Empire, but mostly from Britain.

19th Century Collections Online

Thematically organized collections of books, newspapers, pamphlets, manuscripts, ephemera, maps, and statistics that document the global history of the 19th century. Currently, the database includes the following collections: Asia and the West: Diplomacy and Cultural Exchange; British Politics and Society; British Theatre, Music, and Literature: High and Popular Culture; and European Literature, 1790–1840: The Corvey Collection. More Information.

First World War: Personal Experiences

Diaries, letters, postcards, personal narratives, trench literature, maps, scrapbooks, albums, photographs, sketches, paintings, sheet music, cartoons, propaganda, and other ephemera documenting the First World War from a global perspective.

Global Commodities: Trade, Exploration, and Cultural Exchange

Digitized collection of business records, shipping manifests, correspondence, government reports, pamphlets, statistical records, maps, photographs, paintings, prints, advertising, and other artifacts, thematically arranged by the following commodities: chocolate, coffee, cotton, fur, opium, oil, porcelain, silver, spices, sugar, tea, timber, wheat, wine, and spirits.

Confidential Print: Africa, 1834-1966; North America, 1839-1961; Latin America, 1833-1969; Middle East, 1839-1969

Digital collection of British government documents, mostly from the Foreign Office, but also from the Colonial Office, the Dominions Office, and the War Office. "Confidential Prints" were diplomatic dispatches and related documents deemed sufficiently important to be printed and then circulated among government officials. The prints were grouped into series by geographical region, and then numbered consecutively, but after being transferred to the Public Records Office, the prints were organized according to the National Archives' system of provenance.

London Low Life: Street Culture, Social Reform, and the Victorian Underworld

Rare books, maps, guidebooks, and ephemera that document street life in 19th and early 20th century London.

Travel Writing, Spectacle, and World History

Digitized collection of world travel accounts by women from the early 19th century to the late 20th century. Comprises manuscripts, diaries, correspondence, drawings, guidebooks and photographs.

Medieval Travel Writing

Digitized collection of manuscripts that document journeys by European travelers to the Holy Land, India, and China during the 13th through the 16th centuries.

Medieval Family Life

Digitized collection of the only five major letter collections from 15th century England.

MacMillan Cabinet Papers

Complete minutes and memorandum of the cabinet of British Prime Minister Harold MacMillan, 1957-1963.

ProQuest Newsstand Trial

Full text access to recent issues of over 800 newspapers, news magazines, wire services, and news transcripts from around the world. Includes over 80 titles from newspaper publishing giant Gannet, including the Cincinnati Enquirer, the Louisville Courier-Journal, the Des Moines Register, the Detroit Free Press, and the Indianapolis Star. Trial ended.

25 New Digitized Historical Newspapers

The History, Philosophy, and Newspaper Library has added 16 digitized historical newspapers to our ProQuest Historical Newspapers Collection, and has acquired another 9 through the collection ProQuest Civil War Era. The new titles are the Atlanta Constitution (1868-1945),the Baltimore Sun (1837-1985), the Boston Globe (1872-1979), the Boston Herald (1848-1865), the Boston Jewish Advocate (1905-1990), the Charleston Mercury (1840-1865), the Christian Science Monitor (1908-1995), the Cincinnati Enquirer (1841-1922), the Cleveland Call and Post (1934-1991), the Columbus Gazette (1856-1865), the Detroit Free Press (1831-1922), the Indianapolis Star (1903-1922), the Louisville Daily Journal (1840-1865), the Memphis Daily Appeal (1847-1865), the New Orleans Daily Picayune (1840-1865), the New York Herald (1840-1865), the New York Tribune (1841-1922), the Norfolk Journal and Guide (1921-2003), the Ohio State Journal (1840-1853), the Philadelphia Tribune (1912-2001), the Richmond Daily Dispatch (1852-1865), the San Francisco Chronicle (1865-1922), and, from Britain and Ireland, the Manchester Guardian (1821-2003), the London Observer(1791-2003), and the Irish Times (1859-2007). Visit our Historical Newspapers Guide for more information.

