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HPNL and the African American Research Center are located in Room 246 of the Main Library.


History, Philosophy and Newspaper Library
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

246 Main Library
1408 W. Gregory Drive
Urbana, IL 61801

HPNL Librarians and Staff

Marek Sroka

Acting History, Religious Studies, Newspaper, and Jewish Studies Librarian
(217) 265-8025 | msroka (at)

Thomas Weissinger

African American Studies & Philosophy Bibliographer
African American Research Center
(217) 333-3006  |  tweissin (at)

Kirk Hess

Digital Humanities Specialist
(217) 265-0941  |  kirkhess (at)

Geoffrey Ross

Collections and Services Specialist
(217) 333-9558  |  gtross (at)

Glen Martin

Senior Library Specialist
(217) 244-2050  |  gmartin (at)

Marie Till

Senior Library Specialist
(217) 244-6595 | till (at)