New Online Resources for African American Studies

The History, Philosophy, and Newspaper Library has acquired 2 major digital collections for African American studies, and has added 3 digitized historical African American newspapers to our collection of ProQuest Historical Black Newspapers. The digital collection History Makers brings together 100 filmed oral histories of contemporary African Americans who have made major contributions to the arts, business and economics, education, health and medicine, journalism, law, literature, politics, popular culture, religion, science, and other fields. Black Abolitionist Papers documents the work of almost 300 black abolitionists active between 1830 and 1865 with both published and unpublished primary source material. The 3 newspapers we have added to ProQuest Historical Black Newspapers are the Cleveland Call and Post (1934-1991), the Norfolk Journal and Guide (1921-2003), and the Philadelphia Tribune (1912-2001).

In addition to this major purchase of ProQuest resources, the History, Philosophy, and Newspaper Library has digitized the Broad Ax, an African American newspaper published in Chicago from 1899 to the early 1930s, described by Juliet Walker as “the most controversial black newspaper published in Chicago in the late nineteenth century.”  For more information about the Broad Ax, or to browse or search the issues, see the Chronicling America.

American Periodicals from the Center for Research Libraries

A new digital collection of 338 nineteenth and early twentieth century periodicals, reproduced in full color, keyword searchable facsimiles. The collection is especially strong in labor and trade publications. Complements American Periodicals Series Online, with which it is cross-searchable.

Baltimore Afro-American

Fully searchable, facsimile edition of the Baltimore Afro-American (1893-1988). The Afro-American was a historically influential black newspaper, with large readerships in Washington, D.C., New York City, and Philadelphia, in addition to Baltimore. Read more about the Baltimore Afro-American in the Encyclopedia of African American History, 1896 to the Present.

Times of India

Fully searchable, facsimile edition of the Times of India (1861-2001), and its preceding title the Bombay Times (1838-1861).

Oxford Bibliographies Online: Philosophy

Selected, annotated bibliographies, arranged by broad topic (e.g. epistemology, free will) and major philosopher. Each section includes an introductory essay written by a scholar.

Congressional Hearings Digital Collection

Search and access the full text of published and unpublished Congressional hearings from 1824-1979. Uses the same interface as Lexis-Nexis Congressional Universe.

19th Century English Poor Law Union and Workhouse Records

Digital collection of the correspondence between Poor Law unions and the central administration in London. Correspondence includes letters, memos, reports, and other accounts of activities within the region covered by the union. Includes source material for the study of education, local politics, labor movements, and public health. Covers 1834- 1871.

New York Times Website

As of March 28th, 2011, individual users of the New York Times website ( may only view 20 articles per month without purchasing a personal subscription. Library patrons still have online access to every article in every issue of the New York Times. You can access the most recent issues (including today’s issue, which will usually be available by the afternoon) through Academic One File (to which the Library maintains a licensed subscription). Every article may be printed, emailed, downloaded, saved, bookmarked, shared with campus colleagues, or emailed in its entirety to friends. The New York Times has never offered subscriptions to its website for libraries, and still does not. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly if you have difficulty locating any articles from the New York Times. For more information on the changes to the New York Times website, see the Frequently Asked Questions at 

Oxford Bibliographies Online

[Update: trial over.] Now on trial through December, 2011. Collection of annotated bibliographies, and bibliographic essays, compiled and written by scholars. Covers Atlantic History, Renaissance and Reformation, Medieval Studies, Classics, Philosophy, Biblical Studies, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islamic Studies. Bibliographies are detailed and extensive. The Bibliography on Atlantic History, for example, comprises 100 sub-topics. Please send us feedback on the value of this collection to your research!

American History in Video

Now on trial through December 31, 2011. A digital collection of newsreels (commercial and governmental), archival footage, public affairs footage, and documentary films. Includes global coverage of the 20th century, though from an American perspective. Videos were sourced from the Works Progress Administration, the Black Panther Party Library, the Library of Congress, United Newsreel, Universal Newsreel, Chronoscope, United States Information Agency, National Archives and Records Administration, and more. Please send us feedback on the value of this collection to your research! [Update: Purchased.]

Baltimore Sun (Trial)

Now through May 4th (2011), we have a trial to the digitized version of the Baltimore Sun, a popular penny paper. Coverage: 1837-1985. More information. [Update: Purchased.]

The Making of the Modern World

Based on the Goldsmiths’ Library of Economic Literature at the University of London and the Kress Collection of Business and Economics at Harvard University, The Making of the Modern World includes more than 60,000 books and 450 journals. The scope of the collection is much broader than economic history, ranging from political writings, works on international relations, international trade and commerce, and slavery, to travel narratives, legal cases, and foreign government publications. The Making of the Modern World uses the same platform as Eighteenth Century Collections Online, with both subject and name indexing. This digital collection comes with catalog records for each individual work in the collection, and these records will be added to our online catalog for ease of access.

Times of India

Now on trial through November. Use password welcome. Covers 1838-2001. [Update: Purchased.]

Digital Atlas of Roman & Medieval Civilizations

Much more than an atlas, the Digital Atlas of Roman & Medieval Civilizations integrates GIS technologies to support spatial and temporal analyses of the Roman and medieval worlds. Read an article from the Harvard Crimson to learn more.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch (1874-1922)

Joseph Pulitzer's first newspaper, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch is now available online through ProQuest Historical Newspapers.

Atlas of Historical County Boundaries now available online

The Newberry Library is pleased to announce the completion and release of its Digital Atlas of Historical County Boundaries, a freely available dataset that covers every day-to-day change in the size, shape, location, name, organization, and attachment of each U.S. county and state from the creation of the first county in 1634 through 2000. Connect to the Digital Atlas.

20th Century American Newspapers

[Update: trial over.] Now on trial through October 31. Part of America's Historical Newspapers from Readex, this collection includes ten titles: Dallas Morning News (1923-1981), Augusta (Georgia) Chronicle (1923-1993), Mobile (Alabama) Register (1970-1987), Times Picayune (1837-1981), Trenton (New Jersey) Evening Times (1923-1993), Cleveland Plain Dealer (1923-1990), Portland Oregonian (1923-1974), Seattle Daily Times (1923-1984), Springfield (Massachusetts) Republican (1923-1946), and Springfield (Massachusetts) Union (1947-1971). Please send us feedback on the value of this collection to your research!

World News Archive- South Asian Newspapers

We are pleased to announce that the preliminary release for World Newspaper Archive – South Asian Newspapers is now available. Eventually this resource will include up to 400,000 pages of content published in South Asia between 1864 and 1922.

Currently accessible are nearly 7,000 issues (1869-1889) of the Madras Mail , one of the highest circulating English newspapers in southern India. Additional content, to be made accessible on a rolling basis, will include Amrita Bazar Patrika, The Leader, Tribune, the Ceylon Observer, and more.

Irish Newspaper Archive

The Irish Newspaper Archive contains over 6 million pages in over 500,000 issues of Irish Newspaper publications. With national daily editions such as the Irish Independent, regional weekly editions including the Connacht Tribune, Kerryman and Anglo-Celt and out of print publications such as the Freeman's Journal and The Nation. Connect to the Irish Newspaper Archive.

African Module of World Newspaper Archive Released

The Center for Research Libraries has announced the launch of African Newspapers, as part of the World Newspaper Archive available through Readex. In addition to 30 historical Latin American titles, 13 historical African titles are now included, with more titles slated to be added later this year. Read CRL's press release | Connect to African Newspapers

Volunteer at HPNL

The History, Philosophy and Newspaper Library (HPNL) is seeking graduate student volunteers to provide support for our projects and services.  More info

New Library Catalog Interface Coming June 1

After June 1, the I-Share joint catalog interface will be based on a system called VuFind. To request items from the University of Illinois Library or other I-Share libraries using VuFind, you must create a user account in the VuFind system.   You will need your 14-digit Library ID to setup a new account; however, once the account has been created, you will login with a user name and password of your own choosing. Full announcement.

New Online Resource: 19th Century UK Periodicals

Contains over 2 million digitized pages of periodicals from 19th Century UK. Connect to this resource.

National Digital Newspaper Program Grant Award

The Library at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has received a $397,000 two-year grant from the National Digital Newspaper Program (NDNP) for its Illinois Digital Newspaper Project. The award will support the digitization of 100,000 pages of historically significant Illinois newspapers dating from 1860 to 1922. More.

Farm, Field and Fireside Agricultural Newspapers Collection

The History, Philosophy and Newspaper Library is pleased to announce the launch of the Farm, Field and Fireside collection.  This freely-available locally developed project contains digitized versions of historically significant U.S. farm newspapers published in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Connect to Farm, Field and Fireside.

Illinois Digital Magazine and Yearbook Collection

The University of Illinois Library announces the availability of the Illinois Digital Magazine and Yearbook Collection featuring digital versions of UIUC's yearbook, the Illio for the years of 1970-1989.  Other titles include Arts for America (1894-1900), the Illinois Chemist (1915-1921), and the Illinois Society of Architects Monthly Bulletin (1916-1932). Connect to the collection.

Audio Recordings of Digital Humanities Scholarship Symposium Now Available

Sponsored by the Council on Library and Information Resources, the University Library, the Illinois Informatics Institute, the Department of History, and the Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities, the "New Directions in Digital Humanities Scholarship" symposium was held on February 26-27, 2009, in 126 GSLIS. This symposium was designed to explore how information technology is reshaping humanities scholarship. View program and access the audio recordings.

More New Databases

UIUC Library recently purchased British Periodicals I & II as well as the Wellesley Index to Victorian Periodicals (1824-1900) .  Enjoy!

Introducing the ScanPro 1000 Microform Scanners

Viewing and scanning microforms at the library just got easier with the recent addition of two ScanPro 1000 microform scanners.  Both devices feature lightning fast high resolution scanning for all types of microforms including microfilm, microcards, and microfiche.   To further enhance the viewing experience, the scanners are also outfitted with 24 inch wide screen monitors.  Check out our user guide or contact us for more information.

Updates to the Illinois Digital Newspaper Collection

We are pleased to announce the addition of  50,916 pages of digital newspaper content to the Illinois Digital Newspaper Collection.  The latest update adds the years 1903-1915 of the Urbana Daily Courier and the years 1936-1945 of the Daily Illini. More info

Introducing Latin American Newspapers and the World News Archive 

Through our consortium membership with the Center for Research Libraries (CRL), UIUC affiliates now have access to Latin American Newspapers—a World Newspaper Archive collection. This preliminary release provides more than 60,000 pages, including 3,000 issues printed between 1914 and 1922, of El Mercurio , an important Spanish-language paper published in Santiago. More info from CRL.

The Next Big Thing in Humanities, Arts and Social Science Computing: Zotero

In this series of articles, Kevin D. Franklin and Karen Rodriguez'G examine computational tools and approaches at the interface of humanities, arts and social science.

New Historical Databases

UIUC Library now has access to several new historical databases including the Historical Washington Post, British Newspapers from 1600-1900, and back issues of the Economist magazine. More details on our featured resources page.

Introducing the Digital Daily Illini

On April 17, we officially launched the Digital Daily Illini (1916-1936). View photos from our event. Connect to the Digital Daily Illini via the Illinois Digital Newspaper Collection.

Digital Historian Series: Using Digital Tools for Archival Research

Check out our new web guide designed for scholars interested in using digital photography for archival research.

AskHPNL - Instant Message Us!

Introducing our new IM reference service. Between normal business hours (M-F), IM us at AskHPNL on AIM, Yahoo, or MSN.  More details.

New Latin American Newspaper Database

Announcing Latin American Newsstand, a database featuring recent content from 41 newspaper titles covering Central and South America and beyond. More details on our featured resources page.

Current Periodicals Guide Enhanced

Use our enhanced guide to browse by subject for print and online periodicals from HPNL, Stacks, and other libraries.

Olin Digital Film Archive Launched

HPNL announces the Chuck Olin Digital Film Archive. The archive includes streaming video interviews featuring first-hand accounts from soldiers of the Jewish Brigade.

Introducing the Digital Urbana Daily Courier 1916-1925

Published from 1897 through March 1979 under a succession of titles, the Urbana Daily Courier provides rich documentation of the development of commerce and industry, the course of local and regional politics, and the history of cultural and social life in our community, as well as the local experience of global events.

Mass Observation Online

Mass Observation Online provides integrated access to approx. 115,000 digital images of material from the Mass Observation Project, an extensive social survey conducted in Britain during 1937 to early 1950s.   More info.

Medieval and Early Modern Sources Online (MEMSO)

MEMSO provides a large and growing resource of essential medieval and early modern sources relating to British and Irish history on-line.   More info.

New Subscription: 19th Century U.S. Newspapers

19th Century U.S. Newspapers, a full-text searchable, facsimile-image database, provides access to approximately 1.7 million pages of primary source newspaper content from the 19th century.  More info.

UIUC Chooses Olive Software to Preserve Institution's Legacy

UIUC Library has selected Olive Software to preserve local history by digitizing approximately 50,000 pages of the student newspaper, the Daily Illini, two decades of yearbook, the Illio, and a local newspaper, the Urbana Daily Courier. Read the Press Release.

Historical Los Angeles Times Now Available!

Digital images of the Los Angeles Times (1881-1985) are now available to UIUC affiliates via ProQuest's Historical Newspapers. Browse by issue or search across the full-text in this rich resouce. Connect to the Historical Los Angeles Times.

Backfiles of History Dept. Preliminary Exam Questions Now Available Online!

Digitized versions of past preliminary exams are now available for download from our web site.

Guide to our Print Periodicals Collection

[Update: No Longer Available.] We now have an online guide to the History, Philosophy and Newspaper Library's print periodicals collection. Also linked from the Books & Journals section of our web site, this handy guide comprises a subject and a title listing of our extensive periodical collection.

Increased Access to Electronic Newspapers

The UIUC Newspaper Database, a searchable online inventory of newspapers available at UIUC, is now featuring increased access to our rich online newspaper holdings. More than 300 domestic and international titles from Press Display (recent news source) are now included, and more updates are on the way.

Retrospective Readers' Guide Now Available!

The Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature online backfile uniquely provides access to popular magazine literature from 1890-1982. Connect to the Readers' Guide.

Take Us With You: Using the Library from Anywhere

Courtesy of the Reference Library, this site is designed to assist UIUC affiliates access library content from off-campus and across the globe. Also learn how to configure Google Scholar for off-campus use.

Historical Chicago Defender Now Available!

Digital images of the Chicago Defender's backfiles (1905-1975) are now available to UIUC affiliates via ProQuest's Historical Newspapers. Browse by issue or search across the full-text in this rich resouce. Connect to the Historical Chicago Defender.

Read Newspapers Online in their Original Print Layout!

With our newest subscription to Press Display, you can now read over 250 of today's papers from around the world in their original full-page and design. Also read El Pais and Le Monde online with Newsbank's E-Editions. View Press Display Source List. [Update: Newsbank E-Editions no longer available.]

New Resource: Access World News

Access World News is a comprehensive collection of full-text newspapers providing coverage of domestic and international news sources of recent years. Browse or search over 100 newspaper titles from Illinois or search across nearly 2000 titles spanning the globe. Connect to Access World News.

Jewish Studies News: UIUC Library Acquires Olin Film Archive

With gratitude for the generosity of the family of Emmy award-winning documentary filmmaker Chuck Olin, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library is happy to announce the significant gift of the Olin Film Archive.